Mid Week Open Thread

Been a few days since our last open thread, and there is a lot going on both inside and outside of the 9/11 community - here is an open thread to discuss such things.

Open thread, have at it!

Ground Zero 2/11

Thomas Eagar at M.I.T.

The "pancake" collapse theory was defended especially by Professor Thomas Eagar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I am ever so curious to know what he thinks of the collapse theory now. Has he examined the scenario any further? Would he retract his explanation, in the interests of scientific accuracy, if proved otherwise? Or is he just another well-placed government shill? I wrote him this e-mail note, return and read receipts requested. Its tone and approach are deliberately uncomplicated. I'll report back if I hear anything :)

Dear Mr. Eagar,

After seeing this documentary, 9/11 Mysteries http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6708190071483512003 , I learned of your theory and explanation of how the steel beams throughout the 110 story Twin Towers had failed, causing them each to fall straight down into their own footprints at free-fall speed while exploding into fine rubble.

Please watch this very well produced documentary when you are able to. I would like to know your opinion.

Thank you,

(my real name)
Los Angeles, CA

name: Eagar, Thomas W
email: tweagar@MIT.EDU
phone: (617) 253-3229
address: 4-136
department: Department of Materials Science and Engineering
title: Thomas Lord Professor of Materials Eng & Eng Sys

OT: need picture of bended WTC steel h-beam

it was shown in 911 mysteries. looks like a U, without cuts... Who can help me?

yes, good idea. I think the

yes, good idea.

I think the iron workers in that scene talked about the absence of fractures in the steel, which was bent like a U. I would send Dr. Eagar a copy of Metal of Honor as well, because the iron workers in that film also talk about how unexpected the collapse was (and these are guys who build those buildings!).

IMO: It reminds to

warm rolled steel, like this company offers:


It seems to me more important to sent them the pictures and ask about their opinion, what that means. As you are better with english are you gonna do this?


I'll let you know if he responds.

Here are three for ya...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Hope this helps

Thx a lot!

These are the ones I meant.

do you trust the cfr?

cheney, kissinger, obama's wife, hillary, etc...
what's the aim of this powerful institution?
don't think they haven't infiltrated the truth movement.


Downing Street petition

There has been a lot of news in England's about a petition on the Downing St website which is against the introduction of road pricing. Whilst signing up for this I noticed the following 9/11 petition:


We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Find the Truth about the 9/11 Attacks.

More details:
On the 11 September 2001 the World Trade Centre in the USA was devestated by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION. Governments around the world have stuck their heads in the sand and allowed the USA Government to hide the TRUTH. No way on this earth could fire do the damage that was done that day. There are too many things to say here that prove this, so follow it up on this site. WWW.911truth.org

Just a few things to fire your imagination.

Steel Girders weighing over 30 tons were launched over 400 feet into surounding buildings. HOW?

Where are the black boxes from the 4 planes involved?

How did human remains from the WTC victims get to the roof of other skyscrapers in NY? Yet these remains were found over 3 years after 9/11

How 8 weeks after, was molten steel, still in the basement of WTC1. When Jet fuel can not possibly melt steel?

As I said, there is too much evidence to put it all here. Take a look yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Submitted by Terry Blackburn` – Deadline to sign up by: 22 December 2007 – Signatures: 34

34 signatures sounds a bit weak but you would have to search for it to know that it was there. Can any UK 9/11 truthers (and expats) sign up for the petition - if it gets 20,000 votes it reaches the top 5.



done :-)

done :-)

My responce to Dr. Bowan's kind words about me.

