The 9/11 Solution: The big clue everyone missed

A very specific and measurable program to manipulate public opinion began within minutes of the September 11 attacks.

Many "myths" ... all » about what happened on 9/11 were presented as facts by the US mass media long before anyone could have possibly had the information or done the research to verify them.

This indicates that in addition to arranging for air defense to fail on 9/11, the conspirators also took care to prepare cover stories well in advance of the attacks and had the means to have these cover stories aired on the major networks while perceptions of the situation were still fluid.

This video is based on news footage that appeared within just a few hours (and sometimes just a few minutes) of the initial attacks. Most of these clips were aired once never to be seen again.

They offer support to the hypothesis that the 9/11 attacks were very specifically anticipated by elements within US intelligence and the military.

Jerome Hauer

WTF was Hauer doing with Dan Rather

giving an interview in the middle of the attack? He sure had the official story down pat, since he's the one that created it, I suppose.

Well at least we now know where Hauer was on the morning of 9-11. Spreading official bullshit.

About the first guy

Maybe it was even the first appearance of the fire-induced collapse story. He sounds rehearsed, spewing out practiced lines to the camera. His matched Harley-Davidson shirt and hat are an attempt to make him look like the average Joe.

My question is this: does anybody have a clue who he is?

The video quality is not that good and the hat conceals him a bit. Still, he has a distinctive face and a voice that is hard to forget (the latter is less easily disguised, too). It would help us to know who he his, where he works, and how he thought up the government theory. I know that finding him is a long shot, but that’s what 911Blogger is for!

The segment can also be found just over 3 minutes into the film “9/11 Mysteries.” I just about fell out of my chair when I first saw it.

there's a lengthy discussion of this

Excellent. This is an area

Excellent. This is an area that needs more analysis.

It should also be compared with an analysis how the media behaved immediately after the JFK murder.