Site I made... I'm only 13!

here it is!

Please tell me what you think!
If you can tell me some constructive criticism!

this will be my only post.

Hi, not a big fan of the color scheme

but otherwise it's cool. Kudos for confronting this decisive issue that many adults don't want to come to face with! What do your friends think about it?

web site

Great job! For a 13 year old, you are very bright and articulate. I love the site, the layout is interesting, and congratulations for siding with the truth!

I want to support

you for being mature enough to confront this important issue. Thank you for caring, and keep up the great work.


in 2032


The future is in good hands. Good job young fella.

Looks great, but some people

Looks great, but some people find a black back-ground with vivid colors to be too much. I don't, but you should be aware some do.

Including the WTC 7 collapse video is a very smart move--that can never be shown enough. Keep up the good work! ;-)

Now, the rest of you stingy wankers, give the lad a vote already!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

There we go! Sorry to be

There we go! Sorry to be tetchy, but I was the first to vote and it looked so strange : "yes, good job, young sir" but no one had voted!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

The movement grows!!

Keep it up bro. We might see some cool changes in this world if we do. I'd recommend you link to some of the videos at I think documentaries are one of the best educational tools. Books are hard to read and less entertaining. Also. Don't get burned out. Do plenty of things to recharge your batteries from time to time and keep your energy up. A well-rested healthy mind is the sharpest tool we can use to win this war. Stay strong.

Nice work!

Lots of "grown ups" act like 13 year olds, great to see that reversed.

Pretty good Neotru! I like

Pretty good Neotru!

I like the colors ok!

constructive criticizm hmm...... I noticed that you got the burn temp of jet fuel a little hotter than I thought it was.
you have the maximum temp of jet fuel burning @ 2048 that? (perhaps in the forced air environment of a jet engines combustion chambers) maybe?

I think jet fuel (kerosene) can only burn(at normal atmospheric pressures) at a max of 1750 or 1850 degrees. I think...

yup, If it were me I'd be proud!!! ......(cuz I dont do websites)

I'd love to see ya do a paragraph or two on molten iron and steel in pools for weeks after....and a note or two about freefall collapse times......(both of which are physical impossibilities)...

eggcellent mr.Smithers!

Income=corporate profit

Well done!

Neotru -

I would echo some of the above comments about your choice of color scheme, but it is always important to give it your own unique stamp. You may find that as you do more research that you'll want to revise your site, this is true for everyone, as new information is coming out all the time.

Thanks for your interest. When I was your age Watergate was just starting to hit the press and caught my attention.

What do your friends think about 9/11?

Have you thought about starting a 9/11 study group with some of your friends?

Have you brought this subject up in school? What do your teachers think about 9/11?

Do you talk to your parents about it, what do they think?

Please feel free to drop in, ask questions and let us know how your 9/11 activities are going.

Keep up the great work!

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.