9/11 Truth SUNY Albany

Thanks to everyone who came out to our General Interest Meeting, there were nearly 100 people in attendance
We'd also like to thank Dylan, Jason, and the Loose Change crew for generously donating free DVD's and stickers to everyone who came out.
If you missed out, you can watch the event here:

For those of you who haven't heard yet, 9/11 Truth SUNY Albany is the first 9/11 Truth college group to become officially recognized, and funded by a State University. We are looking for other college students with 9/11 Truth groups on their campuses as well, so get in touch with us! Be sure to check out our Events page for more upcoming events.
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so good.... so

so good....
so cool....

bermas is really good----nailed the wtc7 smoking gun flawlessly--

the albany people were cool----what a good university---they see beyond the 'pc illusion' and are showing themselves to be a real school
the guy at the end that was pissing on capitalism was probably a disinfo agent to try to smear the youtube

the constitution kicks his scrawny ass
you know....nobody is talking about how great that giulliani press conference was----

that was awesome-----that just became the defining issue---that was rocknroll----giulliani is getting called out for being a lying complicit hypocrit

and it will be remembered as brave and awesome

that guy kicked all those reporters asses----a true hero

it would have been cool if

it would have been cool if he'd have been yelling...

"building 7 proves 911was an inside job!!"

ha ha----
it sucks that this is the way that 911truth has to plant seeds---to save the world

but the dialogue is opening....
thank god
it really is an honor getting to watch all this stuff happen though

this is golden----too much!!
the true virtue

Great event...

...really cool to see 9/11 Truth Activism spreading on college campuses.....keep 'em coming....

Dylan, Jason and the SUNY group were all terrific.

Hey, is there anyway to boost the volume? I had real problems hearing it, to my frustration....