Dennis Kucinich on 9/11 Pt. Two

Follow up to "Dennis Kucinich on 9/11." Produced by Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth (

Dennis Kucinich Pt. Two

Great Work and great post Stinky. This is a great example how polite and intelligent activism can work. We see so much of the Bullhorns (which I believe are necessary at times) but it is nice to see a peaceful way of making progress as well. I can't wait to see Dennis Kucinich on 9/11 Pt. Three after he reports back on the information presented. Great work. Nice to see the type of thing paying off and we must keep digging those stories. This clip of Kucinich also encourages me to continue contacting, through emails and letters, all stripes of people with requests to investigate 9/11 and to look into WTC7.

bow tie?

Someone is sending around a great idea for this community, to establish a government on the basis of the US Constitution. I love the idea. I vote this young gentleman as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention.

Justice deferred is justice denied-MLK

Love the suit

Adds credibility and seriousness to the effort. Good job!


It should be stropped like a razor each time it's presented to someone.

"Justin A. Martell", a name I will remember.

This was posted by the young gentleman himself

Thanks guys for your comments. :D

I think that created a new article would be great. However, I don't know how imperative it is to give to Kucinich. Off camera he and I discussed this issue at length and he told me that he and his wife have read "9/11 Synthetic Terror," in fact they have 4 copies of it! I was also told that nearly everyone that works in his office has a PHD, and that when they research something they "get to the bottom of it." I think he's got it down.

But a new article about the collapse of WTC 1 and 2 to present to other candidates would be good. This weekend, myself and the co-founder of Student Scholars are going to a house party for Ron Paul. We're going to put together another binder for him. I'll have a video of that for everyone by sunday. Also, incase you guys wanted to know what I included in my binder for Kucinich, here is a list of the documents:

1. “The Family Steering Committee’s Questions to the 9/11Commission With Ratings of its Performance in Providing Answers,” by Members of the Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission.

2. “Senior Military, Intelligence, and Government Officials Questions [the] 9/11 Commission Report,” by Alan Miller

3. “WAS 9/11 AN INSIDE JOB?” by Adam Letalik

4. “Norman Mineta and Richard Clark Prove 9/11 Was an Inside Job,” by Adam Letelik

Arrowhead, shoot me an email if you want to work on putting something together. I am definitaly interested.

If you want to contribute..?

Just contact them

I think the physical science of the destruction of the trade towers and building 7 ought to have been included.

The family's unanswered questions was a good addition though.

Looks Good!

Some of the papers included in the binder may be found here

P.S. I've emailed Steven Jones, Kevin Barret, and

P.S. I've emailed Steven Jones, Kevin Barret, and Frank Legge (a contributor to the Journal of 9/11 Studies) about this, along with the Youtube link, indicating that Kucinich is requesting factual and scientific data re: 9/11 to try to open the debate.

My reply from Jones

Robert --

Highly recommend: point Rep. Kucinich and his staff to . Best scientific data will be found in
those peer-reviewed articles, largest collection of refereed papers on
the subject.

I am headed for Phoenix AZ tomorrow, will have email contact again on
Feb 26, pm. Best regards,

Steven J


Nice conversation I'm having with myself here in the comments section eh?

Anyway, I don't have Kucinich's email address, so could someone provide it and send that to him? Thanks.

Might as well post again..! :-D

I forwarded the email exchange over to Bob Bowman as well as I do believe I heard somewhere that he's also in touch with Kucinich's office.

Now, the only one who hasn't recieved the required email with the Journal of 9/11 Studies link, is Dennis Kucinich himself.

Could someone please do that and then report back that it's done, and could you please post his snail mail contact info also as I'm sure that some people here might also like to furnish him with some scientifically and factually based information.



Kucinich's Contact Information.

