Olbermann: Inflated Terror


Keith Olbermann asks the key question whether the statistics were intentionally or unintentionally wrong. David Boies, Olbermann's guest and the author or "Courting Justice", basically avoided the question saying it is just important that the data are wrong and we need to do something about it so we are safe.

Wrong answer. This prolongs the presumption that 9/11 was carried out by UBL etc., and that we remain in grave danger from Islamic terrorists. It also absolves anyone/everyone invloved with the bad data of guilt.

Later Olbermann asked "What are the risks going forward using bad data?"

Wrong question. He should have pressed the issue of possible government complicity in falsifying this data.

Maybe someday one of these self-proclaimed newsmen will get a spine and give up their anchor jobs for the truth. Charlie Sheen did not lose his job for 9/11 truth. Would Olbermann? What about Jack Cafferty?

Perhaps a write-in campaign asking them to sacrifice their jobs for truth.

Where are Dan Rather and Ted Koppell on the topics? Doesn't anyone out there in TV newsland have a conscience and a set of cajones?


.........I am sure people from the truth movement have contacted them.I am sure they know.You think they have'nt checked it out?

keep on knockin'

Just to be sure. It doesn't hurt to remind them in case they haven't heard. If you have the time.


A few minutes...

Which one of you is the right man?

Dear Mr. Olbermann and Mr. Cafferty –

You certainly seem to be the right men for the job.  What job, you ask?

Publicly question the government’s “official” conspiracy theory surrounding the events of September 11.

I get the sense watching both of you on TV that you are sharp enough to know the truth but afraid to lose your jobs.  Are your jobs as newscasters really worth more than the lives of all of those that died on 9/11 as well as the lives lost in the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq?   I think not.

Go ahead.  Take a chance.  Can’t one of you please be a real American hero?   

You’ll get another job.  I’m sure of it.

Respectfully yours,

Ken Eichler

Let's keep it at least slightly above a sixth grade level here

Stop calling people names, especially the closest things we have to "friends" in the MSM. The 9/11 story is not going away, and within a year people fed up with government deception like Keith will at least mention it. And Keith has already mentioned "conspiracy theory" and not in a demeaning sense. The main obstacle to see to people like Olbermann coming around is the onslaught of hate-mail calling him names and being rude, instead of politely telling him about some evidence you have. Think about all the pressure Keith has from every direction, and realize that being rude will never help the truth movement.

Don't be a Nico Haupt, please.

My lecture is over for the day. See you tomorrow class.