Pilots For Truth Welcomes Lt Colonel Shelton Lankford

Lt Colonel Lankford emailed me the other day in support of our work and wants to be added to our 'roll'. We had a wonderful chat on the phone since and the LtCol is ready for duty.

Experience and qualifications are as follows:

"I am disgusted with the official explanation for 9/11 and I believe
that until the stain of that blatant whitewash job is removed from
our nation, we cannot consider ourselves anything but under the
government of a probable junta composed of suspected mass murderers.
It is either that, or the dumbest and most incompetent collection of
screwballs ever assembled in one place".

Lt. Colonel Shelton F. Lankford
United States Marine Corps (ret)
A-4 Skyhawk, KC-130 (10,000+ hours)
S-2, T-1, F9F, F-11, OV-10, T–2J
303 Combat Missions

It is our honor to welcome LtCol Lankford to the team!

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9/11 Blogger

.......Always has a place for patriots! Thanks Rob,and welcome Lt. Colonel Lankford.

Second, those WISE words...

by WISDOM !!!

Best wishes

Punching clouds with a Hoover spin recovery...

... into a knife-edge six feet off the ocean spray. The belts are pinching my shorts as I suck in hot oil from the cowl.

Great to have you with us, Lt. Col. Lankford!

Great to have ALL you drivers with us, this next inverted barrow is for you!

(shouldn't have eaten the Taco Bell)