Vancouver 9/11 Truth Movement - Making Their Mark in the Local Activist Community

Press Release: February 15th, 2007

Vancouver 9/11 Truth Movement - Making Their Mark in the Local Activist Community

The Vancouver 9/11 Truth Movement, though small and scattered, has been around for some time. Since the Spring of 2006 they have been holding regular meetings at various private locations, but since the Barrie Zwicker speaking engagement in downtown Vancouver on August 30th, and their demonstration on Robson Street on September 11th, 2006 this group has become a far more coherent activist group, and one with vision, objectives and determination.

Though still not huge, this group is quite remarkable in it's make up, with members ranging from 18 to 80 years old, from all walks of life, with various educational backgrounds, diverse socio-economic statuses, and are represented by both sexes, and variey of cultures and ethnicities. They are not at all your typical, young, protest group that one might expect to see at an anti-war rally. Though they are also anti-war, it is more from a standpoint of 'false pretences' for war, also known as false-flag terrorism. While not always unanimous in their views as to what actually happened on 9/11, they are in agreement (along with 84% of Americans in a recent, national poll) that the 'official story' as given to us by the US government, the media and the '9/11 Commission Report' does not add up, and that much of which led up to that fateful day, and indeed the facts surrounding the 'terrorist events' on 9/11 has been covered up.

Indeed, it is widely acknowledged now that the war in Iraq was illegal and based on lies, and as such, the Bush regime has lost credibility, as evidenced by the their defeat in the recent mid-term elections. The 9/11 Truthers are adamant that the pretext for the war in Afghanistan is equally fraudulent (with a myriad of evidence to prove it), and they question Canada's role in the so called "War on Terror" without any real investigation into the attacks of 9/11 by our government.

They are furthermore appalled by the use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons in the Middle East that is causing massive casualties, birth defects, and poisoning even our own troops (and their families upon return) with radioactivity, and contaminating the region with toxic material that has a 4.5 billion year half-life.

In addition, Vancouver 9/11 Truth activists have another agenda: stopping the North American Union which they (and many others) say is being brought into existance secretly via the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) at the behest of the corporate elite, with no input from citizens and no debate in our House of Parliament (nor for that matter in the US House of Congress). The SPP was signed with Mexico and the USA by former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin and has been further enhanced by his Conservative successor Stephen Harper, again without consulting the people. Indeed, they are aghast also at the growing loss of civil liberties and rights under the guise of 'security' (both in this country and abroad) and loss of democratic rights of the people. A 'New World Order' of, by, and for the elites they say is now taking shape. Globalism, in short, will spell the end of Canada's sovereignty, and see our national wealth and jobs largely transfered out of our country and out of Canadian control. (Not to mention the loss of national identity, culture and social programs, etc)

In an effort to bring these issues to the public's attention, the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Movement now holds regular organizational meetings to plan public events to raise public awareness. It has recently launched a website to publicize their activities, goals and events, as well as attract newcomers, which features links to many other 9/11 related sites that have documented the lies, anomolies, and coverups of the September 11th events in New York City and Washington, DC.

Addtionally, the Vancouver 9/11 Truthers have recently screened several documentary film screenings, including: Aaron Russo's 'America - Freedom to Fascism' and Alex Jones 'Terrorstorm', at the Pacific Cinematheque on Howe Street in Downtown Vancouver.

In May 2007 the group will present an evening with Prof. David Ray Griffin. (Details to follow).

A multi-speaker conference is also in the planning stages for later this year.

All current and past event details are posted on their website:


Nice update/DVD insert... all are doing some great things...and some cool things coming up it sounds like...congratulations on your efforts...

You didn't mention free 9/11 DVD distribution, but I'm sure your doing that (especially at your events).

Here is a DVD insert we put in the sleeve when we give away DVDs. We modified it from one a fellow truther gave us. Undoubtedly, you all can customize it to your tastes also. We format it so we can print off 4 to a page, printing on both sides, and then cutting the page. We find it really helps explain what the DVD is about, why the information is important and increase the chances of getting it viewed. Plus, it saves don't have to engage and explain it at length to every person; ideal for passing out DVDs at large gatherings.

             DVD's like this one are the most effective means we citizens have right now to educate people about the events of 9-11-2001 and the many unanswered questions. Our government has destroyed and withheld evidence of the 9/11 crimes, and its story of what happened is largely one of lies and omissions. There are clear indications that criminal elements in our government and military, plus powerful corporate interests planned, funded, directed and covered up the 911 attacks, and then benefited greatly from the aftermath. It is hard to accept the possibility that elements within our own government and military would so betray us and engage in murderous acts to advance their own political and financial agendas. But those who know our country's true history know that such "false flag attacks" and mass psychological operations have been done before, and have been hidden successfully from the American people. Mainstream media….radio, TV, newspapers and magazines….have worked to hide the truth about 9/11. In a very real sense, they have been accomplices in these government crimes of treason against the People of the United States and the World.
              We hope that you will review this DVD carefully and with an open mind. It may not be "flawless", and may contain some errors….the 9/11 Truth movement is a grassroots movement working on a shoestring, and much of the work is done by hard-working amateurs. Please take time to look at websites, articles, books and other DVD's so that you become a well-informed citizen about the 911 crimes, and please consider seriously becoming involved in the movement for truth and justice. Please also share this information with others. This is the only way for now, combined with the Internet, that the truth is getting out to the people. For more information start with:,, For films and video, go to
              In addition to the government lies regarding 9/11, Americans are currently held captive by a closely-held controlled corporate media, rigged elections, and a Federal Reserve banking system that is privately owned. These unfortunate aspects of present-day American must be abolished and reformed if we are to truely return to “home of the Brave and Land of the Free”. We encourage all patriotic Americans to investigate these abuses of power that are enslaving our nation to a greater degree every day. Visit for more information and resources on these important topics. This insert is brought to you by Austin Citizens for 9/11 Truth.

Thanks altruist for your

Thanks altruist for your kind words and support! Indeed we have a put a lot of DVDs into circulation here. One meber alone has put out an estimated 40,000 compilation DVDs..

We do have info on the covers with URLs to many of the best 9/11 sites, and now have an insert with our website addy. Your insert sounds good too. We will look at doing that.

Thanks again.

Hello adanac!

It's great to be in such good company.

I love your site, especially your focus on ACTIVISM (and your sense of humor).

I'm a member on the SF Bay Area 9/11 Truth Alliance and may be coming up your way later this year. Perhaps I'll time it with your DRG event in May.

Are you aware of The Eleventh of Every Month - A Call to Action campaign?

I'm actively trying to connect all the 9/11 Truth groups so we can better co-ordinate our efforts, starting with the west coast and major cities and would greatly appreciate hearing from you or someone in your group. Please email me at:

I look forward to hearing from you.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Hi LeftWright, thanks for

Hi LeftWright,

thanks for your kind comments. Many of our members read this blog regulary and several also post here. We get a lot of inspiration from all your efforts.

We are definitely interested in networking, especially in Canada where the movement has been skow in developing (for a variety of reasons), but also with other groups on the westcoast.

I recently was contacted by a guy from Victoria, BC and another from Bellingham, WA. It gave the idea that we could possibly do a mass demonstration at the border, at the 'Peace Arch' this summer or Sept 11th. That would be very cool and we would have a captive audience (those thousands of travellers in their cars on both sides of the border, waiting to cross!

I am also now in contact with a few people in the Toronto area who are holding meetings and who want to get active. So perhaps the same could be done on the Ontario / NY border on the same day.


Thanks for the e-mail addy. I will be in touch!