Angle Cut Columns

What Really Happened has some new images of angle-cut columns from the Twin Towers:

Look on the left side of the photo above.

Look in the middle of the photo above.

See if you can spot the angle cuts in the photos above.

Were these angled cuts made by demolition charges? Or were they made by clean-up crews at ground zero?

Were these done by the

Were these done by the clean-up crew though?

I've heard that during

I've heard that during clean-up there is no need to cut at an angle.

Ask Harley Guy

He knows everything.

Maybe the diagonal cut helps control the columns

to fall a certain way a bit like a lumberjack. Looks like they leave a small portion intact at the low point in a corner (for snapping when bent).

Below is a picture of a column actually being cut diagonally, knowing what is what from a picture is very difficult with close forensic inspection. I am not betting on this "evidence", worth a thorough investigation though.

It's gunna be very difficult to determine visually which were cut by thermal lance / cutting torch or by shaped charge...

Video clip with cuts (Real Player) :

Regarding the towers...

If you look carefully at the below picture of the WTC1 core not long after 9/11, it looks as though the lowest demolition core cutting charges were just above the open plan lobby... i.e.

WTC1 Demolition - Core Cut Around Floor 10

Good luck

PowerLOC Technologies - GPS Tracking for WTC Clean-up

Worth noting for the record...

Whilst hunting around, I found the following regarding the company that supplied GPS tracking for the removal of the WTC steel.

PowerLOC Technologies, a Toronto-based company that makes "L-Biz" tracking technology, has been credited with dramatically improving the recovery process by organizing the flow of cleanup operations.

Using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and wireless devices, PowerLOC was able to coordinate and track the scores of dump trucks used in the recovery, track the dump loads for billing purposes, and prevent traffic jams. At one point, over 120 trucks were fitted with tracking devices that communicated with 24 satellites circling the earth, sending the vehicle's exact location to a central dispatcher.

The efficiencies allowed the city to go from using over 120 trucks at a time to less than 50, according to Yoram Shalmon, the company's director of product management. The trucks also went from hauling four loads a day to hauling 10 loads a day, he said. The scope of the destruction was still amazing, Shalmon said.

Full article :

Here's a close up of the column

with the angle cut.

Notice the metal strap in front of the column is scorched but not cut and it looks like some of the slag dripped onto it. If the cut was made by a welder after the collapse wouldn't, he have cut through the strap too?

Angle cut

You should without a doubt be able to tell the difference between a column cut with a torch rather than an explosive charge. Look at the cut in the photo above. That is not a clean cut by any means.

The heat damage... the slag residue.... the appearance of the cut.... will all be visably unique.
You would simply need to examine the steel with unbiased common sense.

My grandma could do it and she's blind
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You Know

why they wre out there using those torches when the obvious smart thing to do in those situations would be to use shape charges.

Because they would rather have the people see the differences rather than the similarities.... or hear the similarities.

Either way it's pretty damning... if we could get someone to take a look at the evidence
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There was a similar thread...

on DU about these pictures. Some were arguing that these cuts were done during the cleanup process. I don't yet understand why they'd need to be cut at an angle though. It would seem more dangerous IMO.
Obviously someone took these particular pictures for some reason.

Angle Cut & Dripping Metal

here's another: L@@K at the gobs of dripping slag on that angle-cut column! That's definitely not caused by kerosene.

Thermite on Angle Cut Columns

even if it was , the slag

if these were torch cuts , the slag would be on the interior of the column, not the exterior.

You're right

and at the moment this photo was taken, the firemen were looking for survivors in the rubble. Look at how the fresh smoke is rising!
They couldn't have cared less about slicing a steel column--it wasn't clean-up time. Besides, look at the thickness of the columns in that photo! Could they even be cut with a conventional torch? I doubt it.

Excellent points both! I

Excellent points both! I always apprieciate these little fine tunings--we get into a "yeah, yeah" habit often and it's good to remember we DON'T know everything--and some of what we don't know/haven't thought of helps our case. ;-).

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The source page for this photo;read=87970

"There is substantial evidence that thermite was used to cut the central support columns, which caused the towers to fall.
Evidence can be seen on photographs of the columns from the rubble of the World Trade Center.

In this photo, for example, the column directly above the fireman's helmet shows that it was cut with thermite. There is a substantial amount of hardened molten iron which can be seen on both the inside and outside of the box column. This is precisely what one would expect to find on a column which had been cut with thermite.

