Paul Craig Roberts: Is the Military Our Last Hope?

Mr. Roberts suggest a military surprise coup to ged rid off the war criminals. I second that! It needs a lot of courage, even to suggest it.
But it is an option!

Perhaps America could regain its reputation if General Pace would send a division of US Marines to arrest Bush, Cheney, the entire civilian contingent in the Pentagon, the neoconservative nazis, and the complicit members of Congress and send them off to the Hague to be tried for war crimes.
How can any patriotic American support a regime that has shredded the US Constitution, ignored the separation of powers, violated the Geneva Conventions, forced through a law legalizing torture, launched a war of aggression that has produced 26,000 American military casualties in service of a lie, murdered tens or hundreds of thousands of Muslim civilians, destroyed an entire country, and planned an attack on Iran, perhaps with nuclear weapons?
This criminal regime is in the hands of a tiny cabal of fanatical ideologues who would risk the very existence of human life for their perverted ideology that has no higher value than American and Israeli hegemony.


Any organization dependent on government money belongs to the government. Such an organization has no independence. Just ask the many physicists who cannot express doubts about the 9/11 Commission Report because their careers depend entirely on federal government grants.

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Please consider to encourage all troops you know to overthink that!

We have the bloody Patriot Act

Nothing would make me happier than to see their asses hauled off to jail. I want to see them all do the "perp-walk". We need to have a world tribunal, rivaling the Nazi trials at Nuremburg, where the major culprits are tried, convicted-- then incarcerated or hanged.

We have the bloody Patriot Act. Let's put it to good use!

Do you even know how fake those trials were?

If you don't, learn about that history before talking so macho about it.


You do like to go on tangents, don't you? How ethical those trials were or were not isn't the purpose of my analogy.

A military coup will not solve the fundamental problems.

The people are also to blame for their historic ignorance, and their apathy towards their own responsibility in society and its governance.

Any solution which does not take into account the education and awakening of people is therefore doomed to fail. What the people discussing 9/11 (and its relations) are doing is educating people about their own historic ignorance, the massive media corruption, their own responsibility and finally their potential power to change things by doing a part of the work needed.

The second part of that work is proposing workable and durable solutions for the current national and international crisis. To do that, one must first understand what the real problems are.

The political cadre is an important failure part, but not the main part of the mafia network which has slowly infiltrated the US government. Part of the corporate elite (including the banking elites) and the religious cults (Labor Zionism, Jesuit Order/Vatican, the masonic lodges) are the root of the problem. They (inject) corrupt politicians, judges and military officials.

"American and Israeli hegemony" is not what we are seeing being developed. Quite the opposite. Don't think that normal Israelis are interested in a war with Afganistan, Iraq, and perhaps even Iran. They are being forced into (fake) complicity by others. Who's really controlling the United Nations, CFR, ADL and APAIC? Think about it this.

Research some of this for yourself with an open mind:

Not much time

Nobody's mentioning a "Military Coup"-- and I'll thank you for NOT injecting that concept or intention into what I was advocating. We're talking about enforcing the Constitution of the United States as it currently exists-let's get that straight, please.

Yeah, I understand the concept that persistence and patience yield results. Gentle persuasion and education; all fine and dandy. However, I can assure you that flouting big words in an internet forum will do jack-squat if the NeoCONS hatch the next phase of their plan. What could that be? Rig and steal another election? Nuke an American city? Declare martial law? Invade another country?
We don't have enough time to wait for the sheople to wake the fcuk up. Send in the military and arrest the bastards--haul them off to prison.

Now I do understand

that "coup" has quite a negative touch in the western media matrix, but if the military is going to do this it has to free itself from the politicial leaders at first place. This is basicially what a military coup (sorry, is there a better word for it?) is all about.

Nobody wants a military regime. But sometimes it may be necessary to depent on the power of the military to restore civil rights and the constitution.

Military violence is not appropriate at this stage.

At this point we have problems for which the military will not be of any use.

And I believe the effects of such violence, too early and for the wrong reasons is much more dangerous than our slow, but persistent struggle by various other means. We are getting somewhere, don't despair.

And I don't just mean actions such as Internet 'chats', but gatherings/conferences, demonstrations, community workshops, flyer's, school/family discussions, films/documentaries, podcasts, boycotts, obstructions and various other forms of civil disobedience.

Lets keep educating and persuading people for massive actions such as demonstrations and critical voting (demand non-corrupt parties, paper trail voting verification, etc.), all over the country, before calling on our army brothers to clean up this mess by bloodshed.

Once we've tried all of the above and more, then we might be forced to use the military to destroy the mafia infiltration. And even then that is extremely dangerous, because it will cause massive instability from which more violence will erupt. Perhaps UN troops will come in and 'restore' (world) order with their aircrafts, tanks and 'smart weapons', just like they do in Somalia, Haiti, Lebanon and other nations.

What we need is to restore our understanding of our own responsibility and power, our constitutional checks, a fair economic system, less military spending, different and better education, less destructive consumption, etc. The people in the military and police can't do that.

More and more people are realizing what is at stake here for them and their children. Lets keep that momentum growing _whatever happens_. Don't get distracted by terror, keep identifying the real enemy and their gatekeepers.

I believe time is on our side, since their fascist project is being exposed more and more by the day. When tyranny shows it face, let it be welcomed by large groups of people who are aware of the fascist agenda. If we don't fear them, then they will fear us.

"Wage war by being crafty. Taoism does not mean pacifism; and a Taoist war strategy, as described by Sun Tzu, is to avoid the enemy's strength and instead undermine his weaknesses."

Are you a bit thick?

AGAIN, no one is talking about "Military violence" or a "Military Coup" --YOU ARE.

When a local politician is corrupt, he's arrested and charged by the police for violating the law. On this level, the US military can enforce the laws of our Constitution, acting as law-enforcement officers would, by arresting the criminals within our government. This does not involve a take-over, a coup d'etat, the installation of a regime or martial law.

No one? Read carefully...

1st line of this blog post: "Mr. Roberts suggest a military surprise coup to ged rid off the war criminals. I second that! It needs a lot of courage, even to suggest it. But it is an option!"

And drop your hostile tone. It serves no one.

I see it now, you're right

I see Sitting-Bull's headline now, sorry for the misunderstanding. That's an unfortunate choice of words--as the article itself referenced doesn't mention anything in the way of a "military coup" or "military violence", which is the inflammatory phraseology you have deliberately chosen to use both in your posts and in the headlines describing them.

My tone was not meant to be hostile. You failed to address or acknowledge the points of clarity I raised in my response to you, instead responding with a headline of "military violence" and expounding upon that concept while injecting an entirely different meaning, which is neither what the original author's article is about nor what I advocated in any way. In matters such as these, it is imperative that I am abundantly clear.

Did you read the actual article Sitting-Bull posted? Or just the excerpt? After reading it, you may realize why the irrelevant tangents in your posts seem puzzling. Maybe you just want to let everyone know how smart you are ;)

There is more to the article than just that one suggestion,

(and as Brend points out, there is an imperative in public education and comprehension)

Yet, although it may be frightening to think, write and say... I am compelled by oath to the constitution, a duty to humankind, and a love of the planet we all must ride upon together... to second this idea and place my name upon it.

Erin Sebastian Myers

The words "military" and

The words "military" and "hope" do not belong in the same sentence.

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