Left Turn Ahead

February, 2007 marks the point in time where the Left media in the United States pulled its head out of its collective ass and finally addressed some of the anomalies of 9/11. It's easy to point fingers and say they haven't done enough, and it's true. Frankly, C-SPAN, a not-for-profit entity funded, (ironically enough), by loose change that the cable industry has laying around, has done far more in terms of transmitting the points of view emanating from the 9/11 skeptics.

Nevertheless, Sander Hicks got the ball rolling this month at AlterNet.org with his article, 9/11: The Case Isn't Closed. Hicks does not focus on physical anomalies like the WTC collapses, but spends his time pointing out the crumb trails of U.S. intelligence agencies all over the place on 9/11, and how some of these agencies thwarted investigations that could have stopped the attacks from occurring at all, had they proceeded in good faith.

I have three small quibbles with Hicks' article, but none with his intent. The first is accepting Peter Lance at face value. Although I respect Lance for investigating Patrick Fitzgerald's possible malfeasance in regard to Ali Mohamed, I don't think the Ali Mohamed story is as complicated as the notion of a "Triple Agent" would imply. In my opinion, it's more likely that Mohamed was a controlled asset on the pullstrings of Western intelligence, in the same way that Omar Saeed Sheikh is alleged to have been. Further, the Discovery Channel has produced an investigative report about TWA 800 that bolsters the theory that it was brought down with some sort of projectile, not a bomb. This is consistent with eyewitness testimony concerning TWA 800.

Secondly, Hicks leans on Daniel Hopsicker, and Hopsicker leans on what seems to me to be a very unreliable lynch-pin, a woman by the name of Amanda Keller. Mohamed Atta's girlfriend. "But the former Venice stripper now says her boyfriend was another flight student not connected to 9/11." Alrighty, then. Can you imagine going to trial with her as a witness? I'm no Law expert, but it seems to me that a competent defense attorney would wet himself in anticipation knowing that he could summon her to the stand.

Third, the Muslim Brotherhood. According to John Loftus, (President of the Florida Holocaust Museum), the Brotherhood was hired by British intelligence at the end of WWII, and eventually the Brits "sold" the asset to the OSS. The OSS is of course, the predecessor of the CIA. "In 1979 the CIA decided to take the Arab Nazis out of cold storage. The Russians had invaded Afghanistan, so we told the Saudis that we would fund them if they would bring all of the Arab Nazis together and ship them off to Afghanistan to fight the Russians. We had to rename them. We couldn't call them the Muslim Brotherhood because that was too sensitive a name. Its Nazi cast was too known. So we called them the Maktab al Khidimat il Mujahideen, the MAK. (paragraph break) And the CIA lied to Congress and said they didn't know who was on the payroll in Afghanistan, except the Saudis. But it was not true. A small section CIA knew perfectly well that we had once again hired the Arab Nazis and that we were using them to fight our secret wars." The history of the Muslim Brotherhood remains hidden. Don't be coy! Expose it, Hicks! Even Robert Baer didn't know this when he was on the job. The iron is hot!

But Hicks does a great thing... he brings out the Gimp... BCCI. More connections than a switchboard, if I may quote Dave Emory.

The next phase in the Left-media fusillade was the coverage in The Jewish Daily, "The Forward", of Rabbi Michael Lerner's 9/11 skepticism, A 9/11 Conspiracy? ‘I Would Not Be Surprised,’ Says Tikkun Editor. Lerner reserves his doubts about endorsing any particular theory about 9/11, but he has personal experience of an operation directed against private citizens by the government;

"At one point in my life I thought that real conspiracies were a left-wing fantasy, and that sophisticated Marxists and other social theorists would not have reason to want to acknowledge the existence of such conspiracies against the Left or against anyone else. But when I was indicted for "conspiracy and using the facilities of interstate commerce with the intent of inciting to riot" (as one of the Seattle Seven federal conspiracy trial in 1970 arising from a large demonstration against the Vietnam war and in support of Black liberation which I had organized and which turned violent when police attacked the demonstrators) I quickly learned that my organization (the Seattle Liberation Front) was totally infiltrated by police agents.

Indeed, many of those most vociferous in denouncing me and other leaders for being "too timid" were actually paid FBI informants or members of various law enforcement agencies. When one such changed his mind and began to reveal his story of having been solicited by the FBI to try to engage us in violence that would have led to some of us being killed, I really "got" that conspiracies do sometimes happen--paid for by the U.S. government." - Rabbi Michael Lerner, in 9/11 & American Empire Vol. II, Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out, (draft.)

