Art Bell Open Line 9/11 Show?

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Art Bell Agrees to do a 9 11 open line show Coming...
By Richard(Richard)
Secondly, Art made a comment after announcing his plans for a show that even if 9/11 was an inside job by our government, the very ones who have pushed to bring these 9/11 questions out in the open would end up dead, anyway. ...

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are you sure it is art bell

are you sure it is art bell and not george noory?

the only times ive heard art bell speak about 9/11 conspiracies he scoffed at the prospect of US government involvement. I think he even called us idiots if i remember correctly and seemed offended by the concept.

WRH reader comments on Art Bell

I remember turning off Art Bell in disgust one night when I too heard him drinking the government koolaide.

This reader comment was posted in the WRH reader letters today (Feb 12).

READER: I got through to Art bell on C2c show about 45 minutes into the first hour of his show tonight, It's been three years or more since I tried to call in. I questioned him about the article posted on his website about Bombs heard on building # 7 the story from Alex Jones Prison Planet. He knows we go way back and was surprised to hear from me but he knew exactly what I wanted to talk about from all the letters i've sent him through the years he knows we completely disagree on 9/11... I made sure that my last comment was about him saying many times that he could not believe our government was behind 3000 americans being killed in the wtc.The last thing I said to him was ''Art it's not our government anymore!'' Then the conversation ended,I heard dead air and he went into a big speech on how he would still be living in Manilla if he believed it for one minute.

If you want to hear it go to the past shows before 6 am and listen while they are having free streaming for the weekend when you don't have to pay. I said as much as I could in the little time he gave me,I was just going to talk about the war and our next move which will be Iran due to a statement he made when he compared it to the widening of the war to Cambodia in the Vietnam war.. but just went into my rant about the lies this war was based on and then I began He promised that he would put a night aside to talk about 9/11 to callers only e said apparently people think I'm afraid to talk about it but I'm not ,and for the 2 nd time he stated he's not about to believe our president or any part of our government was behind 9/11. he only thing he answered me about was that he read the article on the Jones site and he said ''if you read the story closely you see the fireman said THEY THOUGHT they heard bombs'' ..If he really read closely you notice a fireman states ''I know bombs when I hear bombs.'' In the beginning I told him I pretty much agree with him when it comes to other topics talked about through the years on the show but not when it came to 9/11.

Why is is so hard to believe

Why is is so hard to believe for Joe Sixpack that 911 was an inside job?

Answer: For the same reason that educated writers misrepresent the fact so blatantly, as in these articles:

Ergo: It is a clever combination of self-deception and mind manipulation.
Engineered cognitive dissonance.

Who is the engineer?

MKULTRA << you think you know what this program entailed? Read again and imagine what stay untold. Then add 20 related programs, add 50 years of funding (billions!) and then arrive at the greatest mind fuck in history.

Of course you think this is "half as bad" and "some good came of it"...

But the reality is that the PRESS and MEDIA ... DARE NOT THINK ANYMORE.

Nobody wants to poke the stick in the giant cesspool bag.

I have just been informed

I have just been informed that the Germans have done the best
documentary on the subject of MKULTRA:

3 parts, 9 minutes each:

1 of 3
2 of 3
3 of 3

use to save a local copy.


art bell was hired as

art bell was hired as disinfo in the pre 911 days---
to try to instill social control psyops disguised as ufo story metaphors

now he is in over his head----i heard the call last nite, where the girl challenged him on the wtc7 smoking gun---the only reason he said that he would have a show in the future about 911truth

is cause he was trying to get out of the coversation---he was getting stomped