This line is annoying me!

This line is annoying me!

“If those things were true [911 was an inside job], it would be all over the news with investigations.”

Bill O’Reilly, The “No” Spin Zone, FOX,
in an interview with Jim Fetzer on 2006-12-20

Dear Bill!
Your basic assumption is false.
- There’s no independent media any more. All are tied together and belong into very few hands.
- The media is complicit, as it has reported the government version as the basic truth without questioning.
- There is no severe need for control, as journalists know what they can report on and what not.
- The behaviour of guys like you who only engange in namecalling for all doubters leads to a climate of fear and suppression.
- All the million of pieces that did not fit to the official version were ignored or dismissed by most of the media.
- There are, nonetheless, millions of media pieces who do in fact suggest that 911 was an inside job.

You only have to dive beyond the surface of the overwhelming infoflood of the Mainstreammedia.

See my .pdf below! (about 2,1 MB)

All very TRUE Sitting-Bull...

But sadly, folks like O'Reilly would take the following...

"The behaviour of guys like you who only engange in namecalling for all doubters leads to a climate of fear and suppression"

as a compliment and proof that he his doing his job "well".

It is frustrating to say the least, far too much ignorance is present on this Earth.

Cest la vie

Best wishes and good luck with your efforts

Your wasting your time,

Those people arent stupid. Bill O Reilly Knows its an inside job, as long as all the other media anchors. They are just doing what the bosses tell them to do. They dont care.

But we do....

and that means we have to adress the talking points out there to dismiss our points....

I agree

But Bill-O is controlled opposition. He's a paid propaganda artist of the worst kind. You might as well try to convince Bush that 9/11 was an inside job.

He knows more than anyone that the MSM is controlled. He's controlled!

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

the internet has defeated

the internet has defeated msnbc

percentage of interview time

I just heard Dave Von Kleist say that he timed Fetzer's interview with O'Lielly. In a roughly 6 minute interview, O'Lielly talked for over 5 minutes.

May be interesting to time other interviews that O'Lielly conducts with himself, too?

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

Bill Hating

There is a lot of Bill hating going on. Other news boards had a petition drive to have him removed as the keynote speaker for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children after his disgusting Shawn Hornbeck remark. the NCME received so many complaints about their choice they replaced him with John Walsh.

We need to keep on this disgusting a##hole. His time has come!

Another Countermeasure...

....when members of the movement hear themselves being marginalized with the "you're a Conspiracy Theorist.." smear, counter with "No, I'm just Connecting the Dots...(following that up with) and the government's story is a conspiracy theory anyway...."

"Connecting the Dots''

Off Topic?

I'd hate to be Tony Snow!..... he couldn't possibly last much longer. He getting drilled right now.... the reporters won't let him escape. The seem to be actually doing real investigative journalism.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss



O'Reilly only brings Truthers on to make them look bad

So the only thing to do is do what Dr. Barrett did.


Just remember to stay on message and keep talking. Turn the tables on him, he won't expect it, he's not fast enough for snappy comebacks and will stammer until he can cut you off.

Makes him look like the ignorant wanker that he is.

The truth shall set most of us free, others are going to jail.