Bush Administration links to Northwoods via Ford

Several times I have heard defenders of the official fairy tale say Northwoods has no bearing on 9/11 because there is no link to the Bush Administration. Most recently Guy Smith said this on the Alex Jones radio show. Jones did not put that assertion to rest. I have not yet heard anyone swat it down. So here it is, the Northwoods-Bush link:

Most of us know General Lemnizter approved the gastly plan as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Some may also know that he came back to Washington in 1975 to serve on the Rockefeller Commission, which was designed to cover up the CIA's assassination efforts. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,913206,00.html

But it is rarely mentioned that Ford's Secretary of Defense was Donald Rumsfeld and Ford's Chief of Staff was Dick Cheney.

Then, in 1976, after the Rockefeller Commission was done, Lemnitzer got a spot on the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Committee, puttiing him in close proximity to the key members of the current Bush Administration.


That is ZERO degrees of separation, a DIRECT link. This is strong circumstantial evidence that a new investigation needs to pursue.

Another point of interest is that 1976 was the year George HW Bush was appointed Director of the CIA.

Great work on Lemnitzer! - Also headed NATO in 1960s

Nice research tidbits, finding out that Lemnitzer was on the Rockefeller Commission of 1975 and the PFIAB under Ford! That indeed puts him at zero separation from the principal figures in the Bush II administration (Cheney and until last week or so Rumsfeld).

Also interesting: After leaving JCS, Lemnitzer served a stint as Supreme Commander of NATO. Meaning that the "stay-behind army" programs in the European countries, such as Gladio in Italy, were under his authority. As head of NATO, did he know about these programs? Did he direct them in any way? This was the same period in which the Gladio/CIA network initiated the strategy of tension and began its wave of false-flag terror attacks, massacring civilians in Italy.

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