Kucinich for President Email Form:

Lakewood Office
14400 Detroit Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
Phone (216)228-8850
Fax (216)228-6465

Parma Office
Parmatown Mall
7904 Day Drive
Parma, Ohio 44129
Phone (440)845-2707
Fax (440)845-2743

Washington Office
2445 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone (202)225-5871
Fax (202)225-5745

Don't be afraid to waste a few minutes calling his office or emailing him about your requests regarding 9/11. Also if your feeling more ambitious use a hard mail address and send him some information/articles that help prove the case of 9/11 being an inside job. Apparently he already has a folder of information, but a few more articles or well researched letters could help.


Message Sent.

I forwarded the message that Stephen Jones had for Kucinich regarding the Journal of 9/11 Studies to Kucinich. I put the link to the website in it as well. Very easy. We can't be lazy on this one folks.

Robert Rice. If you are the dude in the video up there. Then By God.. Great Job!! Very Kick Ass and great approach.

no no no

no no no

It's Justin A. Martell

Remember that name. Guys like him have a bright future. Love the way he dressed up with that bow tie! Excellent job on his part.

You know, when I sent that email to Jones and Barret and Legge and Bowman, and got a reply from Jones within five minutes, then posted here, from which you sent that to Kucinich - well, I must say that indeed we do live in a new age, what Pierre Tilliard de Chardin called the "noosphere".

It's like a speed of light relay of the torch of truth, and it WILL impinge directly on the public consciousness and conscience, and those MSM patsies, they're going to have more than egg on their face when all is said and done.

By the end of 2008, our "alternative view" on 9/11, and the whole history eminating from it, will be the predominant one. We're going to WIN this info-war, this psych-war, and we are winning it, and Kucinich is smart to pander to our movement as you could see in that little Youtube film.

I only hope Cheney's heart is still ticking for that knock at the door, say five, or ten years from now...

Follow up...

I just called his office in DC, to offer any assistance I could as a local contact for 911 related studies.

I will call again shortly, and continue to remind his staff the importance of researching the material such as that handed to Mr. Kucinich, by Mr. Martell.

Thank every last one of you... for lending hands to this work.



Following follow-up:

I called again and reached yet another staffer... to reminded them... "that political future for anyone, in all probability... may depend on their ability to speak intelligently, and with forthright candor on the subject of 911."

Not that they have to run down the street this afternoon... but that the tide of people around the globe opening their minds and eyes to the inescapable 911 questions refusing to die... will in all likelihood define future politicians, as MSM crumbles under the weight of its own abject refusal to cover reality in place of Brittany and Anna.

I also told her, that I would be posting our conversation on the internet... as soon as I hung-up the phone.

Get on it, Fine Gentleman from Ohio... or you could unexpectedly find yourself out on your ear wondering, "wtf?"

(I've had a bunch of friends here who claim to "know how it works", tell me that 'threats' like mine are ineffectual against career politicians. I might consider their advice more valuable, if they themselves were less ineffectual, ineffectually not removing nor modifying the ineffectual antics of ineffectual politicians.)


yes this young man does the country proud

Can you please give us a

Can you please give us a rundown of what was in this folder?

I am excited to see this happen, but I have to admit I am scared of what could have been in that folder. I hope it was only the best information!

See my post above

See post above

Great work!

Very civilised. Let's hope Kucinich goes ahead with this and that he doesn't get smeared by the media in the process.

he wants a focus?

BUILDING 7. He could file a motion in Congress to investigate what the delay is in the investigation into the cause of building 7's collapse. There is absolutely nothing controversial about asking why it has not been explained in 5 years. Especially given that it was the only one to have been rebuilt. Tax dollars are being spent on that charade as we speak. The deadline I think was March, so soon we will have a whole new bogus report to tear apart, OR another delay. Either way...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



WTC 7 is a good avenue to re-opening a wider investigation. He could call Silverstein in front of a Congressional committee.

This was also the first issue I contacted Waxman about.

 Everyone drop a postcard in the mail to Kucinich with the words "WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDING 7" on it. Postcards won't get held up or discarded for security reasons.


Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times:

I think we all need

I think we all need Kucinich's contact information, both snail mail and email, so as to be able to give him what he's asking for..?

