William Rodriguez on BBC "North"


From one of the BBC franchises, not sure of broadcast date, assuming Feb. 2007 as Rodriguez just wrapped up his tour of Great Britain.

Rodriguez relates his experience with the sub-basement explosion for the BBC North viewing audience.

Thanks VAB for finding this.

William Rodriguez - Top Man of Integrity and Honour...

A True HERO.

Ya make me proud William :)

Best wishes and Good Luck !!!

Good job William.

What makes my blood boil is how people like this BBC interviewer phrase the questions. He says: "We all saw the planes hit the Towers, yet you maintain there was a conspiracy"...

Excuse me? Who is saying there were no planes? Has William ever said that? Does alleging government involvement and bombs going off mean the planes didn't hit the building? Of course the planes hit the building. They were an integral part of the whole operation. The only people trying to say otherwise are disinfo agents (like Nico Haupt) trying to murk the waters.

right. and the best response is...

What do you mean? Of COURSE the planes hit the towers. I think you're a little confused about what people are saying.

Then they can go ahead and say "Well I know a lot of you think that"

And you can say "Where are you getting this? I can't imagine someone taking a claim like that seriously. Why don't we stick to serious topics and not some insane rant you may have dug up online."

When anyone around notices that the person you're talking to thinks that the problem with 9/11 is that people think the planes didn't hit the towers, they will say "hmmm, that's weird, that guy is totally confused, and the other one makes a lot of sense. who should I believe?"

And so it goes. What we don't need is any more "airtime" given to BS that no one is going to take seriously. Let's get down to business. Let's rebut NIST's rebuttal. Let's organize a campaign to demand a speedy resolution to the building 7 contract--how much money is being paid for this ridiculous exercise in futility?

If we don't get serious, they will win. If we dwell on non-issues like whether or not certain people are disinfo, we lose. Let's raise our standards a notch shall we?


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William Rodriguez - On BBC Radio FiveLive 23-Feb-07...

William was on the radio today, much longer interview - Starts at 1hr 4mins 45secs into the broadcast.

Direct Link to RealAudio file (For Real Player) :


Podcast : http://www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive/programmes/mayo.shtml

Notes on Five Live :

first audiences were some four million, with a record audience of six and a quarter million..

More Info : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Radio_Five_Live

great job yet again William.

great job yet again William.

William Rodriguez

What troubles me about William is this.Did he not notice strange goings on in the wtc weeks and months before the demolition?Surely being the Janitor and knowing the towers inside out he MUST have noticed odd activity in the towers,particularly on the mechanical floors where must of the explosives were placed.
How could William not notice something suspicious during the weeks and months prior to the attacks?
Anyone any views on this?

well, i have all the respect

well, i have all the respect in the world for WIlliam for being honest about the explosions in the towers and sticking to his story in the face of the propaganda machine that is trying to get him to change his story or just shut him up. that said, WIlliam claims that he saw "middle eastern" looking men in the weeks before 9/11 trolling around the towers. take that however you want to. where they setting charges? were they "al qaeda"? ive actually tried to pin WIlliam down on this and get specifics but he seemed kind of evasive about it. he comes around here every now and then though, maybe you could ask him?

Did he notice anything?

I'm no expert on trauma but common sense tells me that it would be difficult to bring up any memories of what occurred before what he went through. (I think it's fair to say that qualifies as severe trauma.) Especially since he wasn't expecting anything unusual and wasn't trained to look for anything suspicious.

Trouble No More

He didn't work 24/7.

I'm not sure that Rodriguez

I'm not sure that Rodriguez not noticing anything suspicious really indicates anything.

If there was preparation work done just before 9/11 it could have been done under the guise of some other maintenance work.

Of course there is also the idea that explosives were built into the structure during the construction of the WTC.

"Of course there is also the

"Of course there is also the idea that explosives were built into the structure during the construction of the WTC."

this statement is troubling. they have been floating this one for a little while now. i guess they really are afraid of the controlled demolition theories. Channing, i dont mean to be rude, but just think for one second about how absurd that statement is. hint: think lawsuits.

