A Decent Proposal: Millionares for 9-11 Truth

There is a guy out there who challenges magicians, psychics etc. to prove they can truly manifest their advertised supernatural talents. It would be great for 9-11Truth if some millionaires (even thousandaires) where to establish a sizeable chunk of cash to be given to anyone who can publicly prove a 757 hit the pentagon, explain/prove Building 7 fell for any reason other than controlled demolition and account for any major point surrounding the subject. Also, if this type of fund is created it needs to be heavily publicized and well known such a challenge exist.

I think Jimmy Walters did

I think Jimmy Walters did something like this a while ago. Of course, once you think about it, its kind of irrelevent because we know no one can actually prove w/out a reasonable doubt any of those things.

i was thinking of a similar

i was thinking of a similar idea just the other day. i think the real problem right now is that lots of people know 911 is an inside job and even out of those who dont know, there are lots of people who know that we as a country (and even as a world!) are in some serious trouble.

rich people know this and some even want to do something about it. what almost all people lack though is courage (millionaires are afraid of losing their businesses, status, etc). because of this i think if we combine the courage of people at 911blogger and those already in the truth movement with the money of scared millionaires, we can accomplish some real change.

anyway, just some thoughts.

9/11 Revealed

I was reading this book and they said that the wheel assembly found at the WTC had the serial identification number removed? Had anyone heard this?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

There's no reward for investing in truth.

Most people who have a lot of money don't want to lose everything they have. 9/11 truth will destroy every advantage that money brings to the rich.

When I received the Nobel Prize, the only big lump sum of money I have ever seen, I had to do something with it. The easiest way to drop this hot potato was to invest it, to buy shares. I knew that World War II was coming and I was afraid that if I had shares which rise in case of war, I would wish for war. So I asked my agent to buy shares which go down in the event of war. This he did. I lost my money and saved my soul. - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


looks like you missed the point....

Yes, BlackIntel...

...I've seriously considered a similar proposal before. However, my suggestion is that the claims made would be easily verified, with the behinds of those putting up the money being completely covered. here's how:

You make an offer like: "Receive up to 1million dollars
for proving us wrong!" Then list 100 claims, each worth 10 K if proven incorrect. However, the claims would be formatted with links to verified sources. Example: "As of 2/14/2007, The FBI Wanted Poster for Osama Bin Laden does not mention any connection of his to 9/11" Then you proivde the link to that page (http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten/fugitives/laden.htm).
Or another example: "According to the BBC News, some of the so called "9/11 highjackers" may still be alive." See:

This way, there is no claim being made of the factuality of the claims, only that reputable sources have printed them.

Thumbs up

Looks like that is the right road; and I think this should begin to develope somewhere soon. Let's find the millionaires and thousandaires who are independent and free to speak there mind without fear someone is going to pull there funding, sponsorship, etc.

Right, BlackIntel...

I think the key to convincing any potential money backer(s) is to demonstrate the fact that their money is safe, and is only being used as a marketing technique. I'm not saying anyone is lying... only that the way the offer is set up, it will be virtually impossible to disprove the claims being made, because verifiable references will be provided (as per my initial reply).

Another thought is, because the odds are almost null, relatively low priced insurance on the million could be purchased, giving the potential backer absolute assurance that his money is safe.

It's kind of like the billion dollar contests that have been out on occassion. The funds are available, but the odds of winning are so miniscule that the backers and/or insurers aren't losing sleep.

As to the marketing, I have a rule of thumb that I call M.A.G.A: Money Always Gets Attention. If the offer were set up in an intelligent, professional manner, it could easily go viral. Imagine being able to refer people in forums to such a site, both the curious and debunkers.

still going......

Looks like we need to find some millionaires. (I'm not tooting my own horn, ((or anyone elses)) ), but it seems like it would be a crime not to lauch the "Millionaires for 9-11 Truth" concept. Hopefully, some potential participants have or will read this exchange.....or others who have seen it can start spreading the word......