Because there's two sides to every story and it's time for mine.
First off i am the one who bull horned UFPJ in DC . That was a spur of the moment thing. Amy Goodman was'nt . Dr. Bob breaks my heart by writing this not just because he is inaccurate with the facts ( as the video will show) , but I spents literally hundreds of hours of MY free time volunteering on HIS campaign for congress in our district. I canvased til my feet hurt and it was to dark to knock on doors , sometimes all weekend and after work weekdays, i begged everyone i knew who owns property ( residential and buisness) to allow me to put up his campaign signs . I even nailed some to the posts and channel markers on the innercoastal waterway so boats could see em too, i spent hours and hours in the hot ass Florida sun handing out flyers in the biggest parking lots i could find, i attended rallies , i talked about the guy til i turned blue in the face , and drove my girlfiend nuts . I've met him more times then i can remeber and even went to his house with another volunteer to give him his p.o box mail one night.
So for him to send out this e-mail and speak of me as if he does'nt know me and i was just some nut case in the crowd who has hurt the movement is like i said truly heart breaking. I even called him one hour after this sh*t happened and apoligized to him personaly.
Me i deal in reality and facts. so lets go down the list of lets say not so true info in his e-mail. First there were only 300 people the not 1,000 ( it was held at the Gleason auditorium at F.I.T in Melbourne Fl in case anyone wants to verify) I stress this this because there is a 700 person differance and remember that i was a " kook" in front of these people. Next the first thing i did was stand up and Ask Amy several times loudly with my voice ( not the bull horn) why she ignores the 911 truth movement, and how she can critcize corperate media yet she ignores 911 truth? she was NOT cooperative like Bob said. She tried to ignore me at first and continue on with the same speech she's been giving at every stop on her book tour. So by then it got loud and the so called progressive peace activists started trying to tackle and grab me, i had to fight them off . At that time i then reached into my bookbag and grabbed my megaphone. I only got one sentence out threw it and i believe it was "why to you
inadequately cover the 911 truth movement"? people were yelling at me and grabbing me. She then said something to the effect of encouraging people to go to her website and look at the Sept 11th thing she did with regaurds to the loose change pop mechanics debate ( for the record i was at ground zero that morning 9/11/06 and i spoke to Jason Bermas almost right after he returned and saw it when i returned to Fl. She just sat there with her sour face as if she could'nt wait til it was over. Also i went on to the Democracy now site and seached 9-11 in the archives and came up with a bunch of weak Michael Moore type stuff. No building 7 , no Pentagon, no NORAD, etc etc. ) she tried to talk around me in hopes that the crazy a*s people grabbing me would just hurry up and get me outta there so she can continue with her self rightous bullsh*t.
As for the last of Bob Comments about it being counter productive and embarrassing to you all. Well lets put it this way. Like i said there were only 300 people there ( 5 or 6 ) i knew as truthers and about i'd say 70% of em were seniors who are down here in Florida on retirernment and only came out that night , because it reminded them of the good oldays when they were hippies " that used " to think for themselves., but none of that matters cuz i did'nt come there to make friends ( which i did i'll get to that in a sec) i came there to let Amy Goodman know i don't put her narrow a*s up on a pedestal , and that she can't get away with critizing the media and she's no better, in fact she's worse , because we expect that from them she's " Supposed " to be the becon of truth to the people that reject what cnn. fox. abc, cbs , msnbc, and the rest of those d*chebags have to say.
Oh and i did reunite with an old friend two days later when i was trying to find out who stole my bullhorn in all the chaos. She is now the President of the Space Coast Alliance , the group that hosted Amy and after i aploigized to her she said that she was sorry all that happened and that she was unaware of 911 truth and that she would love for me to school her and maybe even bring it into there organization. So eat your words Bob. I did tell her to tell the people that 911 was an inside job, Dr. Bob only told half the story and as for waiting for the question and answers part i encourage eveyone to go to you tube and type in Amy Goodman 911 truth. The very first video i believe it's about a min long is a 911 truther asking her at the booking signing of this same stupid speech and she half a*s answers his question and i believe her brother who co-wrote their book "static" or some sh*t is right there at the end of the clip waving the guy away saying this isn't the appropriate place . Check it out and share everything I've said with the people who read Bob's nonsense.
My page and pics! http://www.myspace.com/truthshallsetusfree

I'll end this by saying i do have alot of respect for Dr. Bowman i i plan to bust my ass once more in 08 when he runs again.
P.s stand by for the video i had to send it to the Youth For Truth kids out in San Fran they will edit and put it up here so you can see " THE TRUTH " sorry Bob, oh and the video got a little messed up cuz my friend that was taping got all shook up and nervous from the chaos, but it's still good enough.

why did 300 others NOT stand up?

One thing is for sure, it is no fun standing up in front of 300 people all the while knowing you are not going to be well received. It takes plenty of guts. Now, for those who criticize and say "this makes 9/11 truth look bad" and the like, lets change the focus a bit. If nobody in that crowd stands up to support this guy, he naturally looks to be isolated. However if 50 or 100 stand up and demand Amy address his questions truthfully? Well now, he is no longer isolated. So who then would look like the foolish one? So I dare ask: Who are the people out of line? Isn't there a case to be made that perhaps the blind sheep who idolize Amy Goodman, as well as others who secretly agree with "the guy with the bullhorn" but sit there quietly nevertheless, also responsible?

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

So What is Best Way to Get Others to Stand up?

I admire his courage and dedication. And I appreciate his frustration with Goodman and her kind. But it is hard to say whether the bullhorn approach furthers the movement.

go in there with like 3 or 4

go in there with like 3 or 4 friends---

stand up and shout about 911----then have one of youre friends go...."he's right"

then have the other 2 start yelling "yeah..."

then the crowd will all start yelling it

One tactic would be to get as many into the event as possible

Numbers connote credibility.

Have one stand and politely ask the question, have the others stand in support and repeat the question, then walk out when ignored. Get it on video, if at all possible.

There is no reason not to make your point in a civil but definitive manner.

Note that I suggest this tactic for Left Gatekeepers and others we may have a chance to influence.

For the perps and their twerps I would suggest the classic "whistleblower" technique with as many people as possible spread throughout the audience and following each other in turn. Disrupting known criminals and their minions in this manner is every ethical persons duty, imo. Just make sure to get it on video.

It's time to up the tempo, brothers and sisters, we're getting to the tipping point.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

At the end of the day Bob

At the end of the day Bob Bowman is still a politician. Therefore he is obsessed with public relations. You shouldn't be surprised by his response. I for one have no problem with your action, though I think you could have perhaps gone about it in a more creative way. Never mind the wimps who are afraid to ruffle a few feathers. Direction action is where it's at.