Experts who have viewed this photograph say that this column was not cut with a torch."

Here's a closeup shot:

Thermite slag closeup


The thermite was only used to affect three sides of the column to prep it for the final blow by explosive means. The one unaffected side would hold the column upright and maintain the integrity of the structure for the most part until it was required that the column be blown.

This preperation was done to minimize the amount of explosives needed to bring the structure down. Minimize the visability and sound of massive explosions.

The final cut can be seen as the side 6 to 12 inches above the other three sides with the angle cut. These columns were massive and the steel was very thick. This method of demolition may mave been needed even if this building were to be brought down in a planned and announced demolition.

Remember that there would have been added risk and collateral damage if they had brought this building down. By making this look like a terrorist attack they eliminated all liability as well as making the American people foot the bill for all the clean-up of the debris. The American people foot the bill for the medical fallout. I'd like to know how much the total clean-up of all the debris cost the people..... it had to be in the billions. They were paying people $17 per hour just to sweep up all the dust on the streets.

The asbestos would have had to of been removed from the building as well prior to an announced and planned demo.... what was the cost of that again? I believe it was in the billions.

I wonder what the recycling payout was for the steel we sold....and who got the check for that... guessing it was Silverstein.

Recycled structural steel went for around $250 per tonne times 200,000 tonnes equals $50 million
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Excellent post--except I

Excellent post--except I doubt it's because they were trying to minimalize anything. Rather I don't think they could AFFORD to worry about how explosive it looked.

In a standard demolition, that makes sense. But in a standard demolition, if something goes wrong(there's a HILARIOUS video clip of a failed demolition, if you can find it), they can go back in and finish. On 911 they only had ONE chance to get it right--so I'm inclined to think they used MORE explosives than neccessary--making effects simular to below ground nuke tests--leading to the banal speculation of the same( no, I don't think that was planned--all massive explosions have simular patterns).

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The thermite was actually the key to this implosion. The thermite was the safety factor.... they knew that the thermite would have done a majority of the work and even if half of the explosives did not function that the thermite would have done most of the structual compromising needed to destroy the building.

There were plenty of explosives though.

If there had been explosives which did not detonate the collapse would have probably looked far more realistic if the debris actually toppled to the side into the city.

Implosion from the top down actually accounted for failure of the explosives at the lower levels. If they failed the lower part of the structure would have simply provided the proper resistance for the falling debris.
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Right--that makes

Right--that makes sense--though I think they HAD to implode the top sections in a non-standard fashion just because of the buildings height(I think the tallest steel frame building demolished on record is still way shorter than the towers). That and the top of one threatened to tip over into the street...

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I definitely believe that those upper floors were loaded with thermite and they were waiting for it to simply melt before they pulled the trigger. Explosions at the upper explosed part of the building would have been very visable.

I still think the explosions were very noticable as it began to fall.

The thermite was also needed to create the illusion of intense fires and add to the release of smoke.

I think the highest building demolition on record was half the height of the Twin Towers. They broke the record with this one.... does CDI still hold the record???
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CJS if we keep giving it away for free then out book about how it was done isn't going to sell..... and if the book doesn't sell how do we expect to get in on this 9/11 cash cow?

See you on St.Patty's Day at the grave of the Unknown Soldier?
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I'd love to. Sadly I have

I'd love to. Sadly I have no money to travel across the continent--I live in Portland, OREGON.

Nice thought, though... ;-)

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What an Angle

Those are cleanly cut angles, plain as day. I refer the jury to the "9/11 Mysteries'" discussion of "walking" a building with thermite. It might also be interesting for someone at STJ911 to calc out the energy required to make a cut like that while leaving the beam apparently (from these pictures) unstressed.

Now, now--this just shows

Now, now--this just shows the beams, under the MASSIVE force of the collapsing floors above, broke off at the weakest point where they were connected---at an angle.

There's so much new engineering info to be learned from debunkers! For instance, we'll save the demolition industry bags of money now we know kerosene can be used for implosions instead of that costly, dangerous thermite!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Bleh, you don't even need kerosene

just show them the demise of the Twin Towers and within hours they will become depressed and commit suicide...

And on topic: There isn't any slag visible along these cuts, or is there? So then, that'd directly point towards cutting charges, wouldn't it?

