UFO Style 9/11 Propaganda

This is no ground breaking revelation or anything by any means but it’s an angle that I found to be very interesting nonetheless. It’s the stark similarities between the government’s approach to dealing with UFO sightings and alternative 9/11 theories.

This afternoon on the History Channel I watched a program called “UFO Files: When UFO’s Arrive”. Surprisingly as of late there has been a litany of UFO related programming scattered all over cable television lately. Anyway, they delved in to the now famous H.G. Wells fictional radio broadcast in 1938 by Orson Wells of a UFO invasion which inadvertently stirred up such a panic amongst the populace. This incident apparently inspired the government to adopt a policy of total secrecy regarding the UFO phenomenon.

Also mentioned was the followings Brookings Institution report which suggested that such knowledge of the unfamiliar could literally lead to the 'disintegration of society'.


"...Anthological files contain many examples of societies sure of their place in the universe which have disintegrated when they had to associate with unfamiliar societies espousing different ideas and different life ways. Others that survived such an experience usually did so by paying the price in values and attitudes and behavior..."


With all that being said, here’s my main point. The History Channel described the government’s use of propaganda specifically using the words “debunking” in order to deal with this perceived “problem“.


National Policy Of Debunking UFOs Began With The Robertson Panel

"...The US government's own historical documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act explain why it became US government's policy to debunk, mock, and discredit anyone who provides good evidence for UFOs..."

"...CIA documents reveal five members of the Scientific Advisory Panel who were known skeptics were given several poor UFO cases to examine and came to the conclusion that "there was no evidence of a direct threat to national security in the objects sighted..."

"...Ways of bringing in the news media, and movies were discussed. CIA documents reveal, one of the panel's recommendations was that a policy of debunking UFO reports should be instigated..."

"...These national programs resulted in the National Policy became to debunk any valid sighting even if it resulted the embarrassment of pilots and government employees..."


Some of the tactics mentioned and how they relate to 9/11.

1- Seizing UFO related photographs.[/b]

1(a)- NIST is currently withholding a mass of video and photographic evidence relating to 9/11. The controversy surrounding the Pentagon surveillance footage.

2- Ridiculing and attacking subjects bringing forth testimony of UFO’s.

2(a)- Charlie Sheen was savaged by the media after courageously stepping forward and questioning 9/11. Kevin Ryan was fired.

3- Use of the media to disseminate propaganda and debunk UFO claims.

3(a)- Numerous 9/11 hit pieces have been produced by the mainstream media over the past several years with the pure intentions of marginalizing and mocking the 9/11 truth movement. Popular Mechanics is a great example.

4- Evaluating the weakest of UFO evidence in order expedite a negative conclusion.

4(a)- Many truthers feel that the far-fetched "no plane" and "particle beam" theories have been dreamt up by usurpers of the truth community seeking to undermine the movement. It’s commonly referred to as “poisoning the well“.


It seems pretty obvious to me that our government has taken a page right out of their playbook originally drawn up to cover up UFO phenomenon and applied it the 9/11 truth movement. Anyone that still believes that our government doesn’t play cover-up really needs to think again. They are quite capable and willing to go to great lengths to do so when they deem it necessary to keep the people in the dark. They are ‘experts’ of propaganda. Don’t be just another ignorant sheep falling victim to the game.


Great post, even if not

Great post, even if not earth-shattering. As someone who has also studied the UFO lore, I find the analogies between govt debunking techniques on UFOs and 9.11 spot on!


I wonder if they are pre-conditioning the public to debunk 9/11 by making Jim Fetzer and the "Star-Wars Beam Weapons" crew the main proponents of 9/11 truth.

Best review of this subject

The best review of this subject I have read is the latest book by Dr Steven Greer called Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge. You can read excerpts on Amazon.com. But for an overview of classified unacknowledged black ops projects this book is absolutely amazing. I read the book in three days and gave away two copies and both my friends said the same thing, they could not put the book down till they finished it.

Basically he tells his life story, which begins with childhood encounters with UFO's and the official coverup/ridicule of this subject by government agencies and the media. I think it is highly relevant to 911 Truth because it is so detailed in revealing how these secret operations work, and how they suppress the truth and control public opinion through a combination of massive disinformation efforts and threats and intimidation.

It's highly credible to me, and well worth $24 or so. The most amazing thing to me is the unprecendented (in my experience) of access he reports to high level intelligence and black ops workers he has regular dealings with.

If you think 911 is a big scam - you really need to read this and see his tale of an even bigger scam that has been ongoing at least since the second world war ended.