9/11 Truth now - and then what?

Years of relentless activity by ever more people have paid off - even though many still dare little more than shy glances, everyone can now see the emperor's new clothes. Therefore, it is time to craft strategies for the day when the emperor will be no more - without a sound, comprehensive plan to improve the system, we are no more than insurgents. Righteous insurgents, without a doubt, but the deconstruction we call for will have to be followed by some kind of reconstruction, in ways favorable to We, the people of this earth, the pursuit of liberty and justice for all - and contrary to repeated insidious corruption by the few, lest history repeats itself too soon. This is our goal, and it will take more than an insurgency to achieve, it will take individual leadership, responsibility, integrity, courage and hard work. But most of all, it will require a vision to aspire and cling to, a vision to rally behind.

It is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them. --Alfred Adler

So, what would you suggest? Imagine the truth of 9/11 - whatever your conception of it may be - was fully out in the open, allowing a good glimpse into the mindnumbing corruption underneath and everyone agreed it was time for a change. What would you like to see changed, specifically? What effects do you expect these steps to have? Let's try to think this through, I'm sure this will be interesting.

Personally, I'm not sure if it will be sufficient to reinstate the Constitution and Bill of Rights as times have changed, and with them the avenues to circumvent both, as we have had to witness. Intransparency and centralization always provide ample ground for criminal activities - in politics as well as economics as well as information distribution. With the advent of the information age, there's really no excuse for either intransparency nor centralization anymore, or is there?

Anyway, here are some of my suggestions:

  • Abolish the Fed and its beatnik tithe collector, the IRS. Allow people the choice to reallocate the resulting free time either for increased income or education, culture, social engagement and their families. Don't force 9-5 schedules for duplicious "economic" reasons.
  • Lay open any and all ties of industry with policy, monetary or otherwise. Better yet, force politicians to wear overalls plastered with labels of all their sponsors everytime they appear in public, like racedrivers. That should seriously deflate their credibility to an accurate reflection.
  • Decentralize politics as much as possible. There's no reason why bureaucrats should rule over people's issues to which they have no tangible relation, other than abstract legal constructs.
  • I'd say break up the media monopolies, but they're working so hard on undermining themselves that by the time these issues become acute, this will have become a moot point anyway.

Of course there's more, but as this is not supposed to be a monologue, I'll leave it at that and chime in again later.

my inspiration

Personally I look to Ecotopia for inspiration of a new kind of society. (overlooking the part about succession)

In particular the part about the 20-hour work week, so people have more time to contribute to their community.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


sustainability and harmonic coexistence with nature is what most of us would like to see in the future, I'm sure. However, we must take concrete steps towards this goal, and correcting our basically insane economic paradigm is the way to go, I believe.

Btw: Ecotopia reminds me of Aldous Huxley's "Island"


well said! It is posts like this that inspire the truth movement.

Thank you!

In fact, your entry about despair kinda motivated it - actio, reactio^^. I hope you and yours are well.

The Future. The Plan.

Bruce. Great post.

I think we should take down the Federal Reserve System. Closely monitor and improve the Voting System. And make Poverty a thing of the past. Two incomes for each family to remain above the poverty line is sickening. no wonder our children are suffering.

Here's my big ticket though. Energy Reform!!!

Free Energy

· Heavy Watergate: The War Against Cold Fusion (00:46:06)*
· The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla (00:49:58)*
· Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point (01:49:38)*
· Equinox - It Runs on Water (00:50:18)
· Tesla: The Genius Who Lit The World (00:42:11)
· The Invisible Machine - Electromagnetic Warfare (00:45:28)
· Interview with Tom Bearden: Forgotten Work of Nikola Tesla (01:23:31)
· Holes in Heaven: HAARP (00:49:58)

These video's are available on Google Video and are compiled on the website http://www.truth911.net

If we can eliminate the Federal Reserve System and provide free or virtually free Energy to citizens, then we will have a lot more free time to foster the health of our families and take part in our communities. I pray to God I see this in my lifetime. Anyway. The documentaries above provide the basis for taking down the oil barons and providing energy on a never before seen scale. Let's do it.

Free energy

While I agree with your other points, I am extremely skeptical about free energy, mostly because I have seen more than my fair share of charlatanery on this subject. Therefore, I would like to ask for evidence - evidence accessible without sitting through 8 hours of the videos recommended above. Would you please direct my attention towards one or two of the strongest points, as you see them - the "smoking guns" as it were?


