BBC2 9/11 Conspiracy Files = Pernicious whitewash

What do I think of this evening's BBC's 9/11 Conspiracy Files? Well, it plays into all the standard yellow publishing techniques such as anti-semitism, disrespect for victims, delusional/paranoid, 'comforting' conspiracies, JFK, incompetence, strawmen, incomplete analysis and our good old friends from Popular Mechanics. To be fair, they do give a lot of key points such as WTC7, Shanksville, wargame (only mention 1 wargame though), WMD lie etc. But they don't mention the most crushing evidence like Operation Northwoods or put it into a historical/geopolitical context.

Overall, the attacks on the 9/11 Truth movement were slightly more subtle than in previous hit pieces we have come to be familiar with. Notice for example that all the investigations/witness interviews carried out for the show were for debunking purposes, none were to forward the 9/11 Truth agenda. They skim over many issues (like the wargames or the fact that a Florida FBI informant was living with the hijackers) which I guess was for time reasons. Also, the Pentagon part was way too long for my taste.

My impression is that viewers new to 9/11 Truth will come away thinking 'nothing there, nothing to see, just incompetence, move along'.

Thanks for the early impressions....

.....until we Yanks get a look for ourselves...

was a complete right off.

was a complete right off.

But it will help our cause, as it was such a blatently onesided film.

Skirted any of the arguments, I reckon people will go have a look for themselves; download loosechange, and realise that what was shown in the program washn't even half the really big questions.

there is a radio phone in again on BBC radio 5 this morning - so much better then last weeks!!!! the callers have been awesome; one who worked in the towers and was there the weekend before while all the power downs - the radio presnter was speechless.. lol

can listen live - or will be on archive in an hour.