I'm disgusted by the jack-booted response by the "progressives" attending the speech, as well as by the response of Goodman herself. If she had any class she would have asked your "escorts" to leave you alone and engaged you. If she had any courage she would have admitted she had dropped the ball on 911 truth and vowed to correct this mistake ASAP.

On a brighter note, it does appear that many progressives are indeed in the process of changing their turn on 911, so I think our efforts in this regard have netted positive results overall.

Amy Goodman DESERVES a good tongue lashing, so don't beat yourself up about it. You stood up for what you believed in. As the great anarchist playwrite Heinrik Ibsen once wrote, "The strongest man on earth is he who stands alone". Still, I'd recommend that next time you bring along a few comrades. Being alone sucks;)

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

mad props to you my

mad props to you my friend... when i first read that thing about you, i didn't care at all... if people want to get up and bullhorn that 9/11 was an inside job, more power to them. if we had more people like you willing to make these kinds of sacrifices, the truth would be out by now. (not to say that lots of us haven't been doing our part). but i support anyone who goes around speaking the truth, whether it disrupts people's lives or not. so what if it's disrespectful, i wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

What has happend to http://www.nw0.com?

http://www.nw0.com has been a great resource.

 When visiting that site now, one gets a domain registration page as if http://www.nw0.com has never existed.

As another site that has had problems for different reasons, http://www.rbnlive.com is back up and directing to http://www.republicbroadcasting.org.  I'm waiting for this site's archives to return as Webster Tarpley's WORLD CRISIS RADIO programs from 2006 contained a wealth of good information.

Any news on what's up with http://www.nw0.com?



Not a DotCom...



Best wishes

Dan Rather and my question about the WTC 7 collapse

I met Dan Rather at a recent presentation that he gave at UTPA in Edinburg and I questioned him about his coverage of the collapse of WTC 7. I have a write up of my experience ready for publication if you guys want it. Just let me know.

Dan Rather questions...please send...

That I would find interesting. Please send to the email below, ty

Mike Casner
Cheshire County911truth

You've got mail . . .

Please let me know what you think of the write-up.


Make it public!

Why don't you make it public with the help of our favorite web site "911blogger.com"?

Submission to 911Blogger about my experience meeting Dan Rather,

Last night, Tuesday, February 13, 2007, at 7:30 p.m. central time, Dan Rather spoke at the University of Texas-Pan American Fine Arts Auditorium in Edinburg, TX. His presentation covered mostly his recent trip to Afghanistan and his view that a bloody conflict was soon to erupt there. He also gave the audience a glimpse into his evolution as a journalist over the last three decades or so. But he never mentioned anything about 9/11.

As far as I know, I was the only 9/11 Truth activist at the presentation. My father was with me, but my friends and fellow activists Leo K and Ron Avery were unable to attend, so basically I was on my own as far as 911 Truth was concerned and I was admittedly a little intimidated by this fact.

Even so, when Dan Rather’s presentation ended and he started taking questions from the audience, I immediately stood up and headed to the front of his podium where a line was already starting to form. There were a few questions before mine, mostly about what Dan Rather thought were his greatest and most unpleasant journalistic experiences and what he thought of the current day media outlets like FOX News Channel, just to name one. While informative, I felt these were softball questions at best.

Dan Rather seemed to strategically avoid directly answering the question about FOX News, which I thought was interesting but unusual, while reinforcing the idea that today’s journalism is devoid of many reporters asking, as he put it, “the tough questions.” He also said he felt that the American media has over the last five or so years been cowed away from covering most if not all of the news properly and that that this fact concerned him greatly. I must admit, I was deeply moved and inspired, particularly as an activist, by his speech. Dan Rather is most certainly a great and remarkable speaker.

Unfortunately, because of time constraints, the presentation was abruptly cut off and the last person able to ask a question was three places ahead of me. Crushed, I started back to my chair when I unexpectedly heard from behind me an elderly couple talking with Dan Rather from off the stage.

As people were walking past me towards the exit, I realized that this was quite possibly a once in a lifetime chance to speak to Dan Rather and like it or not, it was now or never to stand up for my beliefs. So I suddenly turned around and rushed to the edge of the stage just as the elderly couple was moving away from it. Upon reaching a good position from which to speak, I looked Dan Rather directly in the eyes and said – unintentionally loudly as I have a naturally very loud voice – “MR. RATHER, DO YOU BELIEVE IT’S POSSIBLE THAT WTC 7 – BUILDING 7 – COLLAPSED AS A RESULT OF CONTROLLED DEMOLITION LIKE YOU ONCE REPORTED?”

I had no doubt the whole auditorium heard me and to my dismay it looked like this fact affected Dan Rather’s decision to respond. As I remember, he glanced at me with a deer-in-the-headlights look. As to why, I’m not certain. He could have recognized and eschewed my question outright as being uncomfortably or even offensively too familiar or he might have just generally been embarrassed by the outburst. Either way, he immediately darted behind the curtain, just as I was saying more calmly, “Please, Mr. Rather. Please answer the question.” But he did not.

When I turned around to leave, I could tell by the look on many people’s faces that they definitely heard my question loud and clear. But this didn’t derail me in the least. I knew I had done the right thing. And I had followed Dan Rather’s lesson about asking the tough questions.

