Bob Bowman on Kevin Barrett's GCN show - discussing activism

Bowman is on Barrett's GCN show today, Network 2 streaming live:

In progress from 3-5pm Central, sorry about the late notice.

Col. Bowman has sent out this message;

Dear friends in 9/11 Truth,

A word of caution. A few days ago here in Melbourne, FL, we had an event
for Amy Goodman with about a thousand people in attendance. During her
speech, a young man disrupted the proceedings, by trying to get Amy to say
9/11 was an inside job. He even used a bullhorn. Amy was cooperative,
and promised to answer his questions if he would sit down. Everyone
around him struggled with him, and he eventually left the hall. The
whole thing was counterproductive. It embarrassed those of us who are
demanding a new investigation, and it made all us 9/11 Truthers look like
the kooks we are accused of being. We don't change minds that
way. I am quietly trying to get folks like Amy to start demanding a new
independent investigation ... without prejudging the result. The same
for Dennis Kucinich. This guy is one of our best friends in Congress.
We don't need to embarrass him and ourselves. Indeed, ask our
questions, but in a respectful way. If we do it right, we can win Dennis
to our side. If we do it wrong, we will just alienate him, and the
audience as well.

Here's an example. The young man in Melbourne yelled at Amy,
"You know 9/11 was an inside job. Why won't you say it? Say
it now! '9/11 was an inside job!'" Then he just kept
yelling the same thing. This convinces no one of anything except that
we're a bunch of rude, obnoxious, nuts. Instead, he could have
waited for a Q&A and asked something like, "Kean and Hamilton say
they were lied to by NORAD about 9/11. The government's story
doesn't add up. Will you support a new, independent investigation
of 9/11 so the American people can learn the truth?" or
"There is a mountain of evidence that World Trade Center 7 was
'pulled' in a classic demolition, and it wasn't even hit by
an airplane. Will you support a new, independent investigation to find
out what really happened on 9/11?" Such questions get a bit of
evidence out there to people who may not have heard it, and they do it
without alienating anyone. Another approach is, "We don't know
the truth about how 9/11 happened, but we DO know that evidence was
confiscated and destroyed, investigators were lied to, and the 9/11 Report
doctored. If you don't want a new 9/11 investigation, will you at
least support an investigation of the cover-up?"

Nixon wasn't ousted because of the Watergate burglary, but because of
the cover-up. Martha Stewart didn't go to jail for insider trading,
but for lying about it. Clinton wasn't impeached for getting a blow
job, but for stretching the truth about it. Libby isn't on trial for
revealing Valerie Plame's identity, but for not telling the truth
about when he learned of it. The easiest path to impeachment may be to
attack the cover-up. We may not be able to prove whether the government
is covering up guilt or incompetence, but we can darn sure prove there HAS
been a cover-up. And I think people like Dennis Kucinich will support
us. And I'll bet that as we investigate the cover-up, we will find
out just what they were covering up, and the whole mess comes out in the

Please, my friends, the purpose of our activities is to win hearts and
minds and actually prevail. It's not just to make us feel good.
If we want accountability, we must first gain credibility. Let's
conduct our actions with that in mind. And let's not alienate
potential allies. We need all we can get. Thanks!

Bob Bowman

Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Veterans for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth,

President, "The Patriots"

You mean she doesn't know?

I would think Amy Goodman is well aware of all these issues, since she's been ducking them for so long. We could sure use her help and name and credibility, but how long do you gently ease her attention to this issue before you get frustrated, stand up and shout? I agree we can look like kooks bullhorning people, but the frustration can just get to you sometimes.

I personally told Amy

I personally told Amy about Steven Jones' work on WTC-7's collapse (when his work first came out) when she visited Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

She acted like she was new to the information concerning wtc-7's collapsed, as though she had never heard about it (she actually witnessed the collapse in person). She pretty much brushed me aside and said that it sounds "interesting".

Who was the bull-horner? A provocateur?

Does anyone know the identify of the man with the bull horn? How long has he been in the 9/11 movement? What has he contributed? What are his bona fides?

The use of provocateurs is common practice for FBI, CIA and others.


same guy who shook up UFPJ

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Show "Bravo to the "Disruptor"" by GRGNXN

At last, the movement's Robespierre

...stand clear, the committees are already making their lists

Show "yeah" by GRGNXN

because it's a little over the top.

"He who fights with monsters should take care lest he himself becomes a monster."
--Friedrich Nietzsche

Not likely !

Go to and come back and tell me that I'am becoming a monster. You know i think some people use these blogs to try and show off . Example "let me quote some cool phrase i read or heard somewhere then try and pawn it off as something substantial or relavant". Like it has been said allready you do it your way and i'll do it mine. And also not pointing any fingers, but don't be the person that sits in front of the computer and preaches to the choir. Get up and and go tell some people who don't know. HOWEVER YOU CHOOSE !!!!

