Educate Ourselves

As we all know, one of the major stumbling blocks to this movement is getting professionals and scholars to
take that chance and come out in their support of the fact based belief that we were lied to about the actual
events of September 11th, 2001. Understandably, they are fearful that they may have to incur some of the slings
and arrows that many of the others who have risked everything to speak to these accusations. Many of these
people that we need so badly to stand up and speak rely on the government for their livelihood and their career.
Without the government they would have very little means of income. The government employs them in one way
or another and speaking to these accusations requires far more than just knowledge and resolve.

We need to take back of control in a manner that we can control the fate of some of these people willing to
speak out. If we could guarantee these people a place of refuge for their careers then they would be far more
likely to break away from the confines of their government sponsored careers.

We need to get the scholars to get together and create a university. Getting accreditation is not that difficult
with the support that we have in this movement. We wouldn't even need accreditation with the support that we
bring. We are getting much stronger every day.

This University would be dedicated to the education of the people for the purpose of government oversight.
Revisionist History focused on the theory that winners write the history books.
Effective Journalism with emphasis on asking the tough questions and demanding honest answers.
Political Science
Phsyics and Chemistry
Common Sense
Consititutional and Tax Law
Finance focused on the disection of the Federal Reserve System
International Business and Foreign Relations
Environmental Sciences

This University could be the new Greek Forum for thought. It could spawn a think tank which would be dedicated
to the betterment of the world. This is the coming age of change and insight. A University of this scope could
alter the way that we educate ourselves. Giving people new meaning and hope.

I've been looking at going back to school.

We have a chance.

Now all we need is a mascot.

Phsyics and Chemistry

Phsyics and Chemistry <--- what about Spelling bro. LOL.

But for real that is a damn good idea. I'd say it is worthy of a website endeavor at least. To start with at least. Brilliant idea and classes.

Good idea, but don't forget

Good idea, but don't forget the "boring" literature stuff.

Seriously. I was forced to buy an electronics text book published in 1947 to brush up on the basics because the one printed in the '90's was next to useless at explaining basic things, occasionally getting it very WRONG. (For instance, describing hole charge as acquiring an excess of protons. I kid thee not. For anyone who wonders what is wrong with that, that is not electronics--that is alchemy. A change in the number of protons gives you a completely different element.*roll eyes*)

The only difference I can figure is that back then, no matter what your field, you were expected to learn how to communicate well, speaking and writing. Being in a "geeky" field was not an excuse. You studied literature and classics and the difference showed; even if they weren't good at it or interested, these scientists and engineers were better COMMUNICATORS in their feild than the current crop. And how many of our problems are agravated by lack of communication?

BTW--re: electronics text--yes, I know it'll be all but useless for miniturized transistors and micro-processors--but with the basics down, I'll be ready--groan-- to wade through a modern tombe. Besides, there's lots of neat stuff you can do with tubes! Jenny's inner-child geek wants to play.. :)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

We ARE responsible for our own education...

... and/or lack thereof.

I think this reminder from JJJames (and his basic outline of the idea) is VERY important to keep uppermost on or list of Things To Do. Please dear people, let's not pass on yet another opportunity for bloodless revolution.

I hereby offer my crude and clumsy knowledge of machine-work and metal fabrication skills, to any who would like to learn. I offer experience in mill-work, turning (lathing) and TIG welding. My grandfather was an accomplished industrial arts instructor who allowed my underage presence as he taught classrooms full of students. May I do my best to follow in his footsteps, sharing with others the experience of shop trade-craft.

If some financial angel happens to read this, please consider investing your last available dime into a renaissance of hands-on learning, apprenticeships, and classical schools of interaction, mental growth and ever higher thought. Humanity will be in your debt.

(p.s.: Thanks, Jenny. For even noticing my haiku, let alone honoring it. Hugs and kisses.)