Even so, people had a particularly unified bewildered expression, which surprisingly did not hint at the slightest bit of offence. I fancied they were simply wondering what my inquiry was all about. As Edinburg is a small town where nothing much controversial ever happens, some of them actually looked intrigued. A few others, however, looked as if they felt sorry for me.

As I walked out the exit, I distinctly remember muttering under my breath in mild defense of my actions, “Well, he’s the one who reported it.” I guess at this point I was a little embarrassed, frustrated, hurt and angry. But I took no steps to display in any way to the crowd my feelings.

Outside the auditorium, I waited for my father who had been separated from me somewhere along the way of our departure. Many things were going through my head like that I should have been faster on my feet when I got up so that I could be first in line to ask a question. Or that I should maybe have asked a separate question along the lines of “Do you think a new 9/11 investigation is in order?” or “What do you think of the 9/11 Truth Movement and its message that 9/11 was an inside job?”

In any case, completely unexpectedly, I heard a young girl speaking enthusiastically to my right and my peripheral vision caught sight of Dan Rather standing by where his vehicle would soon be exiting, waiting to be picked up by his entourage. I noticed not a lot of people were aware of his presence which I knew was my key to make a move.

So I quickly paced towards him while tactfully maintaining my composure. I realized that this was my second chance to clearly put forth my question about his report on Building 7. I should say that I deeply regret not having had any audio or video recording device on hand. For that, I sincerely apologize to the entire 911 Truth Movement as such a mistake is nothing short of sloppy and irresponsible.

“Mr. Rather, I had the question for you about Building 7,” I said as I approached him. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest.

“Yes?” he replied with a smile offering no recognition of our having crossed paths for an instant inside the auditorium not ten minutes earlier.

“While you were reporting for CBS News on the collapse of World Trade Center number 7, you described it in a way that strongly implied controlled demolition.” I actually said this probably a bit too nervously over a stuttered voice.

“I don’t recall exactly which report you mean,” said Dan Rather sounding and appearing genuinely confused. “But I do remember the general coverage.” He was clearly not comfortable with the topic at hand.

“You used descriptions in your report like ‘you have to get at the under infrastructure of the building’ or something like that in order to make it collapse.”

By this time, people were all around us taking snapshots. But nobody was hissing or booing. They were just quietly listening. So I continued talking amongst the flashes:

“To ‘get under the infrastructure’ strongly implies that you didn’t immediately think fire caused the collapse of the building. That you maybe thought something else had.”

Dan Rather was for a moment silent and contemplative. “I really don’t understand your point.”

“I’m referring to the collapse of World Trade Center 7 -- on 9/11, sir.”

His eyes saddened. “Don’t tell me about 9/11, son. I was there. I was in New York and I saw everything; the people, the destruction . . .” His voice trailed off.

“Exactly my point sir,” I said gently. “I mean no disrespect, but like you said, you were there. So I have to ask – in fact, I need to know -- during the collapse of Building 7 were you in fact thinking that it came down as a result of controlled demolition?”

“I don’t know what I was thinking,” he replied somewhat defensively. “I was just reporting what I was observing. That’s what reporters do.”

“Yes, sir, but you described the event as if it were a controlled demolition. Is that in fact what you thought it was? I realize you were reporting what you saw, but did you also think, in the least bit, in your mind, that the WTC 7 collapse was a controlled demolition?”

“I simply reported what it looked like.”

“Exactly, Mr. Rather: What it looked like. And it looked like a controlled demolition to me too.”

Well, I carried on a bit more but I strangely never got a straight answer from Dan Rather as to whether or not he actually ever believed that the collapse of WTC 7 was or was not a controlled demolition event. And the conversation was at this point losing steam in favor of redundancy. Although the crowd had not yet weighed in on us, it was obvious that other people wanted to meet Dan Rather and I was in the way. So to be fair, I threw in the towel.

“It was an honor to meet you, Mr. Rather. Thank you for addressing my question. Have a safe trip home”.

He smiled and gave me this strange look of approval, like he respected the fact that I went so far out of my way to ask what he could tell I believed was a tough question. But he nevertheless still looked utterly perplexed at my having asked it in the first place. And in turn, I was perplexed that he could not really answer it at all.

I have to admit that I was partly mistaken. I later discovered after double-checking my information that Peter Jennings had made the “under infrastructure” comment for ABC News in regards to the south tower collapse:

“We have no idea what caused this. Um . . . If you wish to bring ah . . . anybody who ever watched a building being demolished on purpose knows . . . that if you're going to
do this you have to get at the . . . at the under infrastructure of a building and bring it down.”


However, Dan Rather had in fact reported for CBS on the collapse of WTC 7:

“Amazing, incredible, pick your word. For the third time today, it’s reminiscent of those pictures we’ve all seen too much on television before, where a building was deliberately destroyed by well placed dynamite to knock it down.”


His statement, to me, is even more telling than the one made by Peter Jennings and, in my opinion, mention of it should have sparked some kind of recognition in him and/or recollection of his report on the collapse of WTC 7.

In any case, my conversation with Dan Rather pretty much convinces me that he likely knows not a single thing about the 9/11 Truth Movement and/or its view that 9/11 was an inside job. And I feel that his confusion over my question stems from my inquiry into his personal view of the nature of Building 7’s collapse as he might have been wondering, “Why would anyone want to know something as trivial as that?”