No offense...

Unfortunately there's not much we can do about this. Here's why. All the opponents need to do is plant rude and obnoxious people in the audience with bullhorns. There's no way that you could stop them from doing this. But the bullhorn can be used quite effectively. Make sure you imitate the best bullhorners out there. Try to speak through the normal channels, but if they do not allow you to speak... I'm sorry folks... but there's a time to raise your voice. I've seen some amazing bullhorning done on the streets, but you have to have a lot of friends. Make sure to have a crew with you, because you don't want to be percieved as a lone nut, but with the visual of other people in t-shirts, it can be quite effective.

Goodman's bullhorn paid for by Alcoa

While she claims to be "independent," she takes money from the Ford Foundation whose chair sits on the board of Alcoa, the aluminum smelter and leading polluter.

While I do not personally choose the bullhorn tactic, I respect the actions of Mr. Bullhorn. I am sick of these "anti-Bush" folks who cling to the Bush fairy tale of 9/11.

"Justice deferred is justice denied."-MLK

Pick your own tactics. Leave Mr. Bullhorn to his. Until anything really starts to work, let's not criticize those who are sponsored by the truth instead of Alcoa.

Point taken, but your wasting your time and so am I!!

Yeah, hey I agree no point upsetting this misguided group of "intellectuals" even if it does feel sooo good!
They do mean well and we may have to caress their minds into action before the new Hitler puts them on the trains.
This is mighty hard to do when they show us absolutely no f#$%ing respect!!
I'll die fighting before I get on the "peace train" to nowhere!!

Kind regards John


Show "for all those" by truthoverprofit

With all due respect to Bob

With all due respect to Bob Bowman, his comments remind me of a passage from Howard Zinn’s Voices of a People’s History:

“Atlanta is a case in point. Here, a number of the college presidents in the Atlanta University Center, while publicly expressing their support, tried to discourage their students form direct action activities. Some ministers and businessmen reacted similarly. Jeremy Larner, writing in the New Leader at the time of the sit-ins, reports a meeting that spring of five student leaders summoned to a conference with the Negro old guard of Atlanta.

“so you see, kids, we’ve been in this a long time. We want the same things you do, but we know by now they can’t be gotten overnight. It’s our experience that you have to work slowly to get lasting results. We’d hate to see your movement backfire and spoil the things we’ve worked so hard for. You need guidance, and we hope you’ll have the vision to accept it.”

The response of the students was brief, unpolished, to the point: “We are continuing the movement as best we know how. We hope you will join us.”

The students, of course, were right. Patiently waiting for things to proceed through the “proper channels” has never accomplished a goddamn thing.

So while I agree that bullhorning Amy Goodman is definitely not the best use of one’s time (there are far more creative ways to engage in activism), let’s not start acting like a bunch of old ladies and pinning all our hopes on Dennis Kucinich.

Kucinich will respond if there is a mass movement in the streets; otherwise (mark my words) it will be all talk and no action.

P.S.: The comment that Amy Goodman should be “arrested” is disturbing. What are we oiling up the guillotines now? I thought we were supposed to be different that the reactionary fascists running the government?

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

and that scraping sound you hear

are the blades being sharpened...but when it's time to march in the Carmelites, some will weaken and start to weep. That's when they'll need these guys to drag them to the block —

Tactics of Activism.

There are times for bullhorns and unpolite tactics of activism. And there are times for respectful polite questions to people. We as activists have to be able to discern when which is appropriate. Polite or Impolite debate is in small importance compared to Martin Luther King Jr's demand for the effectiveness of

Non-Violent Direct Action.

He knew he had to do whatever was necessary along those guidelines to be effective.

We had to use bullhorns and impolite tactics in the past just to be heard. Maybe now with people like Amy Goodman and Kucinich we can now turn to a more civilized respectful debate. Let's hope. Otherwise keep the bullhorns and bravery in the back pocket, ready to be used when necessary.

We shouldn't be expected to be polite when we are talking about the worst crime and criminals in American history. I don't think you'd criticize the early Jews in Germany for being impolite when confronting the growing regime of Adolf Hitler.

As Malcolm X said "by any means necessary" I agree with that when it is in the parameters of Dr. King's appeal for "non-violent direct action" Neither Dr. KIng or Gandhi were considered polite when they had to at times break the social norms in order to be heard.

Damn it.

I was super-polite to Ms. Goodman

when I personally handed her a copy of The War on Freedom... oh, let's see, 5 years ago...