Lerner's reluctance to yell, "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!"... should not be derided, rather, his willingness to consider concepts that fall outside of a Left paradigm that is hindered by the lack of conspiratorial agency should be lauded. And so should The Forward.

On to Counterpunch, and Democracy NOW!

I tried to explain to a cynic at DemocraticUnderground why I would post the videos and transcript from Amy Goodman's coverage of the Counterpunch article, written by Christopher Ketcham, to no avail;

For 5+ years the bellwether media outlet of the media-savvy left has poo-poohed any and all anomalous facets of 9/11. Democracy NOW! has not even produced any reports seriously examining the roots of "al-Qaeda" from a critical perspective.

This report on the New Jersey movers and art students was broadcast across Pacifica, across Dish and Direct TV with LINK TV in the lineup, on community television stations and low-power FM across this country.

For this reason alone, awareness of the report in the "September 11" forum at DemocraticUnderground.com is important, and the primary reason I have posted it here.

"Democratic Underground (DU) was founded on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2001, to protest the illegitimate presidency of George W. Bush and to provide a resource for the exchange and dissemination of liberal and progressive ideas. Since then, DU has become one of the premier left-wing websites on the Internet, publishing original content six days a week, and hosting one of the Web's most active left-wing discussion boards."

Democracy NOW! is an important voice in the left-wing spectrum. It's essential to know what they are saying, especially in this particular sub-forum...

Do I have an accusation?


The Left has been asleep at the wheel for 5 years. Some would argue that the Left has been asleep since 11/22/63.

As far as the nationality of the movers and students, there is another angle to consider. This is pure speculation; the men whom the FBI identified as MOSSAD... what if they were ex-MOSSAD, subcontracted as agents for organized crime? This may explain why the DEA is wound up in this story. (Ketcham reports that FBI sources and others believe that the "ecstasy drug ring" may be a cover story, but it's a pretty frickin' elaborate cover story if you ask me.)

There are a series of reports coming to the surface that shed light on this notion, here is the best one I've found, but it's two years out of date now. This report examines the role of global drug networks, and links between different nationalities;

The Global Drug Meta-Group: Drugs, Managed Violence, and the Russian 9/11

The False Dilemmas of 9/11 Theories

I said earlier that by suppressing awareness of the role of drug-trafficking in our society, we give drug traffickers a de facto franchise to exert political influence without criticism or opposition. An example of this is the discussion of 9/11 in America, which usually fails to consider the meta-group among the list of possible suspects.

I have tried to suggest in this paper that in fact the meta-group had both motive – to restore the Afghan opium harvest and increase instability and chaos along the trade routes through Central Asia – and opportunity – to utilize its contacts with both al-Zawahiri in al Qaeda and the CIA in Washington. It is furthermore the best candidate to explain one of the more difficult anomalies (or indeed paradoxes) of the clues surrounding 9/11: that many of the clues lead in the direction of Saudi Arabia, but some lead also in a very different direction, towards Israel.

Here it is worth quoting again the well-informed remark of a Washington insider about the meta-group's predecessor, BCCI: "Who else could wire something together to Saudi Arabia, China, Israel, and the U.S.?" The current meta-group fills the same bill, for it unites supporters of Muslim Salafism (Saidov) with at least one Israeli citizen (Kosman).

The meta-group's involvement in the Russian 9/11 of course does nothing to prove its involvement in the American one. However awareness of its presence – as an unrecognized Force X operating in the world – makes previous discussions of 9/11 seem curiously limited. Again and again questions of responsibility have been unthinkingly limited to false dilemmas in which the possible involvement of this or any other Force X is excluded...

The very notion that the Israelis were working for Israel merely because of their nationalities is another false dilemma. American mercenaries conduct operations for foreign governments daily. However, unless they have a Big Daddy Warbucks who get them out of a tight spot, they are in the cold.

I believe the cynic's response was, "Nah, nah, nah, nah, I can't hear you!" or somesuch.

Finally, LINK TV is broadcasting the fine, (not perfect, not hardcore MIHOP), documentary, 9/11: Press for Truth now thru March. This documentary is an excellent introduction to the myriad anomalies of 9/11.

The Left is getting on board.

Now is the time for refinement, focus, and clarity. Please give Col. Bowman's message some thought.

IMO Amanda Keller

is a real witness, but you can imagine what 5 years of FBI special treatment can do to your testimony.