On the other hand, it would be presumptuous to suggest that Dan Rather never did nor does not currently think the collapses of WTC 1, 2, and 7 were not the result of controlled demolition. He could, after all, have one amazingly good poker face. In point of fact, it is strange that in his statement on 9/11 he referred to WTC 1, 2, and 7 --“For the third time today . . .” -- as appearing to have been “deliberately destroyed by well placed dynamite”. Had I known this the night of the presentation, I would have been more aggressive with my inquiry and expanded the topic to all three towers instead of just one.

My father was waiting for me by the edge of a nearby grassy knoll. As I walked away from the crowd, I could tell he felt for me. He has been aware of my fight for 9/11 Truth almost since the beginning of it and wasn’t the least bit surprised by my effort to be heard that evening.

“I tried my best,” I said as I approached him. I then had a sudden moment of great concern. “Dad, did I sound crazy out there?”

“You sounded a little excited, son,” he said reassuringly, “but no, not crazy.”

Eloy Gonzalez II
9/11 Truth Activist
Former employee at WTC 5 for a brief time in 2000

Related links:

Promotion of Dan Rather presentation on UTPA website:


The Monitor news report (printer friendly version) of Dan Rather presentation at UTPA:


great effort

you showed more courage by approaching Rather with that question than most people show in a lifetime.

keep up the excellent work.

one of the lessons others might take from this is that if you know you are going to confront a particular public figure (Thomas Kean, Dan Rather, Rudy Giuliani, etc.), you should probably write out in advance the question you wish to ask. It may help you deliver the question under pressure.

Heroic journalism in western media matrix

hmm, let me see. Dan Rathers career kickstartet for not mentioning what really happened in the Zapruder video.

Bernstein the journalism hero in breaking down the Watergate scandal, just weeks after Nixon tried to end the Cold War..

Hmm, ja, sure.

What a great story! You

What a great story!
You should keep confronting these characters after each public event they attend. You and your dad will be famous for loudly, yet calmly asking tough questions about 9/11 after all public events.

If we all did this, everyone would know by now.

Current and/or CFR member...

...is a tool of the globalists who does not deserve kid gloves treatment.

Had your friends been there and/or you had more experience with this type of confrontation, you would have creamed him. Congratulations on giving him a black eye.

I wish more people would stick it to them like Alex Jones did with David Gergen during the 2004 rethuglican convention.

Ambush journalism. Whatever it takes. Just git it done.

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

Very well done, I salute you!

In addition to having an audio or video device with you, or better yet a cohort with one, my only suggestion would be to write his quote down so you can quote it back to him verbatim.

He made a powerful observation in real time and we should make sure to ask these questions of him again ASAP and get his response on video.

My own opinion on this is that after Rather made these observations on live tv, he was targeted by Rove for removal and he was fed the factually accurate but forged Bush documents to hasten his departure. He now will very carefully avoid revisiting this issue, but it's well worth pursuing.

Keep up the great work!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thanks a lot Mekt !

That was a good job. Thanks for sharing it.
Remember "You can't hide a lie forever. Truth shall come out"

I submitted it as a blog yesterday

I hope it gets accepted. Hasn't been posted yet though.

Was there some kind of format that I was supposed to use?

The only think I left out accidentally is my email:


it was posted.. it is

it was posted.. it is currently at the bottom of page one..


New article on that night

Gail Fagan of UTPA has written a good piece on that night.

It doesn't mention my question though, which is okay by me.


I now get an "Access Denied" notification

I edited my blog to include my email address and the link to the new UTPA article on Dan Rather's presentation.

After pressing "Submit" I now can't access the article anymore using the link provided by dz.

Does anyone know what happened?

Also, how do I get to page one without using the link? Is it the first page that comes up when I first visit the website?

Sorry for being a 911Blogger novice.

Hey, Mekt

Why not post it here as a blog?

I would be happy to do that but . . .

I don't know how. Can you help me post it as a blog?

Asking me, of all people, to give tech support...

Mekt, you ask: "Can you help me post it as a blog?"

Look over in the left-hand column of the page. Just under the black area with 'recent headlines' and 'recent media' and 'action items' you'll see your username with various items to choose. Choose 'blog entry.' Copy your long post there as a blog entry. You will see how to submit it.

There is no guarantee that it will actually appear, since dz picks and chooses (rather well, I would say). But I think it will, since this is first-hand news, and informative.

BTW, I think it quite possible that Dan Rather worries for his own safely in regards to doubting, publically, the official line on 9-11. Terrorism works that way.

Thanks for the help!

If any of you see any misinformation in my blog please tell me immediately as I want to be as accurate as possible. Thanks.

9/11 DVD help.

I received a batch of fiddy from the DVD Project very soon after I ordered them. Great service and cheap as heck. The problem is that they don't play on my DVD player - they play fine on my computer. Is there some setting on my DVD player I need to find to read them or will they only play on a computer? I had hoped people could watch these on TV and not a computer screen.

older DVD players don't always play DVD+/-R

If you give them out, be sure to write on them that if they don't work in your DVD player, you need to buy a new DVD player. :) or play it in a computer...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Burn it to your hard drive (if you can) . . .

