UK Mainstream press discusses Loose Change

Yesterday the Daily Mail a mainstream UK newspaper had a 4 page article on Loose Change. Unlike The Guardian, another mainstream newspaper which completely ridiculed the film earlier this week the Daily Mail gave the film a fair review. The well known writer Sue Reid even admitted that there are a lot of facts that are undisputable. Unfortunately today their internet comments page has published mainly biased debunking remarks submitted from their readers. I and a few friends in the UK have sent in our remarks which were perfectly polite remarks stating our thoughts, however these favourable Loose Change comments have not been shown.
If some US citizens could send their comments maybe one or two just might get through. This is important as the majority of the UK is entirely unaware of the 911 movement and its aims and will tend to believe what they read in these mainstream sites and papers. Below are a few of the published comments-

What about all the people who witnessed the aircraft flying into the buildings, were they in on it too?

- Dave (Expat), Houston USA

I can't believe that anyone would still forward this claptrap. You had to be in my living room that morning (50 miles from NY) watching it all unfold. I shuddered then and I shudder now when I read this garbage.

- Jackie Kaiser, Brick Township, NJ, USA

Anyone who believes that is off their heads.

I laughed through the whole thing.

- Lynne Phillips, Melbourne Australia

The UK will wake up as those of us who do know the truth are gradually spreading the truth by chain reaction and the use of the now available many good films.
Please send a comment to this mainstream reporter.

Very good article...

but the pro 9/11 truth comments are being "CENSORED" !!!

There were probably 100 plus comments sent in, none were published, yet their "internet comment administrators" allowed through crappy one line hits...

Personally, I would recommend that folks go directly to the editors, thank them and put your feedback to them directly... by all means try and get your comments listed online but don't hold your breath.

Emails to :

It was a great article mind and probably read by millions.

Best wishes

More info in this [ BLOG ]

Censorship and Gandhi

Censorship is something we are going to have to get used to fighting. We have been fighting it for a long time and we are succeeding. I look at it as almost a sign of respect that our information is so powerful and undeniable that people have to resort to censorship in order to try to control it. It isn't working. We will find all channels of communication in order to get our message and more importantly our knowledge out to the people.

It is like that quote by Gandhi which is just great!!!

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

Loose change #12

Loose change is #12 in google video. I submitted a comment to be added to the list, It was never shown.

This story vanished from 911blogger

I posted this on Friday night from the London Evening Standard here. Then the Daily Mail edition came out yesterday and a great photo the two page story was added. I tried to update the blog this morning with the new url for the Daily Mail article. But unfortunately the blog vanished altgother. There were 64 comments to the article.

Daily Mail url:



when you update a posted story it goes back into a moderation queue, and will not be visible until it is reposted.. (it says this on the blog submission header)..

it is back on the front page:

sorry about that!

was in the news section yesterday...

It was a great aticle... but the mail editors obvioulsy covering their back on the site..