Lionel Talks About Christine Ebersole on His Radio Show in NYC

In response to the news yesterday regarding Christine Ebersole coming out and publicly questioning 9/11.

6 Minute 2MB MP3 (911podcasts mirror)

Big thanks to for the hookup!

Of course we knew

all that but, I have to admit, he has a great way with expressing it. I have enjoyed listening to him the couple of times I noticed links posted here. Can you repeat the info as to where he can be found streaming on the web? I think would like to make him one of my regulars to listen to...

Lionel Online

LIonel is an intelligent and witty radio talent.

Thanks much.

I will listen to him more.

Yes, tune in Lionel!

He mentions 9-11 in almost every show -- he's "fascinated" with the topic. Subscribe to his podcast.

Lionel is always spot on

Listen to the last half of the third hour from 21-Feb-2007 -->


again last night

yep - talked about it with a prof in hour 3 last night - on pod cast now