BBC 9/11 Documentary Likely Hit Piece

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Obsessive focus on strawman theories say individuals interviewed for upcoming show
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, February 15, 2007

This weekend's highly anticipated BBC documentary on the 9/11 truth movement is likely to be a sophisticated hit piece, according to those who were interviewed for the program and others wary of the motives behind the creators of the show.

The BBC are extensively promoting the show via commercials during peak time viewing and yesterday featured a reasonably balanced summary of the 9/11 truth movement on their website. A preview clip and an extended clip showing Alex Jones and Jim Marrs at Dealy Plaza were also released yesterday. Seemingly fair promotional material shouldn't suck anyone in to believing anything else than the fact that this is most probably going to be a severe attack on 9/11 truth.

The first program in the series that aired in December of last year focused on the questions surrounding the death of Princess Diana, an event that the overwhelming majority of the British public now believe was an assassination. According to many disgruntled viewers, the show was mostly a whitewash and toed the official line.

Other programs in the series feature investigations into the Oklahoma City Bombing and the death of Dr. David Kelly.

Many posters to the 9/11 Blogger site were skeptical of the show's balance and fear it could be one of the most sophisticated attacks on the 9/11 truth movement to date, using nebulous strawman tactics that elevate unproven theories about hologram planes, exotic weaponry and Jewish conspirators above hardcore evidence.

"Judging from my experience with (producer) Guy Smith, this will be a hit piece," stated one.

Another respondent said that Craig Bartmer, a former NYPD official who heard bombs bring down Building 7 as he ran from it, was interviewed for the show and came away with the distinct impression that its intention was to dismiss everything as a conspiracy theory, including the fact that a government cover-up was now known to have been effect in the very hours after the attack, when EPA officials told ground zero workers the toxic air was safe to breathe.

Bartmer told the BBC he thought their treatment of the subject was an insult to himself and the rest of the victims, but it's likely that the BBC will play the "insulting to the victims" card themselves, ignoring the fact that 20% of the ground zero rescue heroes are now dying as a result of an admitted government cover-up, and not due to any actions on behalf of "conspiracy theorists."

Another tactic is likely to be constant reference to NIST and the 9/11 Commission in an attempt to debunk every question raised by "conspiracy theorists," yet both have been proven to betray wild conflicts of interest along with a penchant for simply ignoring or burying information that contradicts the official story, such as the Norman Minetta testimony, 9/11 wargames and Building 7.

Alex Jones, director of TerrorStorm
features heavily in show after the BBC followed him around for a week of taping.

Commenting on his radio broadcast yesterday, Jones said "They're pulling out all the stops on this one, they're going to try to mix in anti-Semitism," adding that the producer Guy Smith wouldn't allow him to talk about hardcore proven evidence on camera such as Operation Northwoods.

"They always wanted to bring up the most tenuous evidence, they always wanted to argue about that," said Jones.

Jones said that upon conclusion of filming, the producer started laughing and proclaiming his disbelief at everything Jones had stated.

"It's going to be one mega hit piece," he concluded.

Despite the BBC's best efforts to skew the investigation process into areas that can't be proven and simply discredit the 9/11 truth movement, the organs of establishment media remain oblivious to the fact that 9/11 truth has reached critical mass and the tipping point has already passed. The only ramifications of this broadcast will be to reassure the myopic sheeple that their government couldn't possibly lie to them, while provoking enough interest in those who still have the capacity to think for themselves to do their own research and find out the truth.

The Conspiracy Files airs on BBC 2 Sunday February 18 at 9pm.


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Watch out

for those sophisticated smear attempts. And prepare. Think of all possible tactics, post them here, so we can adress all points in advance, to recognize them easier.

I don't want a set back like 2003 here in Germany, from which we never recovered fully.

The main tactics so far:

*mix-up anti semite positions
*set up straw men
*appeal to authority
*bold lying
*bring experts and don't say all about their background
*silly-conspiracy-theories mix-up

911truth movement is like a

911truth movement
is like a friend that comes to your rescue when you are in terrible trouble---

you didnt know he was coming but you sure are glad he did
apply this metaphor on a global level