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I guess I just got lucky

Hey Mr Robb

My name is Tom Farrell, I'm the Feedback columnist for Hustler magazine. We
wanted to print your letter (below) - but there was no name or location
attached to it - can you provide us with a name and city/state for the


Tom Farrell
8484 Wilshire Blvd 9th floor
Beverly Hills CA 90211

Ive been reading an article on www//911 and they pointed out the
power of letting you know that I very much apprciate any and all effort you
have made to get to the truth about 911

I have QUIETLY been VERY closely following this story for over 4 years At
least 1-2 hours a day sorting threw all the info and missinfo thats1400hours

I am convinced our government did this to us
Im sure you understand the implications of this for our country!!!!
And YOU larry are in a position to make a real DIFFERENCE
You have proven over the years to be a true amercian so I ask PLEASE help
to get out the truth Watch online WWW//

MSM corporations have no voice of their own anymore.


"In a similar effort, I talked my way past security and left correspondence in the Green Room when Jon Stewart was performing here in Hartford then, in February 2005 I wrote to Larry and Jimmy Flynt, on the anniversary of Larrys lawsuit against Rumsfeld. The Brothers Flynt replied with a Cease and Desist from their attorneys- in response to my recommendation that Hustler cover the 9-11 phenomenon; as I naively envisioned Hustler as being a viable communication mechanism possibly still outside of the controlled mass Media, and Flynt as a self-espoused First Amendment advocate, through which this information could plausibly be disseminated, specifically to our Troops. As Irony would have it, in June of 2005, Flynt printed the August 2005 Issue of Hustler, which contained an article wherein the precise topic was discussed, as we had suggested, stopping short of communicating the details which reveal the big picture, of course."

Also check out Richard's excellent podcasts at:

He's one of the (too) few people who are researching beyond the physical events of 9/11 and look into the long history of governmental, corporate and religious (Labor Zionism, Jesuits/Vatican, masonic cults) deceit.

Its people like him and his expert guests, who are really interested in getting to the whole truth of 9/11 - without fear - and who research and discuss the lessons we should learn if we are to restore our freedom, justice and peace.

And to all the news traitors and other gatekeepers who keep perpetuating the 9/11 lies upon which hundreds of thousands of human beings lost their lives: We will not forget what you did in our time of crisis!

We need a Great Turning

Brend, I looked at the Richards podcasts website. I get a little nervous with the 'dark and nefarious evil groups in our midst' approach. Of course, that's the way I myself speak of the CIA, ISI, and others too, such as the current US administration...

Dave Korten, an internationalist and deep thinker, points to the very structure of modern society as the root cause. He calls it the 'dominator' model, as opposed to the 'cooperative society' model. I find his arguments convincing.

He also suggests what we can do about it, here and in his book with the same title as the website, The Great Turning. See what you think.

As for Hustler Magazine, I sure do hope we can get the 911 truth out in mainstream sources. Kinky associations with mags like this don't exactly improve our image. But, here is one plus: it's the same crowd reading this mag as reads Popular Mechanics.


Thank you for expressing your appreciation to Hustler, and congratulations on possibly getting your response published.
The Eleventh Day of Every Month

what the hell is larry flynt

what the hell is larry flynt waiting for??

if larry flynt is for real----he needs to use more of his power in the fake msm---

he could buy airtime and fill the whole world with infomercials about the 911hoax

and go down in history as a world hero

---but notice that he isnt.....

I agree 100% Maby you

I agree 100% Maby you should write to, Mr Larry and make that exact suggestion,
As for who the hell is Larry Flint
Many Years ago there was a civil war going on in Ireland, and as in most cases,the USA had their own opinion on who should previal.

There was this guy named John DeLorian,Ex CEO of General Motors.Who was Building A factory to build a car of his design in an area of Ireland that would have
brought money into the "wrong sides" economy.
Our Government.Used a convicted con-man to entrap
John DeLorian into a cocane inporting sting operation.

Mr Larry Flint Became involved, By playing for a room full of reporters, a tape of John being threatened with harm to his famaly, if he withdrew his support for the operation to import coke. This led to Larry being fined
several million dollars in contempt of court fines.
for not saying where he got the tape.
I am not intrested in starting a debate on the detials of the civil war in Ireland ,or validity of the tape,
I only include this story to show he has proven willingness to take conciderable personal risk to support what he believes in. He also beat a obscenity charge, by publishing a foldout picture of Graffic war blood and guts from vietnam. saying here is real obscenity ladies and gentelmen of the jury.
And i have to agree that his mags
style of displaying the female body may be distaistful to some people, but keep in mind that this Is The land of the free. And also this issue of what the MSM can publish without government interfearance is key to our present situtation.
Or at least used to be
Good Day
Rob B.