Guy Smith, Thanks For Your Assistance

Guy Smith,

I've finished viewing your BBC special discussing the
topic of 9/11 conspiracies. Myself, and many others
who watched it together don't really by into
conspiracies too much. We are of the school of simply
wanting some questions answered and we'd like an
independent investigation to sort through the
overwhelming amount of information. Let the cards fall
where they may. Justice is what is ultimately
important. Afterall, if the government has nothing to
hide, there isn't a reason in the world not to
investigate the mass murder of nearly 3000 people;
especially given the fact the introduction of the 911
Commission's report states "We are not here to assign
blame (for the attacks)," thus we haven't had an

After viewing your show, most of us have concluded
that it was quite a deliberate piece with the
intention of avoiding many facts and staying focused
on ridiculious subjects. It was also obviously
subversive, a hack job with the goal of discrediting
those you interviewed as opposed to hearing them out.
That is bad journalism. As a result, we all now feel,
without question, your show was a blatantl attempt to
discredit the 911 Truth Movement. Furthermore, as we
sat with two family members of 9/11 victims, there was
a revolting moment when you stated that 9/11 families
were disturbed by the hugely popular movement pressing
for 9/11 truth. (There was a brief discussion of a
lawsuit against you for this lie; though I must say
emotions were running high considering you callously
touched intimate nerves, perhaps they will let it
pass.) In the end, we all want to thank you for
helping us get a clear picture of 9/11 and the obvious
ongoing effort to suppress the truth, you've help
spell out the Administration's guilt. This brings me
to our final point: you should be ashamed of yourself.
When the day the truth is finally exposed, I, and many
others, will press to hold all those accountable who
had assisted in the cover-up of mass murder. I wonder
what motivates an individual like yourself to carry
out such low-life acts against humanity. Can it simply
be greed for a hunk of cash or is it something more
disturbing, perhaps a deep hatred for your fellow man.
I hope you come to your senses and apologize for
producing this disturbing show and put your efforts
towards rightousness.

wow, that was great

What an excellent letter, gb. Especially when you tell him that he'll be held to account when the truth is widely known.

Now, on the subject of William's interview, he did a great job. I DO want to know though, if he has the names of 5 people who the Commission did not want to interview, who can corroborate his story, why haven't we seen/heard from them by now? There could well be a good reason, but I 'think their coming forward would be huge.


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We have heard from some of them:

The Heroism of William Rodriguez: Amazing Testimony from Inside the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11

"Twenty two people that I made available—firemen, victims, and survivors that had similar experiences to me were never called.

[Starts playing recordings in Spanish of eyewitness testimony about 9/11 and translates them]

“We were in the basement of Tower 1 of the World Trade Center. We heard something like a bomb. And the light turned off. At the exit door there was this ball of fire that came down and knocked us on the floor. We were hit by hot air. The room was full of smoke. At that moment I believe there was a bomb. I said ‘Chino, let’s get out of here.’ [Chino said] ‘I can’t get out because my leg was wounded.’ I heard that there was an explosion. There was hot air, my hair got burnt.”

This was Jose Sanchez.[42] He was available to testify—he was in the basement. He was never called. Chino[43] was never called either."

I've also provided links to news stories with their testimony in the footnotes.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

great thanks arabesque

So maybe someone could track these folks down to interview them on air? To speak at a conference?


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Here's more

Jose Sanchez, 45, of New Jersey, in a never-released tape recorded statement made in early 2002 to William Rodriguez, (the first WTC maintenance man to claim a bomb exploded in the north tower basement-see page 4), said he heard what sounded like a "huge bomb," causing lights to flicker on and off, while he worked in a small sub-level 4 workshop. There were six sub levels beneath the Twin Towers.

Sanchez, who worked for American Building Maintenance Co. at the WTC for 14 years, was unavailable for comment, but made the taped 2002 statement to Rodriguez, recounting his personal 9/11 experience.

Sanchez, who fell on hard times after 9/11, revealed the details of a basement bomb-like explosion while Rodriguez and two CNN interns, Carolina Inojosa and Evita Zerebrinsky, interviewed victims and documented information for the many unfortunate people having trouble getting needed government assistance after 9/11.

