BBC advert for 9/11 "Conspiracy Files"

This is the ad for the program and it's getting a lot of airtime.

Here's links to it on ifilm and google video as well;

Looks like a Hit Piece

Not sure why you would research more and give a head's up one way or the other?

This is all over the front

This is all over the front page, why are you dissing someone who went out of their way to share the commercial that is being shown for it? Let me guess, you gave it a 1 star?

I agree

2 votes and 5.5

Maybe he voted it last.

I dont think its going to be a hit piece, But who knows.

Preview Page

Preview Page  Here

Looks like A. Jones, Fetzer, J. Marrs get the spotlight. No S. Jones, or DRG in previews.

Clearly a haphazard shallow misleading approach

BBC FAQ Web Page

has numerous errors, ommissions.

Shameless Promotion