Can someone provide that please? Thank you.

This is the key

Not nut jobs like Nico Haupt ranting about no plane theories or how someone can't be trusted because he is in a cult.

Just simple, polite calm approaching of leaders with evidence and areas of concern.

That is democracy.

This young man deserves commendation.

He is the type of person who

He is the type of person who should consider running for office some day.

Everything hinges on the next generation. Got to set the historical record straight about 9/11, so that it can serve as a great point of learning, on what not to do and how not to be, for every generation and from age to age.

I always like to say that soon enough, grade 10 level physics students, armed with nothing more than a stopwatch and a few basic equations including Gallileo's Law of Free Falling Bodies, and Sir Isaac Newton's Laws of Inertia - will be able to PROVE, in incontrovertible and unequivocal terms, that the official story about the destruction of the World Trade Center (including Building 7 of course) is patently false and utterly absurd - thus making the "mere" absence of those buildings from the New York City skyline THE number ONE "smoking gun" of 9/11.

You see, the way and the manner in which those buildings came down, and in the case of the twin towers, went "poof" (in about 13 seconds flat), that is a physical occurance, in reality, which is preserved, in perpetuity, from generation, to generation, and from age to age.

Thus, the historical record on 9/11 can't NOT get set straight, unless the "elite" are able to somehow plunge us into a perpetual Orwellian Nightmare of some kind, which they cannot do.

The CAT, I think it's fair to say, is now and forever OUT OF THE BAG! (I like that analogy) "Heeere kitty kitty.." ;-D

Most excellent work there..Kudos

Kucinich's contact info is;

Lakewood Office

14400 Detroit Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Phone (216)228-8850
Fax (216)228-6465

Parma Office

Parmatown Mall
7904 Day Drive
Parma, Ohio 44129

Phone (440)845-2707
Fax (440)845-2743

Washington Office

2445 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Phone (202)225-5871
Fax (202)225-5745

Contact via e-mail; Zip Code for Lakewood 44107-4408
Zip Code for Parma 44129-5637

BIG NEWS concerning the OKC Bombing !!!

Nichols: McVeigh Had High-Level FBI Help

Pamela Manson
Salt Lake Tribune
Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols says a high-ranking FBI official "apparently" was directing Timothy McVeigh in the plot to blow up a government building and might have changed the original target of the attack, according to a new affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Utah.

The official and other conspirators are being protected by the federal government "in a cover-up to escape its responsibility for the loss of life in Oklahoma," Nichols claims in a Feb. 9 affidavit.

Documents that supposedly help back up his allegations have been sealed to protect information in them, such as Social Security numbers and dates of birth.

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Utah had no comment on the allegations. The FBI and Justice Department in Washington, D.C., also declined comment.

Nichols does not say what motive the government would have to be involved in the bombing.

The affidavit was filed in a lawsuit brought by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue, who believes his brother's death in a federal prison was linked to the Oklahoma City bombing.

The suit, which seeks documents from the FBI under the federal Freedom of Information Act, alleges that authorities mistook Kenneth Trentadue for a bombing conspirator and that guards killed him in an interrogation that got out of hand.

Trentadue's death a few months after the April 19, 1995, bombing was ruled a suicide after several investigations. The government has adamantly denied any wrongdoing in the death.

In his affidavit, Nichols says he wants to bring closure to the survivors and families of the attack on the Alfred B. Murrah Federal Building, which took 168 lives. He alleges he wrote then-Attorney General John Ashcroft in 2004, offering to help identify all parties who played a role in the bombing but never got a reply.

Nichols is serving a life sentence at the U.S. Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility in Florence, Colo. McVeigh, who carried out the bombing, was executed in 2001.
McVeigh and Nichols were the only defendants indicted in the bombing. However, Nichols alleges others were involved.

McVeigh told him he was recruited for undercover missions while serving in the military, according to Nichols. He says he learned sometime in 1995 that there had been a change in bombing target and that McVeigh was upset by that.