"I threw myself on the hospital floor in tears and I finally had to get an injection to calm me down," said Giambanco. [note: He was saved by Rodriguez] "For a long time after, every time I would try to go to sleep I would get nightmares about being trapped in the elevator." Reflecting back on his 9/11 near death experience, he added: "I remember riding in the ambulance that morning and looking back, thinking it had to be a bomb.Later they told me it was an airplane that hit the towers, but how could it just be an airplane? I know all the newspapers were saying that, but it was just too incredible to believe if you heard and experienced what I did. It had to be a bomb." From http://proliberty.com/observer/20050716.htm see also:



"Felipe David, who had been standing in front of a freight elevator on sub level 1 after 8:30am:
“Everything happened so fast, everything moved so fast. The building started shaking after I heard the explosion below, dust was flying everywhere and all of a sudden it got real hot. "I threw myself onto the floor, covered my face because I felt like I was burned. I sat there for a couple of seconds on the floor and felt like I was going to die, saying to myself 'God, please give me strength.'" Although severely burned on his face, arms and hands with skin hanging from his body like pieces of cloth, David picked himself up, running for help to the office where [William] Rodriguez and others were gathered. "When I went in, I told them it was an explosion," said David, who was then helped out of the WTC by Rodriguez and eventually taken by ambulance to New York Hospital. "When people looked at me with my skin hanging, they started crying but I heard others say 'OK, good, good, you made it alive.


“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

"this statement is

"this statement is troubling"

"think for a second how absurd that statement is"

After the 1993 bombing, the basement was rebuilt and it is very likely bombs were built in, assuming 9/11 was in the works for a long time. Throughout the years, it is very possible explosives were slowly added. The possibility of that they were added in the first place is probably not the case, but certainly someone casually mentioning "the idea" of it is an outrage that is "troubling" or "absurd".

What is troubling is how you responded to someone simply suggesting an idea.

We should be looking into the possibility that the Towers were rigged to blow, and not just in the few weeks before 9.11.

You want us to think it is "disinfo" to even talk about bombs being built in. But I read a book by a Mossad agent where he discusses how building bombs into structures of Israel's enemies, for "insurance", was something they often did covertly.

Why do you freak out at such a concept?

You remind me of the Harley Guy interviewed by Fox on 9/11. Something about you is insincere.

you are pushing a dangerous theory

it is the same EXACT talking point that is being floated out by debunkers to explain away the demolition of the towers. im sorry you took so much offense. it just seems absurd to me that ANYONE would want to work in towers packed with explosives. would you? i freak out at such a concept because it will likely be a defense for when the controlled demolition thoeries can no longer be ingored. remember our president himself saying that "al qaeda" plants bombs in buildings? i wonder why he said that? so yes, that statement by you does indeed trouble me, especially coming from a 9/11 activist. let the other side use the ridiculous theory of pre-planted explosives built into the towers. again, the lawsuits alone would be reason enough not to do it. its just not plausible. finally, your last line is a fucking joke. how long have you been coming to this site? insincere? care to explain how? i may be a lot of things but ask most people here if im insincere and see how many yes's you get.

this statement is troubling

Wasn't there a story about bomb sniffing dogs being removed prior to Sept 11?
If that's the case it would imply bomb sniffing dogs were the norm, which would make it dificult to plant explosives.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not being anti-CD. just looking for truth.

Ever notice how the very top floor....

which I believe was the restaurant, blows up right after the plane hits, I mean 10 floors or so away from where the plane hits, you can see plooms of smoke on both the north side above where the plane hits and on the other side? Looks to me like the restaurant blew up right when the plane hit. Check it out.

This question seems like a non-starter to me

Rodriguez did not work every shift of every day, first, so he would not necessarily be around when such "odd" activities took place. Also, such activities could easily be cloaked: "Hey, we're here to inspect the air ducts"; "Hey, we're here to lay internet cable"; "Candygram!"

Remember Bush's bizarre comments of September 15, 2006? He was talking about "harsh interrogation" tactics, and he made this odd remark:

“For example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed described the design of planned attacks of buildings inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry them out. That is valuable information for those of us who have the responsibility to protect the American people. He told us the operatives had been instructed to ensure that the explosives went off at a high – a point that was high enough to prevent people trapped above from escaping.”

