The heartbreak of truth

I am sitting here tonight in despair.I've always told my son like my dad told me.Hard work will get you ahead.
Iam now face with a problem.Lie or tell him the truth. In the past the words of wisdom that my dad gave
me held some meaning.Today it seems it's more on who you know,then what you know , or how hard you work.
How is this relavent to the 9/11 movement you ask?
It seems that bullshit packs more weight then the truth,and with that i am having a hard time.
Where is this great country headed? If i had one wish it would be all things are valued on face value.
Our time is running out, i am sorry to say.How can it be that the truth has to struggle to prove it's point?
America! Wake up!.................More than you can possible know rests on your attention.
DZ your intentions are good,as well as all the people who visit this site. What are we to do?
It makes me feel so sad to see our movement struggle, only to get the answers the american people deserve
We can't let this go the distance like the JFK coverup did.Only now after a few of those involved are dead,are more fractions of the truth exposed.
So to all those here at 9/11 Blogger ,and those that visit this site.All we ask is ANSWERS to our questions.

Hang in there

The Truth has spread more in the past 12 months than in the previous 100 years.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

We won't let this go

and we will prevail - chances have never been better. I think everyone's been going through phases of despair and resignation - not surprisingly, considering we're challenging probably the most pervasive enemy ever. But we have the truth on our side, we have the wits on our side and we have the human spirit on our side - plus the second coming of the printing press. And we are making progress: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win". We have now entered the final stage before victory, wouldn't you say?

Imagine fighting an enemy that would grow stronger after every battle, won or lost, inexorably, irreversibly. An enemy that would reflect your every blow right back at you, and no matter how superior your position may have seemed when you started the fight, you eventually begin to realize you can only lose. This, my friend, is the kind of situation our once confident enemy now faces - therefore, if anyone is truly entitled to despair, it is them. And don't you ever forget that!

Tipping Point

I saw this book today a the grocery store -

and I thought of 9/11 truth. Maybe we are near a tipping point. Soon, we may be more concerned about directing the reaction than about bringing one about.

Regardless, I agree. We will prevail. The truth, and the people, always win in the end. Good prevails.


We have already won the greatest battle for the destiny of humankind.

The media simply hasn't "reported" it yet... and the paleo-politicians are simply stumbling on their dicks wondering "what-the-fuck?"

The job ahead of us now, is far less about 'spreading the word' (as it's now unstoppably viral)... but about looking ahead... and thinking ahead... and planning ahead.

We've got a gigantic task before us... and that is, cleaning up the battlefield.

Sure, people like Dick and his little sidekick George... won't disappear today, and unfortunately neither tomorrow. Pricks like them can still cause loads of damage and difficulty... I'm sure they've got a number of booby-traps set among the carcasses of their wars, and the scales of inequity between Americans and our fellow global coinhabitance... has yet to be balanced.

Yet if the truth and honesty movement remains on our current path... no other group or political-like body will be able to negotiate more equitable and amicable terms of restoration and rebuilding.

We have won, Wisdom. It seems that even the 911 truth movement hasn't fully grasp this actuality yet. I find it all simply marvelous.

As Alex reminded us, "many hands, make light work". All one need do is continue to spread the word about needing people to help clean up the mess.

Humankind is capable of this, like no other.

In that vein

I wanted to create a blog entry, open thread style, to discuss the aftermath perspectives - specifically - but refrained from doing so because it doesn't qualify as 9/11 related news. Guess I should...

Is anything useful, here?: 2344 and 2398

I sent these ballons up some time ago, but as you say, they may not have been received well at the time for not seeming 911 centric enough.

Looking ahead, is undeniably a responsibility of those who set the change in motion. This is not a task we should expect others to do for us. It is a job for those who've earned it, the people whom have sacrificed and dedicated so much to seeing justice done.

I would not trust ANYONE ELSE to craft the work of revolution, restoration, rebuild, and terms of equity... then the people found in places like this here little 911 blog.

Yes, there is.

It didn't seem well received at that time :-(

Anyway, I just submitted an entry, so any doubts are now moot.

*crosses fingers*


"We have won, Wisdom. It seems that even the 911 truth movement hasn't fully grasp this actuality yet. I find it all simply marvelous."

That's a fascinating assertion, Erin. How did you reach that conclusion?
The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Don't you feel the breeze?

"Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence."
--Vince Lombardi

point taken


Actually, we won before this began.

All we've had to figure out, was whether or not we wanted it.

Whatever one may think of JFK... I think he was dead-on in this: "The revolution is inevitable, we can only effect it's character" (basically to that effect.)

Besides, there is no other way to be.


"Actually, we won before this began.

All we've had to figure out, was whether or not we wanted it."

Well said

That's just what I was getting at. Sounds like you think we passed the tipping point a while ago.

I think it's getting to be time not to be anonymous anymore, because anonymity assumes our fellow citizens will think us weird or that questioning the official story will us in our work life. It still takes me a few beers to sign my own name.