"There, in what I believe was an accidental slip of the tongue, McVeigh revealed the identity of a high-ranking FBI official who was apparently directing McVeigh in the bomb plot," Nichols says in the affidavit.

Nichols also says that McVeigh threatened him and his family to force him to rob Roger Moore, an Arkansas gun dealer, of weapons and explosives. He later learned the robbery was staged so Moore, who was in on the phony heist, could deny any knowledge of the bombing plot if the stolen items were traced back to him, Nichols claims.

He adds that Moore allegedly told his attorney that he would not be prosecuted in connection with the bombing because he was a "protected witness."
Moore could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

In addition, Nichols says McVeigh must have had help building the bomb. The device he and McVeigh built the day before the bombing did not resemble the one that ultimately was used, Nichols says, and "displayed a level of expertise and sophistication" that neither man had.


So it's finally coming out in the mainstream press.
Funny how Alex Jones covers something for years and some of it eventually slips into the mainstream news. Of course the major news networks probably won't give it much or any air time!

yep, and the MSM is ignoring

yep, and the MSM is ignoring it just like they ignored the video of Mcveigh at the military base at the precise time the FBI claims that they couldnt find him.

working on a military base

working on a military base that specialized in explosives training i might add.

McVeigh Video Destroys OKC Bombing Official Story
Shows McVeigh was in military receiving instruction in "explosives and demolition" over a year after official story says he was discharged, whistleblower harassed for years while unknowingly in possession of bombshell tape

A video that shows Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh at a U.S. military base that specializes in explosives and demolition training over a year after he supposedly left the army puts the official story of the April 19 1995 federal building bombing under serious doubt and mandates a re-opening of an investigation into the terror attack that killed 168 people.

""he and his wife have read "9/11 Synthetic Terror," ...

... in fact they in fact they have 4 copies of it!"

So, what are they using them for? Doorstops?

Maybe Kucinich knows another member of CONgress who would like to peruse his dog-eared copy.

I think he's got it down.

If that is true then, I say it's time to "git down". And, I don't mean dance.

I was also told that nearly everyone that works in his office has a PHD, and that when they research something they "get to the bottom of it."

And these "PhDs", they're gonna start researching this when? And what are they going to reseach? Intelligence failures?

If the above is true (wish that conversation were "on camera" or tape?), Kucinich should know enough by now to do something, anything other than ask for more information to be handed to him on a silver platter.

Isn't close to 80% of what there is to know about 9/11 open source? There are still doors and boxes that can only be opened by someone with the lofty title of "representative of the people". It's time for Kucinich to open some doors and boxes. We have the hammer. They have the nails.

I appreciate what Justin A. Martell has done. It is nice to see this getting on the record. I do hope that someone, anyone in the hallowed halls of CONgress will soon locate their fuzzy yarbels and quit jacking us around. But, ya know what? I ain't holdin' my breath. I detect the odor of 5-day old fish. Something is telling me that all they are really doing is trying to do is run the clock down. Anybody know how much time is left?

If Kucinich drags his feet now, he deserves a technical foul. Maybe two.

When in March is the NIST final report on WTC 7 supposedly due? I can't find a March date on their web site.

The above "Answers to Frequently Asked Questions" states "early in 2007." Maybe they are waiting for the end of "tax terrorism season", which officially closes on April 15th.

I want to know how much time is left on the clock.

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

Bird Dog

We should follow up on this.

Should start doing posts to get a concerted effort going on Kucinich's office.

How long can it take you and your office to read it.

Let's not leave these guys hanging out there by themselves....let's call the office and keep calling.

He says he stands for things...well, prove it or be proven a liar - the clock is running.

Precisely. Initiate a Truth Campaign on his office!

Then, when he has nothing to say, we'll know what he's all about.

Give him some time though and the benefit of the doubt, lots of doubt, for the time being.

It takes a little while to digest, and then to formulate a strategy on how to bust open the case, and the debate.

I think it would be good to remind them what the forefathers gave, and risked, for the sake of the Republic...

