Solving the Catch-22

Many 9/11 whistleblowers will not go public because they are afraid that they or their families will be hurt, or that they'll suffer retribution in the form of job loss, or "swiftboating" type smear attacks.

However, I've heard of quite a few whistleblowers who have said that they will come forward if they are subpoenaed. In other words, being subpoenaed would provide not only the duty to testify, but also an excuse to do what they want to do.

But here's the Catch-22: unless prosecutors realize that there are a large number of whistleblowers, they won't even consider filing a lawsuit. In other words, no prosecutor or first-tier litigator in the country would file a 9/11 lawsuit unless they knew they have overwhelming witness support for alleging that 9/11 was an inside job.

So how do we get past this Catch-22?

Potential whistleblowers should agree in writing to testify in response to subpoenas in civil, criminal, or administrative proceedings. Then we should compile a huge list of names, but REDACT the actual names (i.e. white out their names) but leave their job descriptions or descriptions as "eyewitness" intact.

Then, we show the redacted list to prosecutors and others in a position to file litigation and say "If you file, these are the many witnesses who have already agreed to testify".

The ideal would be to do video interviews of the whistleblowers, to preserve their testimony in case they die (for example, dying first responders).

Great idea !

I agree this might do more than you think. Thanks GW


This website might come in handy in this cause??

This could work

It's going to require organisation and leadership. 

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times: