In a nut shell

Some nuts are very tough to crack!

A very intelligent man, certainly no fan of the NeoCons, sat down with me and some friends yesterday while I downed my standard two pots at our local clutch. This was out-of-the-gate fresh, as I have never spoken to nor seen this man before, yet a common friend did in-fact introduce us as he was invited to take a seat.

Even though conversation at this location has historically resisted my endless invitations to discuss government shenanigans and geopolitics (THEY preferring to leave their work "at the office", whereas I consider it my duty to humanity to be a quasi-public thorn in their ass), surprisingly this new addition waisted no time in bringing up the subject of Iraq and Iran. I was delighted that he took the turn of bringing up the smell of rotting meat, as my acquaintances have all been worn down be me over the past several years, mercilessly nagging them to talk.

I had no trouble in earning immediate street credit with this stranger, as he and I played a dizzying game of speed table tennis (my older friends may have also been surprised at my new level of game), as we shot back and forth the details, history, facts, unfortunate situation and disturbing trajectory of the "NeoCons" (his word) and what they ludicrously seem to be prepared to initiate now by way of Iran... unbounded chaos and very possible global conflagration.

Fine... for a relative first, a person face to face here in McLean Virginia finally seemed to be capable and willing to acknowledge the insanity of the possible outcome through ongoing, apparently unstoppable, Bushist Doctrine.

Yet "why?", must have been the obvious question in my eyes back to him. He took the lead, and began a long and detailed (detailed, erudite, honestly heartfelt and NOT condescending) explanation of oil wars, troubled economy, bad American habits, western exceptional-ism as a fault... even on into genuine backlash on the part of eastern and islamist mood over great inequity exampled by Israel, Palestine and last-ditch attempts at American economic hegemony over resource.

This guy was not the normal crop of Langley centric drifters.

At his fifth drive by and drop of "911", I stopped him with "please Sir, I must interject here, as I have bitten my tongue for five years too long, and three quarters of a million dead Iraqis later, yet I can no more."

"I may not see 911 the same way you do. Would you mind if I open a picture here on my laptop, which I feel illustrates quickly my impression of that event, since you yourself have raised a few items from the Commission Report?" He said "sure", as I brought up a photo of my hole-drilled book.

Some may recall:

"Of many hang-ups I have, three particular items have caused me great difficulty in accepting the popular narrative of that event. (1) The absence of testimony from a great number of people, such as Sibel Edmonds and others whom apparently had much to say. (2) An honest address of our nation's expensive and extensive military machine and defensive preparedness. (And 3) The tampering and destruction of evidence from the crime scene. The scene of the greatest crime ever committed. A crime scene investigation, that was not."

"Please understand, dear sir, that it matters not... it matters NOT, what I think might have happened that day. However, in the absence of plausible, clear and forthright explanations and answers which this government is fully capable and responsible to provide We the People, yet has not.... speculation and theory are a most natural and proper activity of an intelligent humanity searching for answers."

"It is not just a few hundred... a few thousand... hundreds of thousands... nor even simply millions... but quite possible more than a billion people of the global population... do not, can not accept the notion of 19 swarthy freedom hatters acting alone, without some form of aid from inside American borders ensconced within the Civl Servant Corps."

"Again, dear sir... it absolutely matters NOT... whether YOUR understanding of 911 is correct, and I am wrong... or that you are INCORRECT, as I and a billion others might be onto something. This absolutely does not matter!"

"What matters, and I hope I am successful in persuading you to consider this potentially devastating dynamic at hand... a dynamic vastly more unsettling than a revelation of '911 as an inside job'... is the extreme and undeniable reality of a global population separating into opposite directions of perceived reality. A division of people, each side traveling at breakneck speed away from each other along rails of mutually exclusive world views."

"Mutually exclusive world views. As we live upon a single globe, it is impossible for these two divisions to exist indefinitely, without blowing each other up... or reconciling upon what actually constitutes reality."

As I'm prone to ramble and rant with excessive example, metaphor, and mental illustration... much more was compressed into our twenty minute exchange. However, after closing with the basic gist that details, analysis and light interpretation are trite by comparison to the inevitable outcome of deeply divergent world views... 911 being the prime example...

He stood up, walked around the table, shook my hand and left.

With any luck... he's passed it on.

thanks for sharing, this

thanks for sharing, this made for good lunch time reading.

Thanks, dz.

btw: I'm trying, but I don't know yet how to compress it into a 60 second spot, to address the reflexive hurdles and steel cages erected by those whom are impervious to the massive preponderance of evidence which is shattering to the prevailing mythical 911 narrative. If that was going to work, it would have yielded more fruit by now... don't you think?