He may not be referring to 9/11; however, consider what he's proposing. He's proposing that terrorists could plant bombs in buildings in the US. Now, if Bush thinks (knows?) terrorists can do this, why can't insiders do the same with even greater ease?

Good questions

however, do keep in mind: things may not have seemed suspicious at the time. Not until after the cataclysmic events had occurred and the little things added up.

William is not a security guard or a detective, but rather a keen observer who knew what the normal operations of the towers were.

Too short

Nice little interview, but way too short. If they had been serious they should have asked him about the details of the explosions, if there could have been any natural explanations, if he had noticed any suspicious behavior before 9/11, how many others heard the explosions, etc. That would have given it much more credibility.

I´m not knock Mr

I´m not knock Mr Rodriguez,he´s doing a great job alerting many to the fact 911 was an inside job,however of all the people who worked at the wtc he would have been the most likely to have noticed something fishy.

Here is another thought for everýone.Has it not crossed your mind that we are MEANT to know that 911 was an inside job??
It so obviously was an inside job I mean how the hell could anyone fail to notice wtc7 collapsing in a perfect controlled demolition and NOT come to the conclusion it was a set up???I´m sure that the planners intended us to know that they did it as part of the psyops.A show of power if you like.The most arrogant act this century.

A few things.

Either Rodriguez or someone else, I think it was another guy, has talked about how there was a lot of construction type work going on empty floors that was very suspicious and others have interpreted as the type of work where things like charges would be planted.

As for wanting it to be obvious, I doubt it. If this comes out, there would be hell to pay. I think things just didn't go exactly as planned. However, I have heard some type of quote regarding Kennedy that his assassination was a lesson to intelligent people that if you could do this to JFK in broad daylight and get away with it, you can get away with anything.

Scott Forbes


Ben Fountain...

Also the guy with the Kilt and Bagpipes who was at the Ground Zero fifth anniversary mentioned "powerdowns" and "unusual evacutaions"

Not forgetting the removal of 24/7 security and bomb sniffing dogs less than a week prior to 9/11.

Yes, he talks about that

in 9/11 Mysteries and several other places, I believe. He says that there was a whole floor that was closed and he was afraid to look there when he heard the sound of heavy machinery coming from it.

Also, as far as claiming to have seen Mohammed Atta or other "Arab-looking" people casing the building:

A) that helps build up the official myth, but it is quite possible/likely it was done for show.

B) Atta and other Arabs most-likely were involved in some way as patsies, whether they realized it or not.

This was a very sophisticated operation with many aspects and layers to it, including building appearances of an Arab operation which may or may not have had some actual reality to it. But even if it had reality to it, the ultimate operators had to be domestic, imo.

let's get Scott Forbes some airtime

AND Willie's coworkers. Or we could all sit around Uncle Fetzer and circle jerk away precious time...

And Yarrow, while I agree that some Arabs possibly but not necessarily including Atta may have been involved, there is plenty of room for foreign operators playing an important role.

SOMEone knew they were secretly rigging a building for demolition. I have trouble believeing that a group of Americans would do such a thing to their fellow citizens. On the other hand, we have the dancing Israelis. We have the 200 Israelis deported after 9/11. We have Odigo the Israeli instant message company being warned. We know about Zim Shipping, another Israeli company, completing a move of its HQ out of the WTC 2 weeks before 9/11. We have Larry Silverstein taking over the WTC six weeks before it was destroyed, and he is a close associate of Benjamin Netanyahu.

It just kind of smells a little, um, fishy. And yet instead of any real discussion of the role Israel may have played, we have a baseless accusation of an Arab-Muslim conspiracy. We have these denials: http://www.911myths.com/html/zim_shipping.html that really beg more questions than they answer. And receiving the most attention is the patently false rumor that no one knows who started about no Jews having gone to work at the WTC on 9/11. That's basically the "no-planes theory" of Israeli involvement. A ridiculous claim to debunk to avoid having to deal with the really questionable tie ins.

"9/11 truthers are holocaust deniers who think jews used holograms of themselves to hide the fact that they were all warned to stay home that day! If you watch their videos you will start saying the same thing!!"

