Yes i found this on truth seeker, and it makes alot of sence.Check it out.Here's the link

Deal with the devil

So ... the secret's out. Everyone with a brain knows the American government's 9/11 story is a fraud. Yet the human society we all pretend to acknowledge as reality continues to roll along on the basis of the slimy spin incessantly blared from the sinister cheerleader networks which constantly warn us about dark skinned boogeyman terrorists who hate our freedoms. As young boys we used to know die or are deformed daily by this spin, the unresolved shadow in the chasm of our mind deepens.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for. Hillary Clinton is tied to the Israeli manipulative apparatus even more tightly than the Bushes. The corporate fascism may have a more polite face, but behind the smile lies something equally pernicious. In any case, the spurious bombing of defenseless Third World countries will continue no matter which designated misfit occupies the White House.

Most people remain afraid to talk about 9/11. It's still a live dagger in their hearts. They fear they'll lose everything they have if they speak out about their doubts, about their total contempt (and total fear) for the killers who are running the U.S. government straight over the cliff into ruin. Isn’t it now obvious that this is deliberate?

To talk about 9/11 is to challenge every historical fact ever published about the United States.