The latest from the Popular Mechanics Debunked series - "Pull it" Revisited

Collection of audio to show once again Popular Mechanics are not credible - Demolition Experts on record --

Does everyone understand

Does everyone understand that the PBS video talking about "getting ready to pull building 6" that they actually pulled it down with cables? You can actually see them pull it down with cables in that video.

please watch this video clip ->

Worker #1: We’ve got the cables attached in four different locations... <”going up”? hard to hear>... Now they’re pulling [gestures to vehicles] pulling the building to the north. It’s not every day you try to pull down a eight story building with cables”

I think it is important that we are all clear on that point.

The Silverstein clip is totally questionable, but we should all be clear on these facts instead of just repeating what we have heard.

Show "agreed... "pull it" is by no means a confession..." by DHS


that you can discount hours of testimony, multiple studies, and large quantities of data with a single sentence. Sounds like ignorance to me.

The real meat of this argument, the "pull it" quote, is the choice of language. While indeed Building 6 was "pulled," it was being demoished from the damage.

Building 7 collapsed the same day, yet the terms used to describe its collapse were the same. A linguistic analysis of Silverstein's statements is indicative of foreknowledge, compilicity and a cover up, instead of simple random chance of a building collapsing due to damage - his unconscious choice of words would have been different.

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times:

More on Lucky Larry Language

I think it is very important to acknowledge that Lucky Larry was talking out his ass on this. I think the whole phone call was probably something he made up -- possibly because he realized how damning the video evidence is and wanted to pre-emptively justify what was done, once it was generally acknowledged that it was CD. "Pull it" may very well not be technically correct -- doesn't everyone know people who use jargon in an attempt to make themselves seem knowledgeable, but can't quite get it right? (On the other hand, there are expressions like "86" in the restaurant biz that have several distinct meanings.)

The fact that 7 was demolished is damning, and in no way relies on Pullerstein's bumbling pseudo-explanation.



Most excellent.

(I'm adding that one to my list, which includes "Faux News" and "Patsystan").

9/11 = TREASON

Happy to make you happy

but I ripped that one off from someone somewhere along the line. I love "Patsystan," too, and "al-CIAduh."

all I said was "pull it" isn't a confession...

nothing ignorant about it

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Data not conjecture

1. Fires start.
2. On site workers are made aware that the building was to be "brought down" or that the building is going to explode.
3. Flashes are recorded.
4. The sounds of explosions are recorded.
5. The penthouse collapses and a large explosion sound was recorded. (See 911 Eyewitness)
6. Then the main structure collapses with a shock wave moving through the building, "puffs" going up the edge of the building as it collapses, and a "kink" in the middle. Numerous eyewitnesses comment that it looked like a controlled demolition.
7. NASA images on 9-16-01 show hot spots in excess of 800F on the top of the rubble pile where WTC7 was.
8. The debris are immediately removed and destroyed.

And then there's the owners admission and retraction.
And the emergency management center was moved for a drill.

Any independent person who is unaware of WTC7 and is shown the video immediately knows it's a CD. Only when they find out the DATE and LOCATION do the mental somersaults start.

-Tucson AZ knows.


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Ignorance is NOT Bliss

It was hotter than 800F...

7. NASA images on 9-16-01 show hot spots in excess of 800F on the top of the rubble pile where WTC7 was

If you check the USGS site...

Point "A" in WTC7 (eastern portion) was 1341F (surface temp) on the 16-Sep-2001.

More info :

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Is that Kevin Spacey

Is that Kevin Spacey narrating? I'm so disappointed he is one of my favorite actors. I thought he was too smart to believe this crap.