Rudy Giuliani on Larry King Live tonight

Larry King is hosting Rudy Giuliani this evening. Please email your questions, or try to call the show.

Maybe ask him how he knew the WTC tower was going to collapse, and admitted such on TV?

Or, if you prefer a more LIHOPish question, ask him about the faulty Motorola radios that probably cost the lives of over 300 firefighters.

If you're going to try to get through, you may have to disguise your question (or at least frame it in terms of his frequent invocations of 9/11). You should also have in front of you the actual transcript of what he said on 9/11:

"We were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was gonna collapse."


Im a chicken, So i cant do it. But can somebody Call the SHOW, And Have some 911 Truth on there, Call Giulina a murdering, saying he destroyed all the evidence illegally, and plus links for 911 truth sites.

They prob going to use there 7 sec delay, So Play like your on there side at first

ehh just ignore him...

the whole point of the 7 second delay is that once you change your tune and switch from praising his heroism to pointing out the number of people he helped murder they will drop the call and say, oh looks like we lost that adoring fan of yours, oh well...

I wouldn't be surprised if they had someone call in and tell him about holograms or energy weapons...


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but you never know when you will get a sympathetic producer.

Heres a question that may

Heres a question that may slip by...ask him who overuled the firefighters decision to use WTC7 as
a triage area for the evacuated. This can be verified
in the Naudet film. Maybe word it as if you want to praise the decision maker.

CALL THE SHOW 1 (800) 676-2100

CALLING LARRY KING 1 (800) 676-2100


I recommend you Call tonight the Larry King Show- Phone Mob Target b/c Rudy Giuliani is going to be on there. I recommend exposing him for 911 crimes, destroying all the evidence illegally, call him a murderer and link to 911 truth videos.

Be Like..I have a question for Rudy Giulaini, Why do you ship all the evidence to china after melting it down illegally? Pause 1 sec...Call him a murderer...Plug Terrorstorm/9/11 Mysteires...Or just say google #86 in top 100, or whatever the rank.

Not telling u what to do, just a suggestion.

They prob going to use there 7 sec delay, So Play like your on there side at first

Larry King Emailed.

That show has been emailed. Mark that up. I also won't be afraid to call in if I get a chance. And thanks for the number up there too. Peace.

beating a dead horse