De-Bunkers can't help it

I wrote this letter to the BBC in protest of their obvious propaganda piece against the social dis-order group known as 9/11 truth.
I thought it would make for intersting discussion into the motivations and why some people can not bring themselves to question the convential
wisdom of the 9/11 myth. Interestingly if you read Freakonomics, the author makes a point about convential wisdom, that also hits on the same theme,
it goes something like this:

Convential wisdom does not and most of the time is not the absolute truth, it is a version of true that most people can understand.

Here is my letter,

Dear Mr. Smith

Why ask something if you already KNOW the answer?

You see the power to conform is so powerful that well meaning people like yourselves will rationalize actions and decisions on the subconscious level to
avoid asking questions that go against these powerful forces to conform.

Here is an Interesting analogy:
Did you know how a flock of birds all decide at once which way to fly, some scientist have even proposed theories that birds have a mental telepathy,
because the change in directions seem to be instantaneous. But thanks to high speed camers and massive amounts of available memory storage available today,
they now KNOW that it is quite the democratic process, the flock will stay flying in the same direction as long as a majority of birds are pointing in that direction,
and when a 1 bird majority is pointing in another direction they change course at almost instantaneous speeds.

You see this demonstrates the primal urge to conform it is in our DNA, so I don't blame you for your obvious bias against the 9/11 activists and researchers,
they are the "early birds" if you will, that are pointing in a different direction. I just hope that you will be on the look out for more birds turning, because
the speed at which the flock turns will be unstoppable.

Smarter than You,
US Patriot

You see fellow searchers, time is on our side and when the momentum shifts, it will be a force of nature.

I agree, willamwallace:

I think even the truth and justice movement itself will be surprised at the speed of change, when the entire flock decides to join in the new direction we've been tempting them with these past several years. And it will.

Don't be too surprised, when you wake up one morning to find out just how far truth and justice can sweep up the entire field. Dick The Dick and his side-kick Bushistas... can be tackled and shackled within a matter of minutes, once their security thugs figure out the irresistible force of genuine public will.

Oh, the ugly side of The Mobocracy which tyrants and shitbags always try to de-fang and forget... their spotter scopes, crowd control tanks, and microwave ray-guns... will be no match.

Back away from the fancy-bomb buttons, Mr. Bush-n-friends... if you touch them off, a swift throat ripping will follow instantaneously. If not, I trust that time alone will rot you out of your fall-out caves regardless.

I strongly advise all you cripto-fascists, that you surrender before it's too late... and you just may be left to wander a modest patch of grass, with your balls still attached below your flaccid cocks. (well, actually... I don't know if I can really promise that last part. The kind of mobs created in response to your brand of shit, can get a bit messy... sucks to be you.)

Nice flock analogy!

I'm sure the folks at BBC appreciate this fresh angle on the subject among the myriads of letters they are receiving.

I often wonder whether the public awakening of 9/11 truth will be sudden like a dam burst, or gradual like a leak. Looking at birds suggests that it's at least possible for a burst of change.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month