Doing a political "hari kari" on the sword of 9/11 truth, it would be a good way to leave public life, wouldn't it?

Kudos! Time will tell...

Kudos to Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth.  That was a very classy exchange and Kucinich seemed genuinely concerned.  Time will tell...

He's on Fetzer's Radio Show 4-6 tomorrow

Not sure if that's Eastern or Central time..

He's on though, and excited about it.

His group may have been inspired by Scholars for 9/11 Truth initially (something good from Fetzer not space beams)

And I'll be speaking to him later on in the evening. He's really got a strong group going with these young Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

A new young leader emerges!


I'll make sure that Fetzer doesn't turn him into a "beamer" ;-D

Here is the thread he posted in

I'm "Arrowhead" suggesting they begin to work up a new paper on the destruction of the Twin Towers.

They are an affiliate of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.


There is a mysterious cycle in human events. To some generations much is given. Of other generations much is expected. This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny.



Take Action: Contact Your Legislator
Model Legislation
Fact Sheet
State-by-State Data
National Press Advisory
National Press Release
Press Clips
Model State Press Release
Sign up for Updates on this Campaign:


Searching for 9/11 answers - By Derek Gentile, Berkshire Eagle Staff Monday, February 19

Part of group believes government planned attacks

STOCKBRIDGE — As much as "mainstream America" might wish it, the local members of the 9/11 Truth Movement say their organization is not going away anytime soon. "(An alternate theory of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, is) a scary thing for people to contemplate," said Renzo Del Molino. "And I understand that. The realization that people in power are trying to hurt us, and not help us, is very frightening to them. It's frightening to me." View Full Story:


S P E E D - U P S

"The world situation is worsening to an alarming degree. People all over the world are being called on to help, and are making their individual contributions as part of an overall prearranged plan. Part of the plan is taking down "A Course in Miracles," and I am fulfilling my part in the agreement, as you will fulfill yours. You will be using abilities you developed long ago, and which you are not really ready to use again. Because of the acute emergency, however, the usual slow, evolutionary process is being by-passed in what might best be described as a 'celestial speed-up.'"

....That seemed so strange and bizarre to her that she was ready to throw her notebook in the trash basket, and yet it triggered something like a long ago memory in her in which she said, "Of course I'll go, Father: it's for such a little while."

Still, she was obviously not completely satisfied, for she tried one more time to abdicate her position. "Why me?" she asked. "I'm not religious: I don't understand these things: I don't even believe them. I'm about the poorest choice you could make."

The answer came back very clearly, "On the contrary; you are an excellent choice. In fact, the best."

"But why?" she anguished. And then, without a hint of doubt she heard the answer: "Because you'll do it."

Helen had no response to that. She knew the Voice was right: she knew she would do it. And from that moment on the future of "A Course in Miracles" was set. Helen would "scribe" it to its completion, even though she might raise loud objections all along the way.

(From JOURNEY WITHOUT DISTANCE The Story Behind A Course in Miracles, by Robert Skutch)


S P E E D - B U M P S

BBC Hit Piece a Tissue of Lies, Bias and Emotional Manipulation -

Outraged truth community demands answers from Guy Smith, immediate retractions and apologies urged, savage agenda driven yellow journalism an insult to the truth

The BBC's Conspiracy Files documentary about 9/11 was a tissue of lies, bias and emotional manipulation from beginning to end. Producer Guy Smith should be ashamed of himself for inflicting this travesty of yellow journalism upon the 9/11 truth movement and he is assured to encounter a vociferous and outraged response in its aftermath.

Separated into two categories below are a number of questions intended to highlight Guy Smith's production for what it was - a deliberate hit piece on the 9/11 truth movement structured around fallacy, lying by omission and overwhelming bias. We invite Mr. Smith to respond to these questions and the hundreds of others that are already being asked by furious and informed community of people who were made sick to their stomachs by Smith's yellow journalism hatchet job.



Is the Military Our Last Hope?

By Paul Craig Roberts

Is the high command of the US military breaking ranks with the Bush Regime?...

