Some key points from the German Book, THE CENSORED DAY


his key points:

The official 911 commission has in now way clarified what actually happened between 8 and 10 am that morning.

Flight 11 changing course at 8:13 is NOT PROVEN, and is actually denied 12 sep 2001 Washington Post: Boston controllers did not notice course change or unusual communication with pilots -- 2 years later Colonel Alan Scott (NORAD) said: The first time something unusual happened was at 8:20 when the transponder was switched off. Hence AA11 did not change course before 8:20

The original radar data has never been seen. What we are told. is data that specialists in"after the fact interpretation" of the 84th Radar analysis squadron and other similar "specialists" have prepared for us.

Betty Ong called at around 8:20

She was not able to describe the hijackers, she did not say arabs.

Neither do the callers of Flight 93 mention arabs.

Ong tells us that 2 or 3 people have invaded the cockpit, and the crew can not communicate with the cockpit. Two of the crew have been stabbed.

The FBI claims there have been 5 hijackers, so lets assume the other 2 or 3 hijackers kept the passengers in check.

So how can the crew have tried to open the cockpit door if there were two or three other hijackers keeping people away from it?

Flight 93: passengers speak of 3 hijackers, the official version claims 4.

Transcripts of the air traffic communication of Flight 11 was published on 16. Septembre 2001 in the New York Times. Here AA11 had not deviated from the prescribe course before 8:40, and was seen by US Airlines 583 at 29000ft.

Therefore it must be assumed that AA11 was on a normal course until 8:40.
NORAD concurs as it tells us that FAA notified of a possible hijack at 8:40

Recap: Lets assume controllers in the towers were neither criminals nor idiots.
At 8:14 the radio-communication fails. At 8:20 the transponder fails.
If at that point a change of direction had be initiated NORAD would have been notified at 8:23 at the latest.

It has to be made clear: If the plane had been following the official version it would have been lost at unknown height for 30 minutes, criss-crossing busy flight-paths, heading towards the Indian Point nuclear power station, and air-traffic-controllers have NOT RAISED ALARM.

Immediatly following the attacks journalists wrote of surprised air-traffic-controllers who still saw AA11 on their screens while the attacks in NYC had started... as Lieutenant Colonel Dawne Deskins (Air National Guard) told ABC-Reporter Peter Jennings .

January 2004 NY port authorty forced to publish emergency radio communications.
Mike Kelly (North Jersey Media Group) notes that at 9:03 La Guardia air traffic controller asks what happened to the North Tower. We heard a BOMB HIT it.

They "hear" it was an aeroplane and turn to the TV for more information.La Guardia
air traffic controllers
who whould have tracked all aerial traffic in that sector.

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