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

I was super-polite to Ms. Goodman

when I personally pleaded her to run a story on just the "human interest" journalistic aspect of the 9/11 truth movement. That is, if she was having a hard time figuring out which aspect of the OV was most laughable.

She stared back, with a bit of slack in her jaw looking at me for all the world, as if I was asking her jump off a cliff.

I listen with great care and respect to Dr. Bowman... yet he and I might not line up on this one. I'd like to see a video of this.

With all due respect, Mr./Dr./Col. Bowman

Fuck Amy Goodman & the rest of her ilk. We've held her hand long enough.

I bought her book and . . . .

I went to a book signing and bought her book. In addition, I bought her a copy of "The New Pearl Harbor" and she said she would read it.

It was all very nice. There's something about her that's a bit off . . . that being said I do peruse her show every day and listen to it quite often.

Here's my two cents. Leave Amy alone, when the truth dam breaks she's going to have to sleep in the bed she made.

It may be time to bull horn her though. Nice & polite hasn't worked.

I think Bob's heart is in the right place but time's up for Amy.

I have no clue what Bowman's priorities are...

beyond a 'new investigation'. I'm worried that he's only reaching for the impeachment of the current criminal administration. If bushco's impeached & the puppet masters are allowed to remain protected & hidden, we lose, period.

Cut Dr. Bob some slack.

He's trying to play the hand he's been dealt the way he knows how, and finding that his opponents relish in his hotbutton issue activists being disruptive. Last I checked, he was still on the "reality-based communtiy" team.

Here's the thing. Was there any real opposition to the bullhorner just getting in a line to ask her a question? (IE recently in Washington) or was the bullhorning merely for the sake of the act itself and embarrassing Goodman. If it's the former, so be it, but I think we've forgotten how big a victory for the movement it was when Avery and Bermas debated Meigs and that other asshole on Democracy Now. I've not seen her dodge a question on 9/11, and she gives you the opportunity to ask.

So, until I see the video (if such a video exists) of the confrontation I'm inclined to believe it was a well intentioned stunt that was in all likelihood unneccesary, wether she's compromised by the Ford foundation or not. There's a time and place for everything.

Amy Goodman

I think Amy Goodman might be under mind control ala "MK Ultra." Before you start rolling your eyes, google MK Ultra. It was a secret government program that started in 1953 and (some say) continues on to this day. It was exposed in the 1970s during the Church Senate Hearings.

Normal Channels?

Sometimes I don't know what truthers are thinking. Dennis Kucinich? Dennis Kucinich?? He will come in 2 points behind Nader. I guess it's his "gravitas" that will add credence to getting a new investigation. As someone said above, this will never happen through normal channels or engaged polite discourse. We have been taken over, and we need a revolution to turn back the occupiers.

We don't care if Dennis wins!

We just want the questions/answers in the public arena. Who is president is not nearly as important as who has the access codes to our nuclear missle fleet.

If you don't know what I'm talking about . . . . read a little Ruppert this weekend in Hamptons.

The guy with the bull horn

I say Good for the guy with the bull horn. There is an old saying,"Nice guys finish last." How true. I don't give a rats ass what people think of me. The truth is the truth and 9/11 truth is self-evident. If I have to get in someones face, so be it. Remember what Gypsy did to Smell-a-cow when he spoke in SF? I loved it!


Last guys don't finish nice.

