North East 9/11 Truth Forum

Created this past week as a forum/discussion site for 9/11 concerns in the North East region from New York to Maine.

Patterned after Pilots for Truth’s forum, and in conjunction with the creation of a North East hub website, we hope this communication forum will link all NE regional groups to convey news, announcements, and calendar events on a local, regional and national level. We also hope to fulfill the need for all 9/11 curious people in the North East to have a place to refer to and make contact with local groups (whether thru the forum or the hub website). Groups themselves will be listed by state, and provided a room of their own for local discussion, and private or public will be their choice. Committee rooms (password protected) are possible to allow event or group organizers to work in conjunction with open forum of event or group activities, such as Bob Bowman’s “Patriot Tour”, or the Boston Truth Tea Party 2007. I encourage all in the North East to participate. As in Dr. Bowman’s current tour, unity on all levels may be our only hope. The movement can only benefit from direct focused unity, and among all activist groups, not just 9/11 aware.



We have to come out in numbers at the NH primary its not that far away lets organize now.