Alex Jones at the University of Texas Union Ballroom

Introduced by fellow GCN radio host Jack Blood, Alex gives an hour long speech at the Project For the New American Citizen event which was held at the University of Texas Union Ballroom. In his presentation Alex discusses the Bush family's ties to Hitler, the overthrow of Mossadegh in 1950's Iran, the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11 and the collapse of the twin towers.

Alex expands his talk into a discussion of whether the 19 Arab "hijackers" were in reality black-ops agents, the wargames on 9/11 that simulated planes flying into high-profile targets, and the process of defeating those who would vanquish our liberties, how the elite have gone from being arrogant to scared. Alex then takes questions from the audience, including how to counter people who cop out and respond with "well what do I have to hide?" when faced with the dangers of government surveillance. Debunkers who were handing out tin foils hats outside the event are also confronted.


Alex who started the CFR?
Does the mysterious Globalist have names?
The biggest similarities between Hitler and The Bushes that they were both used by the same people. and both very easily manipulated

Alex do a complete study of the bolshevik revolution and who the movers and shakers were and you will figure out who are the mysterious Globalist. Follow the money trail.

He did mention names,

the Rockafellers, etc... He knows who they are. Brilliant speech, we should all be inspired.

You're right

He makes interesting points, but (as always) fails to nail the complete historic specifics (which are important to understand the true structure of what we are up against), especially the networks of masonic and religious cults (and especially the Jesuit Order) which are operating behind the scenes of all of these fascistic massacres/coups/revolutions.

Factual examples:

- He mentions the WWII and how Hitler was made chancellor due to intense lobbying by national and international corporations, but fails to mention the full backing of the Vatican before, during and after the war. For those who don't know, Hitler was a Catholic:
-- Adolf Hitler's religious beliefs

- The Nazi regime, and the fascistic fractions from other nations in Italy, Russia, France, Spain, worked together with the Vatican. This can be officially seen in the various agreements (Reichskonkordat) and the Ratlines.

- He mentions the Rothschild banking family, but fails to tie in the longstanding Vatican / Labor Zionist relations.

- He does not mention the masonic/occult relations of the various global institutions which were created after WWII, such as the EU, NATO and the United Nations:

Eg. do some research on Joseph Retinger - He was a 33rd degree mason, Jesuit priest, founder of the Bilderberg Group, and one of the major architects of the EU.

Alex tries to make it convincing that he is telling the whole story, but he doesn't want to (I suspect). He never points the finger at the real people (and the groups they circle in). I consider him one of the ultimate gatekeepers of our time. He is 'their' last hope, before people will see the true fascists without vague labels such as the 'global elites'.

People are waking up

Alex Jones will expose himself he is all about fear and not about any real solutions. Project for a new American citizen what a joke. how about every one just read Thomas Paine Common Sense, and thats all every Sovereign person should do you will see the light after that read. If you need Alex Jones to help you be a citizen instead of a Sovereign boy i dont know whats the hell going on with this movement