Yes this is'nt exactly a 9/11 topic...sorry.However it is relavent.My son who has just graduated from college,and is into the 9/11 movement has seen all the films, and videos.
He has seen Aaron Russo's film,and googled Monoply men federal reserve fraud.He is a fine young man that has made me very proud.My daughter is serving in the air force, and is stationed in Saudi.
How can we tell our kids the value of honor & integrity when the system is so corrupt?

Be proud

Be proud of your daughter too. She is also fighting valiantly for us.

My shame lies in our leadership.

Remind them:

We always have the power to fix things... be that from the inside, or the outside.

The day before, I had a chance to sit down with a neighborhood acquaintance. Last fall, he had departed for Paris Island, bootcamp, and AIT. He stopped back home, for a short visit before deployment overseas.

Last we had met, before he entered MEPS, I dared to voice a warning to him... that the toughest thing he would encounter while in service... would be the intestinal fortitude needed to stand against an unlawful order. We did not at that time discuss anything further about what would actually constitute "an unlawful order".

After his induction (swearing in), basic training, and AIT... he mentioned during his recent visit that even though he had performed his Oath to the Constitution... he admitted that he had yet to actually read it. He non-the-less understood that he should, and that he understood advancement through the ranks was "supposedly" aided by speaking knowledgeably in the subject.

Having mine in my pocket... I produced it and said I too thought it would be a good idea.

Not wanting to relinquish my own dog-eared copy, I stepped out for twenty minutes and acquired one for him. We spent the next hour going over the basic outline, articles and some of the cloudy examples of popular debate.

I fully acknowledged that many parts of the document were undoubtedly flawed, yet as many feel it to be a living document... amendment was our vehicle for ever-improving such a thing. That as a guide post, he should also refer to the Declaration of Independence, and letters of context (such as the federalist papers) if he was looking for further insight.

To be clear, I did not wave it in the air as the end-all-be-all... but rather for him to understand that it represented a concept for all people (unprecedented in its time) that government was to be subservient to the people, and ultimately answerable unto them. That all governments are to be made aware, from time to time, that forgetting its proper place as servants of the people... threats of revolution, always belong as the prerogative of the people. Thus, a guide post for judging for himself, any action he may be ordered to take... or to pursuing liberty and happiness otherwise.

And it is SO important

to approach the armed forces that it's actually incredibly negligent of us not to invest more efforts. Personal efforts like these, not John Conner bullhorning. Without the armed forces, the traitors are nothing but a bunch of scheming rich old farts.

As John Conner works one part of the room...

... we can work another.

The armed forces BELONG to We the People, and many within the ranks fundamentally know it, deep inside!

What I suspect so many are wrestling with... is that even though many understand their actual duty... they can be torn between higher ranks (often less enlighten, an organic result of unchecked authority)... vs. their deeper wish to serve the people, but a people who've had their heads spun by mercilessly flapping flags of jingoism. Father, mother, brother, uncle... do not instill faith in their serving kin, that they will receive them back with open arms after reports of "disobeying orders" (the flapping flags in everyones face HAS clouded humane reason).

Many in the armed forces are walking a razor thin line right now... they are just waiting for the people to voice unequivocally that We know what the fuck is going on... and that service people who've been biting their tongue to bloody stumps, will in fact be properly recognized should they stand-fast in the face of orders to "blow up the swarthy freedom hater".

They just need to hear from us that; We the people... know the score.


that most of humanity lives under, or has lived under, despotic rulers. Also recognize that occasionally these despots get their comeuppance. It doesn't happen often, but occasionally history offers an image of Mussolini's corpse hanging in a city square, or recently captured tyrants such as Milosevic, Charles Taylor, or Saddam Hussein. Most mass murderers get away with it, like Pinochet did before being arrested well into old age and senility.

Our condition is not unusual, nor is it a reason to despair. It's just the way things are for human societies.

Keep fighting. Maybe these bastards are part of the group who will hang someday. You never know.

Relivent Insperation

(Laughing).......I figured out what i was trying to say.
Although not a real 9/11 topic,a little insperation now ,and then motivates.
So, as people come to 9/11 Blogger they may ponder their actions,but when thinking of the impact it will have on there children.......
Ever seen a mother bear protect her cubs?

Reality is This

We are all playing a role in the future of this country and the world. Every person we inform. Every message we post. Every bit of evidence we examine.

Every time.... we make the people who create terror know that we are watching them.

That alone is US taking the power back from THEM!

While we are taking strides forward they are backpeddling.

They are digging trenches and we are launching truth bombs.

We right now with our efforts are keeping these people in check. We are making the calls before the plays even happen.

We are saving this world.

Dilligence my friends. The world will feel the quake when we crumble this power structure. There will be no doubt about the circumstances which brought them down. Remember they are fighting for their lives. Treason is punishable by death and we will not hesitate 441 days.

Ignorance is NOT Bliss