In the haste of cutting and removing the beams

Nobody using a cutting torch would really care about what way they cut the steel as long as they did it effeciently. But cutting on an angle with a torch and in almost a perfectly strait line would have to be intentional and with using a straightedge guide. Even if a Plasma cutter was used(which leaves very little slag) it still wouldn't make sense to cut the beams in that manner.

Yes, that's what I thought.

Anyone know if these beams [7man is right: columns] were "saved" permanently? If so, that might be prima facie evidence right there.

Yes, there's a bunch of them in Hanger 17

at Kennedy airport.

From what I've heard, no one would cut steel on an angle if they didn't have to because it takes twice as long and uses twice as much fuel to make the cut.

There's a lot more pictures of angle cut steel being stored out at Kennedy at the link below.,0,6613706.pho...

There is speculation, that they started to do angle cuts at Ground Zero, to cover up the angle cuts that were part of prepping the building for collapse.

Couldn't we ask them?

He, DoYouever, you quote speculation that "they started to do angle cuts at Ground Zero..."

Wouldn't it be ordinary metal workers on the cleanup crew, doing the actual work? Would such people stick to secrecy about this? In fact, wouldn't it stike anyone as odd if management asked them to cut things like this? In other words, couldn't someone find some of the actual workers who did the cutting, and learn if their orders changed in this way?

If that kind of thing happened, it would be useful to have their comments on record. On film, for instance.

Wasn't there a scapyard

next to the harbour?

We had a "No Entry, No pictures" photo of it once. Does anybody remember?

I do believe entrance to all areas was restricted, I even read that FEMA researchers complain about that.

And I do believe it was verboten to the first responders to make pictures at Ground Zero. Maybe we should ask that, too.

And the rumors about the guy who left the route with his steel beam loaded truck and was tracked by GPS- and afterwards fired. Even as Morgan Reynolds read today as the most quoted source for that, I knew the story before he was running wild. Maybe that was true? Can we find the man?

Beam or column?

A beam is not a column (where the verticle loads are). We've got to be carefull how we use these terms. For example one could say (and I read this already) "that none of the beams inspected showed any trace of thermite or cutting agent". What about the columns that were not mentioned?

Good point. Impeachment.

Good point.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Box column

.......You have I beams....You have box columns.They look like tubing.Although steel mills don't produce tubing this size.It is fabricated using a submerged arc process.

From the Building 7 rubble pile...

Enlargement of cut column:

^Notice the residue left on the column?

"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!"
-Dan Wallace

Oxygen & Acetylene does not leave a flow pattern

like the bluish-gray haze on that column. If only you could get that column in a closer shot.

The Smoking gun with this one:

all columns cut at the same height.

That's totally impossible, besides cutter charges.

Here's another pic that I found recently

of angle cuts with slag. These are on the columns that looked like forks, that went from the ground to the top of the lobbies. First time I've seen cuts like this on this type of column.




Here's one more to add to the collection

A couple of columns on the right with slag.

Also, of interest is the column to the left with the hole cut out. One possiblity is that holes were cut into the columns to insert explosives prior to the collapse. I see no reason to waste time and energy cutting a hole like this afterward.



Re:hole; I don't know. My


I don't know. My understanding was demolition crews wrapped columns with explosive packages--not to say stuffing it inside couldn't work...

And wouldn't there be a risk of the explosive falling down the hollow column? Unless it was cut right above a known solid joint...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

The hole

would be used for rigging.( to a crane)

Then wouldn't we see

more holes like this in other steel columns that were removed from the site?

important that people become aware of the existence of this

physical evidence. why were those columns marked "SAVE"? What do we know about who took these photos and when? What do we know about the clean up process, i.e. when DID they actually bring in the torches? I have the huge coffee table book that has a ton of pictures of the clean up, but while you can see some people using torches to cut yhings, there are NO pictures in the entire book showing these very clearly angled cuts. An interesting omission I think, given the book is supportive of the OCT...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


That 1st picture was taken by Lane Johnson

There are 50+ pictures at the link below all by the same person. All of these pictures were taken inside of Hanger 17 at Kennedy Airport. When, I don't know?,0,6613706.pho...