Just look at the Wolfgang Bohringer story.


It was her that brought this up in first place.

Remember? The first impressions and testimonies are the real ones, unaltered. Hopsicker was a year late, but we should not doscredit his method of research.

"ecstasy drug ring" may be a cover story, but it's a pretty frickin' elaborate cover story if you ask me.

That same line is also good for Hopsickers research, aka Barry and The Boys.

PS: As always, excellent work!

Mohamed Atta's girlfriend.

Mohamed Atta's girlfriend. "But the former Venice stripper now says her boyfriend was another flight student not connected to 9/11."

And the FBI agrees. That's a pretty remarkable about-face there -- considering the level of minute detail present in her initial testimony. Perhaps she's blind in one eye? If she was lying she should be writing best-sellers with Peter Lance, not peeling off her G-string for drunken flight students.

Methinks she had a little visit by the FBI -- a few years too late to prevent the framing of Atta but just in time to shut her yap. Par the course when you examine witnesses to the JFK op.

No, her testimony would not stand up in court, but this "wrong flight student" bit is more than a little ridiculous.

Almost as ridiculous, in fact, as the theory that Ali Mohammed penetrated the US intelligence apparatus on behalf of "Al-Qaeda". Good call on Peter Lance's absurd theory. Let me guess: Oswald really WAS a Soviet agent who managed to penetrate the CIA, the FBI and US Customs only to implicate himself in the JFK assassination by sneakily landing a job at the book depository? Lord gimme strength to suffer fools and disinfo artists gladly.

Also: there's no need for the Mossad agents to have been "retired" -- any agent with competent handlers will not be listed in the "phonebook", as it were, but rather provided with a plausible identity outisde of the biz. No point in trying to exculpate Israeli agents as co-conspirators -- they're a perfect fit and have been tied at the hip with US intelligence for at least two decades.

Otherwise an outstanding piece, as usual. Keep up the good work.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

"Let me guess: Oswald really

"Let me guess: Oswald really WAS a Soviet agent who managed to penetrate the CIA, the FBI and US Customs only to implicate himself in the JFK assassination by sneakily landing a job at the book depository? Lord gimme strength to suffer fools and disinfo artists gladly."


Yep, that's true. When you take a closer look at the official story of the JFK assasination it falls apart like a cheap suit. Same thing with 9-11.

When the 911 hoax gets exposed. Which I'm certain will happen. A pandora's box will open. No "official" history will be taken for granted anymore. The next target will be the JFK murder.

I wonder what more...

The High Perps know it and...

.....maybe that's why Bush 41 is pathetically sobbing at public speeches about his sons' futures, or gratuitously inserting how accurate the Warren Report was when speaking at Ford's funeral, or castigating the Internet and it's denizens.

Or why Bush 43 just bought a 100- acre compound in Paraguay. (Wouldn't surprise me if Kenny-Boy Lay is already there working as a stable-boy).

9/11 = TREASON


(Wouldn't surprise me if Kenny-Boy Lay is already there working as a stable-boy).

Ddn't you mean working on the stable-boy?

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

The problem with Amanda Keller's denial

is that a neighbor in the apartment complex identified Atta as the boyfriend. I think that this would be sufficient for a grand jury to compel Ms. Keller to tell the truth.

I just hope the neighbor doesn't die suddenly. (bad joke)

Atta is probably happily enjoying the freedom and improved looks that his plastic surgery is giving him. I bet $100k gets a pretty good job in Brasil these days.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

none of these people are

none of these people are talking about wtc7

none of them are talking about the attempted mexican national parliament bombing by mossad in oct 2001

these are gatekeeper scum --just like fox news--but just at a different level
thank goodness after the 911hoax revelation the world will not be entangled with this lying murdering fake msm


It is good that we are making progress with some of the left wing media outlets, but it must just inspire us and reminds us that we still have a lot of work to do. Until there are genuine Senatorial investigations into the guilty parties and anomalies of 9/11 we will have work to do. It is fun though to sometimes see the progress of our past work at hand. Let's keep up the pressure on these groups of people and others that might provide a break for our movement to save humanity from these criminal and awful cabals of human scum. Enough people have died for these guys' dreams of global domination. Peace.

Now how about the right-wing gatekeepers?

Let's also find some purchase in the right-wing media outlets. Often they care a fair amount about the Constitution, and about individual rights. Just as we do. Any Rifle Association members reading this? The Popular Mechanics 'debunking' article was meant for those folks, mainly.