And then burn another copy. That one might work.

The search for Harley Guy begins!

Do you know this man?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force

I would really like to know

I would really like to know who this weird infomercial actor is.

And where is Jerome Hauer?

Shouldn't he be brought in for questioning?

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Chucky Cheese

I tell you what that this guy never even sat on a Harley. He is a definite poser. We need to check with Fox news if they can verify there source, about this dipshit, they know who it is. I bet his last name could be Silverstien.

Be GOOD if...

Someone had a high quality copy of the original FOX footage !!!

The picture could do with a bit more clarity.

WANTED Alive.... Mr Harley

REWARD.... Help in getting to 9/11 Truth

Good luck


There must be somebody out there who knows this guy (Mark Roberts, is that you?) or who knows something about how the Official Myth was hyped. Any insiders in the media? FBI, FEMA, NIST, NYC agencies?

Rather than hang them for murder and treason, let's invite them to come clean, voluntarily:
Fellow Americans, have the courage to step forward and confess your part in this crime, reveal how you were recruited, controlled, bribed, etc. The sooner you tell the truth, the easier it will be for you later when the ax finally comes down on the real killers. And it will.

Go to these sites for encouragement and support:

BTW, that last site may have some smoking guns from the FBI, in depositions from Agent Bassem Youssef’s lawsuit. I just came across it:
To be continued...

Harley cap....

I don't know hwo he is or where that photo's coming from but I remember seing a guy , hwo looks like that, that was saying exactly the same riddle in 911mysteries movie. And if your get the hook on this movie (must see) just notice the tone of his voice : he is so joyfull when he makes his announce!!!! Weird... or is it?

If I remember it's in the 10 first minutes of the film.

i pulled it off 9/11 mysteries

online so lo res... but i have the dvd and will improve it. I'm sure Fox had to get his info to use him in their coverage so if they say they don't they're lying. ooo fox lying... oh well!


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It's in 911 mysteries

"Guy on Street Explains Why"

Seems like an odd caption to put up when you're interviewing someone who's right there...

At what time in the day is this interview conducted.

That whole scene is creepy. Find that mofo!

joke caption

I added that part in... :)


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Got the balls

got the balls, to call up fox news, and say were making a movie about 911 eyewitness, and that guy in your interview rate there seems like a prime canadate for a follow up interview so can someone there give me his number.
hell i will I am not scared of no. I will try to record the conversation

Probably CIA or Secret Service....

Black ops, a total plant. He just looks so out of place, and what a canned comment. Part of the gov. controlled media, bastard should hang.

Doesn't he kind of remind you

of a young Jeb Bush?

Just asking.

That picture creeps me the

That picture creeps me the fuck out.

I mean, HE KNOWS! That guy RIGHT THERE is in on it on some level, however compartmentalized he may be.

Edit: Dammit. Meant to reply to "Harley Guy" post...sorry.

Reopen 911.org Million dollar reward

Does anyone know what happened to Jim Walters reopen 911 website. It was on the I-net for aboutt 2 years. He offered 0ne million dollar reward if anyone can prove that jet-fuel fires caused WTC-1, WTC-2 & WTC-7 to collapse?? I won many an argument by going onto thier computer and opening the site, there was a series of 7 short video`s to watch. And then of course the Reward.. If your so sure that the Govt didnt do it explain all this.. I also made a few of my own personell bets with Bush supporters . Nobody has collected a penny from me, yet they will not pay me. They laugh me off and tell me I am rediculous.. so does anyone know what happen`d???

Show "9/11 Truth =" by Ringwind

Harvard Democrats and Barack Obama - future strike on Patsystan

see why LIHOP and Patsystan scenarios are so dangerous?

you too can harangue the elite young democrats at www.demapples.com
tell em RT sentcha. or better yet, don't!

Posted on Tue, 02/13/2007 - 3:59pm by Real Truther (not verified)
Easy Tiger, my "outlandish accusation" was simply that you seem to have more faith in Obama than would seem prudent for a self-described "voter for left wing wackos"... Obama's meteoric rise since his tapping for the 2004 convention speech reeks of top-down buzz/consensus creation. Here's Joshua Frank on Obama... I tend to agree with him though I refuse to link to Counterpunch where I found this....

On Iran Obama also serves the status-quo with the kind of hawkish zeal we are used to seeing in most Republicans. He’s admitted he may favor surgical missile strikes on Iran and Pakistan if that’s what it takes to fight the war on terror. And Obama even boasts that Bush hasn’t taken a hard enough line on the foreign menaces.

How about Israel? Obama even embraced Israel’s brutal bombings of Lebanon last summer -- the type of complicity we’re sure to see continue if he’s successful in his political evolution.

Beyond that, Obama voted in favor of the Pentagon budget last year, with its beefy handouts to Halliburton and the rest tax and waste crooks. So I’ll stop right there and ask, just what in the heck is the big deal about Barack Obama? Aside from not being Hillary Clinton, Obama has little to offer the antiwar movement or proponents of an alternative U.S. strategy for the Middle East.

