BBC Radio2 911 show

BBC seems to be doing a 911 blitz this week. Jeremy vine had phone in show on 911 this lunchtime. However they tried to focus on the NPT's
David Shayler was one of the guests. I haven't listened to it all yet, so cannot make a judgment.

go down to listen again section: thursday's show
If you have Real player you can fast forward - starts at about 30 mins into the show.

Oh My... David Shill'er "ex" MI5 Spook Strikes again !!!

Opening statements are NPT, most of debate is too...

What an absolute shill and joke, shame on him.

FYI approx 32mins 30secs in

Don't listen if you have a weak stomach, total strawman (WWF like) debate from the word go !!!

yeah.. is a shame that he


is a shame that he puts that out publically - I mean fair enough if he wants to think that in private, but surely he knows that as soon as he went public with such doubts any time he is interviewed that is all he will be talking about.

To his defense he tried to get away from the NPT questions, and focus on the towers and pentagon. And s couple callers were ok. He did get in some good info about PNAC and make the case for a motive.

But one guy was like, hmm wherre do i stop - at the lizards.. wonder where they found him from :-)

That's exactly what I was

That's exactly what I was about to say, OH MY GOD! I haven’t listen to it yet but Shayler chatting about no planes hitting the towers - and at the height of all the other coverage - PROVES to me that he is a F*CKING BLATANT SHILL! Where is Albanese’s movie!!! Jeremy Vine’s show on BBC radio 2 is primetime MASSIVE AUDIENCE and Shayler starts with the most absurd of claims? He’s a disinfo artist still working for the Intelligence Services THAT SH*T IS PLAIN AS DAY!

This is terrible!


Shayler is a no planer

Shayler is a no planer (WTC). They get stuck on it. It is disastrous.

Apart from that he is very good. If he only could drop this no plane nonsense.

No, f*ck Shalyer that clown

No, f*ck Shalyer that clown needs the boot.

Kick Shayler to the curb

This is completely unacceptable.

How do we let the world at large know that these jackasses do not represent us?

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

"How do we let the world at

"How do we let the world at large know that these jackasses do not represent us?"

^ Exactly, I'm hoping that if we can spread Albanese’s film hardcore and if it's as good as it should be, then we'll make some headway with that for a start.

only one way to fight false flag "truthers"

And that is to take our case directly to the people. This can in fact make the strategy backfire by pointing out very clearly how the media are misrepresenting actual truthers.

That is why it's so important to get off the internet and get into the streets on a regular basis to speak to people about what we believe and what we don't believe.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


And more cow bell.

And more cow bell.



This is a total car crash.

This is a total car crash. Lizard men and holograms hit the Towers - can't get ANY worse then that!

This show did the single

This show did the single best job in discrediting 9/11 truth, I’ve never come across anything worse, even on Fox, because the quote “advocates” we’re all certified nutcases. The host (which most people listening will related to) can’t even be blamed for bias when the very people presenting an “augment” come out with insane, stereotype reinforcing nonsense. It was sickening. I just heard a plug for David Icke’s book “Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Centre” - this show was a giant blow against us.

The only saving grace is the number of mails sent in which prompted Vine to say: “there’s a lot of people saying there’s something up here”. This attack, however powerful, is still completely invalid because “Lizard Men” “Holograms/no planes” and nutcase “Conspiracy Theorists” are not representative of the movement the program (this show was the subject of) is meant to be covering. We are being deliberately and grossly misrepresented, as if that’s a surprise, but it proves again that we can’t be challenged on fair playing field.

Personally I strongly believe that one of our single biggest collective efforts needs to be focused on the destruction of the “Conspiracy Theorist” smear label in relation to 9/11 truth. We need, and in a BIG way, to wholesale refute and condemn BULLSHIT disinfo about “no planes” “space beams” “lizard men” “Jews” and all the other irrelevant damaging crap that gets falsely associated with us.

Anyway again this demonstrates very clearly that ignoring 9/11 truth is something that they can’t do anymore, so it’s now going into ridicule/attack mode. But the next natural progression if something is valid, has truth and is passionately pursued and fought for, is for it to be held as self-evident. I hope this bullshit radio show and the almost certain mega hit-piece coming up on Sunday, lulls the perps into a nice state of false security.


It wasn't a great advert for

It wasn't a great advert for the movement...
However like they say any pubicity is good publicity

To be fair to Shayler, they kept trying to pull him back to the NPT.
He put forth some good points apart from his oppinion of NP - or specifically his point that the impact wasn't consistent (dunno how he'd know what a jumbo jet would look like hitting a skyscrapper though), and that it might not have been that particular beoing - which is a fair point.
He raised a good point and the other guy just went back to the NP - David did pull him up well.

The guy spouting about lizards really was killer - I mean he was cool until Jeremy pressed him on "who they are" - then it went downhill big time.
I'm not saying that those aren't valid ideas - but we gotta keep to what we know, if people are gonna take it seriously.

However I feel that there was enough there - Jeremy was even saying there was motive when Shayler quoted about the PNAC.

But he was obviously breifed by BBC editors as to the thrust of the show - i.e NP and holograms bull.

No man I've got to disagree,

No man I've got to disagree, there are no excuses that be made for Shayler.

And "I'm not saying that those aren't valid ideas" well I will 100% say "Lizard Men" and "No Planes" are completely invalid pieces of bullshit disinfo. There's no way anyone can apologise for this.

i'm not disagreeing with you

i'm not disagreeing with you - that sutff doesn't help at all,
what i meant is that if he wants to believe that shit then fair enough - IMO people can think whateve they like... but just don't spout it out on the radio when trying to justify something which has physical proof.

but i appreciate where ya coming from. Shayler is damaged goods basically - even if he means well (I'm not gonna go labeling him an insider yet) - he is synonomous with NTP now. That interview sealed itforever.

I just want to say that all

the fury about the "No Planers" empowers divide et empera as well.

The whole thing was a distraction from the beginning.

I do not know a single english speaking researcher who get the facts straight on all the flight stuff and war games because of this horse shit.

The only one that looked through most of it is Christian C. Walther here in Germany- sorry, that's the truth.

He provides the best analysis of the flights so far. And there is no way that the alleged hijacked Boeings could have reached their targets. What does that mean? I do not know it. Must I? Unfortunately, the english translation is still missing.

Instead of wasting energy with this bs, maybe we can make a translation together? I promise, it is worth it!

Sorry for my rant- the handling of this theme annoys me.

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at least the comments are

at least the comments are all positive :-)