I'm sorry. But when it comes to the state of Israel, the experience of the crew of the USS Liberty should be foremost in our minds. Did Johnson ask them to attack our ship and kill members of her crew? WHO CARES. They should not have done it. Americans would have refused those orders.


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Planting seeds

Good work Mr Rodriguez and thank you. 

I think it is important to stick to a simple story, without going into too many details, about how the official story cannot be true.

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times: http://www.rochelletimes.blogspot.com

However, I have heard some

However, I have heard some type of quote regarding Kennedy that his assassination was a lesson to intelligent people that if you could do this to JFK in broad daylight and get away with it, you can get away with anything.

YES! exactly,that`s my point.Look at it this way.Those who ordered it (911)are in control of the Police and military.
Nothing short of a coup d'etat will change things or bring those responsible to justice and that would never happen.Those on c ivy street are pissing in the wind

Yes, Simple.

Many eyewitnesses to explosions, Pulverized concrete, Molten steel, Free-fall speed... Mr. Prosecutor?.... Mr. Prosecutor!?



I watched Mr. Rodriguez's

I watched Mr. Rodriguez's new DVD about 2 weeks ago.. Even though I have been involved in this movement for 2+ years and read a good bit on Mr. Rodriguez I had never seen/heard his entire full story with all the details..

His DVD has his entire story as filmed from Alex Jones's conference in LA.. its probably about 60-90 minutes long, and for those who have some questions this probably would be worth picking up:

I was there

the biggest guys in the room had tears in their eyes

I was so impressed by Rodriguez's presentation

that I made a transcript complete with footnotes to back up all his important statements about explosions with other testimony and evidence.

Everyone should take the time to see his presentation.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."


Hey, the guys at the French 9/11 Truth site are looking for a transcript to work from as they subtitle. They asked me but I haven't had enough time. Could you send them one? You could either contact me through the PM function and I'll email you the address of the person who wants it -- or alternatively, you could turn on your PM function briefly and I'll send it to you that way.

Sure you could send them a link to my transcript

99.5% of the presentation by Rodriguez is in there, including the introduction by Alex Jones. but be warned I took a few small things out. For example I can't speak Spanish, so I did not translate some of his Spanish Comments. And some other minor things that I felt weren't essential I took out.

Anything that needed clarification or that could save word repetition I also edited. However these changes are very minor and were made to help the reader.

I posted the transcript on 9/11 Blogger a couple of months ago:
The Heroism of William Rodriguez: Amazing Testimony from Inside the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11


“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Suspicious activity

It sounds like William HAS talked about suspicious activity in advance of 9-11. It would make sense that the "handlers" of Mohammed Atta and others would parade them around the WTCs in advance of the tragedy. I think that is what was going on with the FL casino forays and the drinking and carousing with women. They were making a spectacle of themselves so that people would remember them. It plays into the "19 middle eastern men" did this terrorism.

However, once again, WTC 7 remains the bug-a-boo. Given the tenants of that building (CIA, NYC emergency management, SEC, IRS, Secret Service, etc), NO ONE who was not allowed into the building by security for that building would have had access to the building. Conveniently, all the security tapes for the days in advance of 9-11 were destroyed in the demolition.

OT: Is Dustin Mugford (9/11 REVISITED) still around?

Anyone know about this? ...i.e., if Dustin Mugford is still around?

I ordered a 9/11 REVISITED dvd from his site and have not received it and have not received a response from Dustin.

Is he still around? It appears his blog at http://www.911revisited.com has not been updated since early December 2006.

Does anyone

here know where I can purchase a Spanish version of William's lecture. I bought the regular english talk from William's site. I live in the Miami area and have to open up some hard core AntiCastro types. Very pro Bush Cabal.These are some of my friends, but can't break through to them.
I think maybe a spanish version would help.


Send your snail mail address to me at parrotfish44@gmail.com and Ill send one out to you if you can't get in touch with the website


"And nothing would ever change your mind ?" He asks!. What is he talking about? That perhaps William didn't experience the explosion nor his freind with skin hanginging off his arms , screaming explosion? Or is he cynically referring to government pressure to change his story?



Please explain how sub basement explosions cause a collapse initiating from the point of plane impact.