I've said before.I am a welder fabricator with 30 yrs experence.The big single upright column looks to be about 4 inches thick.Yes in can be cut with a torch.
A high pressure (xtra bottle of oxygen) can cut through
10 inches.The main problem with the photo is why cut the columun at an angle? It would increase the distance of the cut.#2 Why angle the torch head(See what appears to be oxygen grooves) It increases the thickness of the cut.#3 Why is the slag on the outside
When a welder starts a cut on a pipe or tube, the hardest part is blowing though,hence the thicker the metal the more blowback is produced.(As you get the metal up to temperature, and hit the oxygen lever there is no place for it to go except back at you.) On a piece 4 inches thick i assure you it would shower the hell outa you with hot sparks.
This however can be done, but why? A burning bar would do the job alot faster. Backed to the angled cut.........If you say have a beam 30 feet tall and want to bring it down.You dont use an angled cut for direction contol! You would rig a nylon strap to a crane or track hoe.then make the cut. After the cut the crane could drop it where they wanted.
BUT.....................An angle cut is used in controlled demo.....It helps the infrastructure imploded on itself
I am sadened to say these pic's still don't prove our case..........BUT thermate on them would!

Thanks, Wisdom

It's excellent to read your opinions.

Also worth noting is: In the photo with the two firemen in the foreground, the slag on the inside and outside of the angle-cut column is dripping downward--indicating that this column was in the vertical position when it was severed with heat, at an angle. Why would anyone slice a 4 inch column weighing several tons at an angle when it's in the vertical position?! That photo proves quite a lot.

That's in addition to the fact that this photo was taken during the 'search and rescue phase' recently after the towers fell. The rubble is still smoking. Nobody was in there with steel cutting torches then.

Sorry, I cannot agree with the following...

That's in addition to the fact that this photo was taken during the 'search and rescue phase' recently after the towers fell. The rubble is still smoking. Nobody was in there with steel cutting torches then.

The rubble was smoking until November, clean up work started during September (see below "smoking" pic from 31-Oct-2001).

Free Image Hosting at

I have listed a few pics of the cleanup crews below.


Links : and

The protective clothing worn by the steel workers (above), is identical to that worn by person in background below.

I agree with WISDOM, that unless the steel is forensically examined, it is impossible to tell visually.

Sorry to sound negative, but until all the evidence is laid out, we have much better evidence of CD.

Best wishes


The beam being on that angle would have to of been cut in a completely different manner.

If you are trying to say it was cut then we must assume that the top of that column would be the column with the arrow pointing toward it.

The proper angle cut would of had to be made from top to bottom of the column essentially creating a vertical cut from top to bottom the column would fall perfectly out of harms way.
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Hi J3...

What I'm trying to say, is that I don't know which diagonal cuts have been made by "shaped charges" vs "cutting torch".

I have spoken to experienced demolition clean-up workers who "swear" that that column has been cut by torch / lance.

I personally don't have that expertise to say either way.

With the pictures showing actual diagonal cuts being made by clean-up workers, it would be silly to state anything for certain regarding these diagonal cut columns.

As far as I am concerned, there is better proof of thermate usage than these pictures and when all the evidence is evaluated to take it from there.

Hopefully Professor Jones will get access to the "meteorite" and other samples of steel for further forensic testing, until then, as far as I am concerned, "the jury is out".

Best wishes and good luck

PS... The WTC7 column pictures by Stallion4, to me are much more damining evidence (see earlier post).

How you tell

Just look at everything I have stated... these are valid aguments.

And you have puctures of these columns which you kno are being cut by torches. Now either that ironworker isn't very handy with the torch... or all the other ironworkers are freakin artists.

I had an ironworker last week try to tell me that these columns were cast with holes in the flanges to make them lighter and how he was told this by ironworkers on the scene during clean-up..... I have yet to see a column which represents his claims but for some reason I keep looking.
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I second that

Even I'm not experienced with torching on my own, I know how cutting it looks like, as I work in a construction company and we built sheet pile walls and have a daily experience with all kind of beams.

Nice PDF Presentation

I read it from top to bottom. Good work. ;)

Second photo

The columns in this photo would have been cut in a much different angle to safely fall away and insure the safety to the ironworker.

you would cut in a downward angle toward the slope of the columns

not rocket science
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Dear JJJ

You don't drop it like a tree. However on the large section i could see an angle cut used in direction control.AFTER it was rigged to a crane.The crane could use the weight as leverage.....BUT the bottom of the angle would show a definate bend.
On the single column though,there is no need.

Here's a larger version of the last pic in the OP

You can see in this one that these columns made up a corner of a building. Taking out the corner columns is an important part of a CD.


I found this photo

Cutting column with torch, but no angle cut and no slag.