First we need trials

for all perpetrators and for all accesories after the fact who acted deliberately.

Then we need a new moneytary system. That's an issue everyone have to understand. It is not done by abolishing the Fed. We need an money controlled by the people, not by any banks, not Fiat Money, but real money, backed up by a basket of goods everyone understand, and this money should be interest-free, instead it should bear a little fee, so we can reverse the "positive" interest who is not really positive into a negative interst stairway to long-term zero interest.

In fact, it is this "positive" interest that is behind most of our todays problems. Accumulation of power and wealth in the hand of the view, wars, debts, polution...

After creating a fair and real money we can solve all other problems. I for instance do not believe in the power of reign. Everyone who rules about others will sooner or later abuse this power. So let's abolish this structure complete, and not believe anymore in the best system of the worst in which we have solely the power to "drop elected leaders out of office" without responsibilty and no real choice between two corrupt parties.

I want a society based on consensus, secondary liability , direct power. It is possible. We only have to make it, and we must first arrange that the old mafia style reign does not have the power to destroy such an effort violently, as happened over and over again in history...

Yes, this is key

I agree. However, as long as the money generation is solely within the public's authority and thus under collective scrutiny, I don't see the need for a gold (or similar) backed currency. In fact, gold backing would only shift the monopoly from those who control the money to those who own the gold - mostly the very same clique as it stands...

Regarding interest, I couldn't agree more. Same goes for "reign". It's time we take responsibility.


It works when people work for their community and not for the benefit of the government
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Will we be able to avoid the "isms"?:

They carry a lot of stinky baggage. That said, the concept of "property" may put up a fight in a flesh and blood world, just the same "nothing to call my own".

Since many here have cut new teeth on the issues of truth and justice... we might be well suited at redefining the societal habits which would constantly re-affirm such things as truth and justice. The DOJ has shit the bed on that one.

Most -isms

have been subjected to the same doublespeak perversion as "conspiracy theorism". So we either avoid them because of the heavy baggage included, or - if reasonable - we separate them from that baggage. Communism is not = Soviet Russia. Capitalism is not = the USA. Conspiracy Theorism is not = Cuckoo.

I think one could rightfully say the concept of communism is embodied in the family. As JJJames says: it works on that scale.

[Sorry I gotta run, I'll get back to the rest of you later!]

Subject being revived...

Here and there, participants in the truth and justice movement have occasionally repeated a most important question... "truth now, what then?" And for good reason.

So imagine the result, if say tomorrow, President Bush took to the podium as if the fist of an Angel was stuffed up his rump... making him come clean and tell the truth (for once)... that he and his kind of buddies had actually been deeply entranced by greed, selfishness, and dreams of mastering the world through War these past many centuries.

I'm not holding my breath, that even an angelic fisting will have us see Little George do the right thing. But hope can be a lot of fun.

What I do not doubt, is that 911 is going to out completely come hell or high water (possibly, sooner than we think)

Are we ready?

Many people are now showing in their eyes, clear cognition that 911 stinks... and that the ugly truth about it is just around the corner.

It is not the fear of truth that gives them worry... but the genuine unknown of a world view tossed asunder, on a direct account of just such a revelation. There are but few remedies to alleviate such a guaranteed pain of first the cognitive dissonance (as people are literally throwing-up), immediately followed by the most logical of all questions... "what will happen next?"

Some people are less troubled by such unknowns... I suspect these are the kind of people who've been plowing forward with no assurances, for all the hard work these past five plus years. But the center is not so freewheeling, and it is our duty, a responsibility, to envision a possible world we must offer... in return for giving up the corrupted piece of junk-reality we wish them to leave behind.

It is not our right, and would be complete folly otherwise, to simply crush peoples world view... without pointing at a few possibilities to replace it with. We are not free to unplug our fellow people from life support systems based on addiction, and then leave them upon a strange and cold floor to gasp and die.

We owe it to ourselves, as our work will only get easier, if we spend some time on this vision stuff... before we loose the chance because we who've earned it, did not attempt to re-fill the reality vacuum we've created.

Your Future in Microcredit

First time I’ve felt like commenting for a while. Thanks for the opportunity.