Perhaps America could regain its reputation if General Pace would send a division of US Marines to arrest Bush, Cheney, the entire civilian contingent in the Pentagon, the neoconservative nazis, and the complicit members of Congress and send them off to the Hague to be tried for war crimes.


Rabbi Michael Lerner & 9/11 Skepticism

A 9/11 Gov’t Conspiracy? ‘I Wouldn’t Be Surprised,’ Says Tikkun Editor

Daniel Treiman | Tue. Feb 06, 2007

Rabbi Michael Lerner, the longtime activist and editor of Tikkun magazine, has published an essay saying he is open to the possibility that the American government may have been behind the September 11 terrorist attacks.



[From 911blogger ]


The NIST 911 Report On The World Trade Center Collapse
By Mark H. Gaffney



There is help for you!

If you are among the 16% who still believe the Neonazicons' conspiracy theory about 9/11, YOU CAN BE HELPED! Simply click on the links below to read the scientific debunking of the Bush pseudoscience fairytale about the WTC 9/11 atrocity.


Get Radio Active

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Brave or suicidal? This is the best news this month!

This is excellent news, thankyou Student Scholars, you rock!!

Regards John


I wish Dennis wasn't running for president

If he weren't running for president, he wouldn't be doing this balancing act.

I know that Dennis knows about 9/11 and I know that people close to him know it.

We need to get our voting system back and open the cable TV pipeline and turn it into a market place of ideas.

Listen to him on GCN's "The Dynamic Duo" with Barrett and Fetzer

This afternoon I will be the featured guest on Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett's radio show, The Dynamic Duo. The show airs live from 4-6 PM (Eastern Standard Time). You can listen online at Once on the site, go to "listen live" and then select "network two."

I'll discuss my recent formation of Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth and my experiences with Kucinich and other candidates. Don't worry, there will be no talk of space lasers!

Thank God no beamer talk. I

Thank God no beamer talk.

I think the no planers and the beamers are fading away now..

I just gave some stuff to

congresswoman Maxine Waters.

i sent him my What if letter, I send it to everyone....lolol

Here it is...What if the 'official' accounting of what happened on 9/11 is false? What if, in fact, it's a lie, and a big one at that, complete with corporate/media/propaganda cover-up? Especially with corporate/media/propaganda. Without the backing from the media the story wouldn't fly. What would that make this 'war on terror'? A fraud? Since when do steel buildings free fall to the ground, like WTC 7? From fire? What about WTC 7 anyway? Since when? Never have before or since. When did jumbo jets start disappearing when they crash, like the Pentagon and Shanksville. There really was no wreckage to speak of. Where were the wings, the engines, the tails, the seats, bodies,and everything else you see when a 757 hits the ground, they don't evaporate. The Kean/Hamilton Commission did a terrible job at answering all the glaring problems. More like a white-wash. Now, in their new book, they say they think the Pentagon lied to them. Ya think? A great read on this is David Griffin's Omission's and Distortion's. They can't explain NORAD changing their timeline a total of 7 times, WTC 7, not one word, Able Danger, and a host of other relevant facts.WTC 7 is proof the 'official' story is wrong. Ever watched the video of it coming down? They didn't play it much on CNN or NBC, ever wonder why? Because it's the smoking gun of the whole thing.It's proof because it's an obvious controlled demolition, which we all know takes weeks of planning, hence, fore-knowledge of the attack, which means, inside job, and somebody way up the chain of command, and NOT the President. When people say the president knew, I think they're mistaken. He's too dumb to be in on such a plan. he looks like he doesn't have a clue what is going on ,sitting there in Sarasota. He, along with the country was hijacked that day be a group way up.Somebody ABOVE him. Probably someone wearing a highly decorated military uniform. The public has been deliberately deceived into war, by our own government. The future of this country is in serious jeopardy with these folks controlling our government. It's really too bad the media has also been hijacked along with this country. I hope you'll fight to re-open a new, real investigation. Chris Noth....What if.......we're wrong?