Ya it's me again the crazy bullhorner

Listen i just got done responding to Dr.Bobs email and i wish i could copy and paste it here , but i have yahoo and it wont allow it. I suck at computers and hope that everyone that has written comments gets to see MY responce , because there's two sides to every story and it's time for mine.
First off i am the one who bull horned UFPJ in DC . That was a spur of the moment thing. Amy Goodman was'nt . Secondley i only said one sentence or so through the bull horn and that was ( to AMY) " why do you ignore the 911 truth movement" The rest was pretty much me shouting really loud.
Dr. Bob breaks my heart by writing this not just because he is inaccurate with the facts ( as the video will show) , but I spents literally hundreds of hours of my free time volunteering on HIS campaign for congress in our district. I canvased til my feet hurt and it was to dark to knock on doors , sometimes all weekend and after work weekdays, i begged everyone i knew who owns property ( residential and buisness) to allow me to put up his campaign signs . I even nailed some to the posts and channel markers on the innercoastal waterway so boats could see em too, i spent hours and hours in the hot ass florida sun handing out flyers in the biggest parking lots i could find, i attended rallies , i talked about the guy til i turned blue in the face , and drove my girlfiend nuts . I've met him more times then i can remeber and even went to his house with another volunteer to give him his po box mail one night.
So for him to send out this e-mail and speak of me as if he does'nt know me and i was just some nut case in the crowd who has hurt the movement is like i said truly heart breaking. I even called him one hour after this shit happened and apoligized to him personaly.
Me i deal in reality and facts. so lets go down the list of lets say not so true info in his e-mail. First there were only 300 people the not 1,000 ( it was held at the Gleason auditorium at F.I.T in Melbourne Fl in case anyone wants to verify) I stress this this because there is a 700 person differance and remember that i was a " kook" in front of these people. Next the first thing i did was stand up and Ask Amy several times loudly with my voice ( not the bull horn) why she ignores the 911 truth movement, and how she can critize corperate media yet she ignores 911 truth? she was NOT cooperative like Bob said. She tried to ignore me at first and continue on with the same speech she's been giving at everystop on her book tour. So by then it got loud and the so called progressive peace activists started trying to tackle and grab me, so i had to fight them off . At that time i then reached into my bookbag and grabbed my megaphone. I only got one sentence out threw it and i believe it was again why do you ignore the movement, people were yelling at me and grabbing me. She then said something to the effect of encouraging people to go to her website and look at the Sept 11th thing she did with regaurds to the loose change pop mechanics debate ( for the record i was at ground zero that morning 9/11/06 and i spoke to Jason Bermas almost right after he returned and saw it when i returned to Fl. She just sat there with her sour face as if she could'nt wait til it was over. Also i went on to the Democracy now site and seached 9-11 in the archives and came up with a bunch of weak michael moore type crap. No building 7 , no Pentagon, no NORAD, etc etc. ) she tried to talk around me in hopes that the crazy ass people grabbing me would just hurry up and get me outta there so she can continue with her self rightous bullshit.
As for the last of Bob Comments about it being counter productive and embarrassing to you all. Well lets put it this way. Like i said there were only 300 people there ( 5 or 6 ) i knew as truthers and about i'd say 70% of em were seniors who are down here in Florida on retirernment and only came out that night , because it reminded them of the good oldays when they were hippies " that used " to think for themselves., but none of that matters cuz i did'nt come there to make friends ( which i did i'll get to that in asec) i came there to let Amy Goodman know i don't put her narrow ass up on a pedestal , and that she can't get away with critizing the media and she's no better, in fact she's worse , because we expect that from them she's " Supposed to be the becon of truth to the people that reject what cnn. fox. abc, cbs , msnbc, and the rest of those duchebags have to say.
Oh and i did reunite with an old friend two days later when i was trying to find out who stole my bullhorn in all the chaos. She is now the President of the Space Coast Alliance , the group that hosted Amy and after i aploigized to her she said that she was sorry all that happened and that she was unaware of 911 truth and that she would love for me to school her and maybe even bring it into there organization. So eat your words Bob.
I'll end this by saying i do have alot of respect for Dr. Bowman i i plan to bust my ass once more in 08 when he runs again.
P.s stand by for the video i had to send it to the youth for truth kids out in San Fran they will edit and put it up here so you can see " THE TRUTH " sorry Bob, oh and the video got a little messed up cuz my friend that was taping got all shook up and nervous from the chaos, but it's still good enough.

Right on, Mike

I support you 100%.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

One last thing

I did tell her to tell the people that 911 was an inside job, Dr. Bob only told half the story and as for waiting for the question and answers part i encourage eveyone to go to you tube and type in Amy Goodman 911 truth. The very first video i believe it's about a min long is a 911 truther asking her at the booking signing of this same stupid speech and she half ass answers his question and i believe her brother who co-wrote their book "static or some shit is right there at the end of the clip waving the guy away saying this isn't the appropriate place . Check it out and share everything i've said with the people who read Bobs nonsense.

I wrote to democracy now, today, here's the email...

Dear Amy and fellow peace activists,

Why does the Peace Movement continue to appear oblivious to the greatest fraud in modern history, the September 11 attacks? Any person that takes the time to examine the evidence regarding these events soon realizes the official story is completely false!

As 9/11 is the excuse for so much destruction in the world today, why does it take a backseat to other symptomatic issues?

America is becoming a great danger to the whole of the world and the only way to stop its spreading cancer is to cut it out at the core and expose the real criminals behind 9/11!

I hope you can assist in this most pressing issue as the considerable and growing "9/11 Truth Movement" world wide is waiting for people like yourselves to stand up and be counted on this issue. We now have the chance to establish a new and lasting peace, a good not evil "Pax Americana". This will only happen when we the people realize how completely corrupt our societies have become, forcing us to WAKE UP and fight for a transparent and truly democratic government.

When the going gets tough the tough get going!

How long must we wait for the truth?

Yours Sincerely John Bursill

Sydney, NSW, Australia