In considering the society of the future it is important to take into account the massive growth of microcredit worldwide. I will describe the features of microcredit, or more properly microfinance, which make this development of fundamental importance, but first the numbers.

For as far back as there are measurements available, the number of people involved in microcredit has been expanding by just over 34% each year. Currently there are 500,000,000 people in the microcredit economy, and, if the current rate of growth holds for another five years, there will be just shy of 3 billion (yes Billion) people in the microcredit economy. At this point it will be possible for MFI’s (micro-finance institutions) to print their own currency. The dollar economy will then inevitably collapse.

Microcredit was designed by Dr. Muhammad Yunus (winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize) by looking at the way commercial banks operate, and endeavoring to do the precise opposite. So where banks make loans only to people with collateral (generally rich men) microcredit loans go primarily to poor women. Where bank transactions are carried out in secret, microcredit transactions take place in public meetings. Where banks make loans for purposes which have to be approved by the bank, microcredit loan approvals are made by the borrowers, the bank has no say in what the money is used for. This is real freedom.

In places where microcredit has been operating for some time there is a measurable and sustained drop in the birth rate. For example, in Bangladesh where microcredit is now available in almost every village, the birth rate has halved since 1970.

Microentrepreneurs are necessarily organized into groups which meet weekly in order to carry out loan repayments, and take out new loans. These groups, initially consisting of the poorest women in the village, determine the investment priorities for the village. Their priorities generally consist of clean water, growing food, building schools and so on. These communities have never had much use for a central government, and it is reasonable to expect that they never will have much use for such a thing.

This activity, carried out on a global scale, presents the possibility of an entirely new social structure. Microcredit is economically, socially and ecologically sustainable. It operates in every poor country in the world, and in many of the middle income countries as well. Following the collapse of the dollar economy, conditions will be ripe for microcredit in this country and the rest of the industrialized world. The Fed, Dead.

Thanks for that posting, Shrapnel...

I just popped open a friends eyes, who's been struggling with finding new ways to reinvent his mortgage lending and banking business. I jotted some notes down for him on the back of an impeachment flyer handed out by dc911truth.

I can't wait to hear how that might go over, as he reads the notes to his colleges while they get to stare at some radical's flyer.

This is really getting fun.

I heard about that

but to be honest, I have only been considering the macroeconomic situation as of yet. However, what I can say right now is that endeavouring to do the exact opposite of what banks nowadays do seems like a good idea!

So, with microcredit, transactions are open, good thing - but how about the loans? Who owes whom exactly, or in other words: who owns the bank? If it's communal, then this is the way to go!

Oh, and you're very welcome to comment, Shrapnel!

Ron Paul

Justice deferred is justice denied-MLK

time to set right what has

time to set right what has been spoiled by the previous fathers---

To bruce1337

Hello Bruce,

I would like to further discuss this topic with you, as I feel that it is one of the most important and most overlooked topics in this whole discussion. My background is economics, and I feel that I have some valuable insights into the question of "What comes next?"

For starters, you might want to check out this 40 minute lecture by well known and published economics professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe:


The title of the lecture is 'A World Without Theft'. The information in there is just the beginning. I know the focus of this lecture and this line of thinking is quite outside the standard paradigm, but nevertheless, it is essential for the 9/11 truth movement to wake up to this reality. There are lots of people busy working out the details as we speak. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in further discussion along these lines.

Hello greves1

Thank you for posting...

The audio must have been good.... I was unable to listen to it without constantly rewinding, as my mind would race away with the possible futures and societies implied by many of the speakers points.

I would propose to other 911'ers... that spending just a modest portion of their total research/activists' time considering such material as this... even if one does not consider any particular example equally viable as another...

... experimenting with such thoughts, and visualizing in the mind's eye what possible futures are, returns an immediate dividend in helping to enhance and focus our immediate work today persuading others that truth and justice are worthwhile pursuits.

Hi greves1

the name of this lecture, which I'm downloading at this moment, suggests "outside the standard paradigm" means outside of the established system of interest. Well, I'll know soon enough. When I'm done listening, I'll be glad to expand this discussion!

This is GOLD!

Money as Debt

Everything you need to know about our current money system condensed into merely 47 minutes of animation! Spread this as far and wide as you possibly can!