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Obama offers this: a
Posted on Tue, 02/13/2007 - 4:14pm by Kyle A Krahel
Obama offers this: a timetable to get out of Iraq, not just a non-binding resolution; that is the best you can get short of immediate withdrawal, which doesn't make sense (you need to have time to pack things up- not a lot of time, but time).

I don't sense much "top-down buzz/consensus creation," people are legitimately interested in him and are coming out of the grassroots to support him, not getting involved because he has the most professional campaign team who can buy supporters.

Last night, Obama said he would be against any "forays" into Iran. As for possible military action in Iran or Pakistan in the distant future (which is what Obama was referring to supporting), it is irresponsible to take military action off the table against a potential enemy with nuclear weapons (not that Iran has them, but Pakistan does, and plenty of militants who would be happy to get their hands on a nuke). (BUT, that would take a hell of a change in the situation, nothing like what the situation is right now!)

As for your attack on Obama voting for the budget, I am going to have to part ways with you. While I would like to see our funding priorities changed, you can't leave the troops stranded overseas with no money, that isn't fair to those who are willing to put their life on the line for this country.

Obama is different than Clinton, he is different than any politician that I have seen on the national stage in a long time. Sure, he is not as liberal as Kucinich or the Greens, but in this two party system, at this point in time, I am happy that he is as liberal as he is on the issues. Like I said earlier, that is the reality of the electoral system we have and you earlier move the Democratic Party to the left and/or change that electoral system to allow third parties. I am trying to do both, and in that, I support Barack Obama for president.


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and I thought you you were one of the sharper Knifes in the draw

and I thought you you were one of the sharper Knifes in the drawer. Supporting anyone that takes PAC money is a sellout. The only reason that his is even getting all the news is`for his unconditional support for the state of Israel. Do your homewoke on Barack Obama and you will change your mind he is more corrupt then the Clintons. Because he has no money and he would be in debt and blackmailed way before he became the President. This system we have know is doomed look at 911 for instance.

I think 'get it right' may have gotten it wrong

It isn't RT who's all aglow over Obama but someone he was corresponding with by e-mail. Note the change in tone midway through the post?

Yeah, I try to use quotes or

Yeah, I try to use quotes or >>> <<<< to mark the begining or end of imported posts. It may look obnoxious but it"s clear--we have enough drama around here as it is! ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

i am wrong

sorry your right i am wrong I read it again sorry

Don't beat yourself up TOO

Don't beat yourself up TOO much--happens to us all eventually.. ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Matt Taibbi article out--press him for promised column on 9/11!


let him know you haven't forgotten his promise to write a column on the physics of 9/11!


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Harley Guy

I just saw that clip recently--I think it was either on "9-11 mysteries" or "9-11revisited by David Mugford. I'll watch them and see which one it is. Someone probably could give us some leads on this guy--like maybe he would appear in the "mob" scene of GOP shills who closed down the Florida election recount...I think the clip is in a number of videos--some better than others.

Harley Guys Love America. Wave the Flag

My best friend was seriously wounded in Vietnam in 1968. Spent some time healing and after discharge from marines he became a long-hair hippy, I shared a house with pat for years, He often talked of how Nam was a waste and his pesonell experience. Never mentioned that he was spit on by war protesters. He bought a Harley , tattoo, and 20 harley T-shirts, and Became a member of a Harley chapter, I noticed that he started putting USA Flags everywhere and then he joined the Klu-Klux-Klan. I talked to some of his biker friend and they hated me for my Anti-war, Anti-reagan comments. Next thing I know , Pat is telling everyone that the Anti-war protesters spit on him while he was in Uniform.. Surely he would of told me or his girl-friend at the time. We picked him up at the Airport.. How did he get so Brainwashed. In 1971-1972 I hitchhiked home 400 miles every other weekend.. I always wore my Army uniform so I could picked up quicker. Many hippys picked me up and treated me kind. It was those rednecks who treated me harsh when I told them Nixon was a Liar and the war was a Lie. No one ever spit on me. My point is that the roar of an Harley is somehow tied to Blind-faith-patriotism.?? They can get those guys to say anything..



You have reached the website that will unveil a documentary presenting groundbreaking evidence demonstrating beyond a reasonable doubt that the 9/11 official story is false. There are many aspects of 9/11 but this movie will focus specifically on the events as they happened at the Pentagon.

This film will take a comprehensive look at most details at the Pentagon but will focus primarily on eyewitnesses to the plane. We will present 13 eyewitnesses, most of which were filmed at the same location they saw the plane enabling them to re-enact their experience for the camera. Most are local residents of Arlington that have never been interviewed before. Some are familiar witnesses that have been published in the past. The main purpose of this study was to establish the flight path in the final moments before reaching the Pentagon as seen by the eyewitnesses. The conclusion is definitive and has uncovered a legitimate smoking gun. The flight path is irreconcilable with the physical damage to the Pentagon and we now know for certain that there is no possible way the plane could have toppled the light poles and caused the damage to the building as outlined in the ASCE report.

We realize that many people within the 9/11 truth movement see the Pentagon as too complex of an issue to be discussed and would prefer to focus on the WTC. The testimony we will present will change all of that as this smoking gun evidence can not be ignored.

Stay tuned and check back as we are almost finished and will be releasing the film very soon, but in the meantime view our trailer.