It would seem only another waist of opportunity, trying to speed talk a listing of evidence for the AA spot.

Heart-strings are too dulled, for simply more soothing voices and appeals by family members.

Challenging them to courage, or kicking their gatekeepers in the head... seems to only galvanize "the left" ever more, as no one likes to see their heros dethroned, nor pride goaded.

Earning yet more cries of "crazy twoofers" from the anti-war crowd... not good.

I had solid concrete success with this stranger, (although it took twenty minutes), by waiting for him to repeat "911" several times until it would be impossible for him to ground-shift... then I struck.

I've been holding this "mutually exclusive world view" line in reserve for some time, even though I've been experimenting with the argument for several years. As a stranger, he was completely free of any previous impressions of me (at least which he would have been able to reveal), and also may have given me as much hearing as he did, for I established a solid agreement with him as to both the current state of affairs, and the overarching dynamic of Bushist trajectory. He himself was the first to tip his hand about being unsettled with the seemingly unstoppable war machine.

Yet, whether or not he was in fact a conservative or liberal, Rep/Dem, right or left... he was clearly introspective and thankful for having the undeniable dangers of divergent reality pointed out as a greater concern... completely overshadowing our differing interpretation of 911. It trumped ALL the "disputable facts" of 911. He understood the problem of so many people seeing the world completely different... regardless which group actually has a better handle on "reality".

I think there is something there, that could be very useful when trying to make appeals to the primed and ready to go anti-war left.... if they can be shown WHY the facts about 911 are not so important, when compared to the effects it has manifested... no mater what!

This mutation of American governance IS undeniably responsible for falling to provide for the domestic tranquility... which is its primary charter and reason to be. This government has refused to end a debate which only IT can. It has done this by abusing a power of disclosure, by not exercising disclosure nor using forthright classical investigation skills.

If the anti-war left, and the free-market right... wish to both get back to happiness and prosperity... get this message out to both of them. The World would love us for it... and quite possibly forgive many of our debts of excess and previous small mindedness.

Wish I could compose this into 60 seconds. Brevity, is not something I've been successful at, yet.

The crux of the biscuit... the apostrophe.

This is heart of the matter, the existance of numerous and demonstrable holes in the "official" story, that gives us more than sufficient reason to pause.

Thanks Erin!

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

It's said that "wars of aggression"...

... are the supreme crime against humanity.

I would like to see that amended, or at least reflected and emphasized in the 'tranquility' section of our next constitution... that unwarranted secrecy and deception, which feeds into and amplifies speculation... causing division and dangerous unrest among the people... as the precursor to wars of aggression... is the supreme abuse of 'power withheld'.

A cause of war, through inaction, when questions are simply ignored.

The Redress clause of the first amendment is clear enough... that we have the right to ask the questions. Yet the people seem far too reluctant to implement the enforcement clause to get answers... to stop funding a government by denying it the taxes it wishes to collect.

The precursor to war clause... needs to have better words, to have better teeth... to bite the fuck out of the Dogs of War.

(and thanks dz, for fixing the photo)

Even with the great up-votes (thank you)...

Am I a bore?

I know celebrities, BBC hit pieces, and playing cards are more exiting... and that my writing and thoughts can just get too convoluted and stretched...

But of all the hits this location gets, I was really hoping a few more people would be interested in collaborating this material into something more useful for all.

Just to be clear... it is not my intention to sound preachy or didactic... but to be critiqued and helped... so that I can better return the favor.

I think the 911 Honesty Movement has been making fantastic successes... but I also think we need to ever improve our game, with every positive step forward.


my nuts have been cracked

Erin, you are a gifted writer and this essay is a great conribution to elevating the discourse here. Playing cards indeed--they are TRADING cards. :)

Seriously though, thanks for sharing this encounter--I wish more of us would post this kind of thing more often.

You are absolutely right on track about the diverging realities that are a symptom of mass media control.

Keep posting stuff like this--it's a pleasure to read! More commentary later...


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Additional commentary, forthcoming!

We might even hear from The Anonymous Stranger himself. Hopefully he will feel welcome to engage with us here. Please offer your "hellos", fellow 911bloggers.

Take care, Mr. "M"... and I thank you again for representing such a refreshingly clear spoken and willing participant in humane dialogue.


I found this to be pretty tight

9/11 Coincidence theory "power point" video.

The subject of your anecdote seems just the type who might appreciate the approach it takes...


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