Citizen Investigation Team


View the trailer now!

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You would have never seen the plane as it flew away from the angle at the street.... the explosion would have gotten all the attention.... from the road the building is much taller and more able to obscure a plane as it flew away.
People reported a plane making strange manouvers over Washington on 9/11 but these were burried because the plane obviously crashed.... or did it?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

I read a thread in Dec(?) at

I read a thread in Dec(?) at the JREF where they were discussing this. Of course when I say "discussing" I MEAN one person--a SCEPTIC of 911Truth--kept asking about reports of a plane being seen and everyone else was mocking her for it. As far as I can tell, she"s never been back.

JREF--charming they"re not.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

A fun project for those who

A fun project for those who need to blow off steam:


I'm a very bad person...;-P

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

It's an interesting theory.

It's an interesting theory. Would the "wake" of the jet's engines be enough to knock down light poles 30, 40, 50, 60 feet below? Just wondering aloud. I have no idea if that makes sense.

The video seems to be suggesting the official flight path is wrong, but that doesn't explain downed light poles.

As I've said before, I'm agnostic on the Pentagon. Too many eyewitnesses saw a plane. How would a missile knock down light poles? Would the perps really be able to plant evidence of a plane crash in broad daylight (and, yes, there are photos of plane parts)? What about Mineta's testimony? These questions and more prevent me from accepting the no-plane-at-the-pentagon line, even though the size of the impact hole, the shape of the punchout hole, and the lack of video evidence troubles me.

This is why I always

This is why I always clairify no JUMBO JET--with the visual record I could see a smaller plane, perhaps with explosives?

As for wake turbulence, this is one of the reasons I SINCERLEY DOUBT it was a jumbo jet--except for these poles, there is no report of : people knocked off their feet, cars pushed off the road and wrecked. Not a couple because of startled drivers--ALL of them beneath the aledged flight path. And if the wake turbulence was bad enough to knock those poles down, it would HAVE to blow people off sidewalks.

It just occured to me--what if the bolts to those poles had been loosened? Not enough to fall over, obviously, but enough that they'd get ripped out with a much smaller wake turbulence?

Just a thought. Remember our strongest point here is NOTHING should have hit the Pentagon.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


"Remember our strongest point here is NOTHING should have hit the Pentagon."

I don't normally engage in the Pentagon discussion, except to declare my agnosticism. But this film says it will introduce witnesses that prove some theory. Good luck.

Mineta's testimony is worth two in the Bush.

Pentagon Hit.

Those knocked-down light poles. I worked for an electriacal contractor repairing and maintenance i of Interstate highway lites, I picked-up and replaced many light poles hit by trucks and cars. I seen some really mangled light poles hit by trucks at 65mph?? I think that plane was going close to 500 mph?? I think it should have been thrown further and in smaller pieces? I dont think it was a missle, a plane repainted to look like #77?? The fire after the hit was not that big, yet the WTC fires were huge fireballs which only lasted a few minutes, Then the photo of flight 93.. From a hillside about a mile away from 93 there is a photo of a large puff of Black smoke over the crash site.. The jet fuel and fires burnt out fast.?? All 3 crime scenes seem different.,

Washington State Introduces Impeachment Resolution


This is awesome, please click the link to get the latest details, including the pdf of the resolution, email contacts to show support, and other explanations.

Washington State is one of several states racing to see which will be first to send the U.S. House of Representatives a petition to impeach Bush and Cheney.

State Senator Eric Oemig, on February 14, 2007, introduced a resolution (PDF) calling on the Washington State Legislature to petition the U.S. House.

The following Senators have cosponsored: Harriet Spanel, Darlene Fairley, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Margarita Prentice, Karen Fraser, Debbie Regala, Claudia Kauffman and Adam Kline.

If you live in Washington state, please contact your legislators right away and ask them to support the resolution, or thank them if they already are.

If you're from anywhere, you can sign up to stay informed, contact your U.S. representative and senators, and add your voice to a national call for impeachment is on the same page.

If you haven't watched the youtube of Oemig, please do so at the link. The guy's delivery is extremely well done; not grating, not hysterical, not histrionic; just an extraordinary combination of words, body language, cadence, and emphasis. His heart and his mind are in the same place.

Countdown With Keith Olberman: CONTACT

You know what to do.


We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

Does Anybody Know...

how Dan Wallace,NY, died? Not paranoid, just curious.

NorCal people-"9/11 Mysteries" will be shown at the Pageant Theater in Chico this Sat. at 2:00 pm.(on 6th st. off of Main st.).For more info:


We made it to the editorial of the Chico News and Review today! It is a respectable local weekly. The editor is open to further discussion. I e-mailed him the blogger link, hope you make it here, Mr. T!!!

Great job!

I'm down near SF, but would like to help you with other efforts in Chico. Please email me at marin911truth@yahoo.com.

How many people in your group?

I'd like to get 9/11:Press For Truth shown there (and everywhere).


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Seen this footage before?

no, not seen this before, something has them folks.. spooked !!!

I wonder what time this was filmed, as everyone is running, you can hear someone saying "it's gunna fall" and someone else "it's gunna explode", how did they know this about WTC2.

Great new footage, thanks for sharing !!!

Best wishes