News From Chandler

Well, today was an interesting start to say the least. Our press conference was inhabitied by none other than Stephen Lemons. The complete @sshole that wrote those three "hit pieces" about the conference. Every question was about Holocaust Denial and Eric Williams, or Eric Williams and Holocaust Denial, or Eric Denial, and Holocaust Williams. Basically he was there to disrupt what was going on. At one point, Bob McIlvaine started speaking, and the idiot journalist started talking over him. Someone said to him, "He lost his son on 9/11", and he responded by saying, "Who cares?" At that point, some angry, good looking, intelligent gentleman said, "You're a piece of sh_t" to the idiot journalist. If you didn't guess, it was me. I know that was wrong, but there is a line, and he crossed it. The idea that this man is a journalist is absurd. He focused on the one topic, and disregarded everything else that was brought up. Luckily, with a brilliant speech, Meria Heller nipped this Holocaust Denial bs in the bud. The whole press conference is on video, and will be posted on Monday.

I had lunch with Peter Dale Scott, Bob McIlvaine, Richard and Ben. It was a very cool lunch. The evening's speakers consisted of Meria Heller, Janette MacKinley, Ken Jenkins, Ernie Hancock, and me. The topic of discussion I participated in was called, "The Psychological Implications of 9/11". I read a piece I wrote a while back that tacked the idea that our Government would never do such a thing entitled, "They Would Never..."

I had dinner with Radical Pragmatist, casseia, and a surprise guest (at least to me), Michelle Little. Michelle was one of the three family members that called for a new investigation on 9/11/2006 at the National Press Club. She is VERY cool. I also sat with Dan Wallace's mom, and step dad for a little bit at the bar. They are also VERY cool.

More to come tomorrow...

"You're a piece of

"You're a piece of sh_t"

Dude, it had to be said.

A little insight on the New Phoenix Times

This is the paper which employs the obnoxious columnist mentioned above. (I say obnoxious for reasons entirely apart from his choice of topics -- his style should be enough to get him sent to Gitmo -- he loooves alliteration, and refers to himself as a bird all the time.) Anyway, the paper is the local alterna-weekly resource for people looking for sex and live music. It's a cross between Portland's Willamette Week and the Mercury (Col. Jenny will know what I mean) and I picked it up to read Savage Love before I even made the connection. Unlike Willamette Week, it doesn't appear to be a "real newspaper" from a journalistic standpoint.

In better news, I was introduced to Steven Jones and shook his hand, which was a great pleasure. (Ironically, the Birdman's column this week was about how anyone who is anyone has backed out -- and I'm thinking oh yeah, dude, I just met Steven Jones...)

Hope you're having fun!!!

Check your email.

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atta boy bulldog

did you use a bullhorn?

Justice deferred is justice denied-MLK

that's the mentality of the

that's the mentality of the debunkers.

"this man lost his son and wants a new investigation? who cares. he's a twoofer moonbat blablabla....."

quite sad.

Show "Anybody Going to Mention Getting to Meet Eric D. Williams?" by Brainster

Do you ever get out? Have

Do you ever get out? Have you been to a con before--any type of con--even a sci-fi con?

Williams was a VENDOR. Trust me on this--I have been a vendor at cons and had NOTHING to do with organizing or any authority at, the cons in question.

BTW: "vendor" =merchant: a personal paying a fee so they can sell stuff.

Now let-it -go. Wanker.

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Show "Birds of a feather flock together" by js

Been with us 7 hours and

Been with us 7 hours and 55-some minutes--and you're still a wanker.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show "Facts are facts" by js

"I've posted things of

"I've posted things of substance."


Ahem. Sorry; where would that be again? Do you have a link to your "substantial" contributions to this site?

While you're working on that, you might check in at the SLC comments. Seems there may be a Holocaust denier on the debunker side too- that neither Pat or James seem to have a problem with. People in glass houses...

Have fun!

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He's not a holocaust denier

He fully believes there was a holocaust.
The screw loose change idiots made up that he was a denier. He's not, you've got your facts wrong.

Thank you

-for a link to the event's audio/video etc.
Looking forward to tune in ahead!

atta boy, jon

looking forward to video of the conference.

The media is a joke agent provocateur

Its do bad the low class media has nothing better to do then to try to taunt everyone in the greatest movement in american history of being a holocaust denier anti -semitic or any other nonsense like that. they are getting very desperate because obviously the cant discuss the facts i am totaly disgusted with the media today thats why there ratings are dropping like a bad habit.

Show "The Conference Organizers Blew It." by Badmachine

Hang about, they BLEW it by

Hang about, they BLEW it by being CLEAR?

EW may have been a non-entity, but by the time SLC and others got through enough people knew about the git that being clear was needed, IMO.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Why wasn't

This "piece of shit" just kicked out, physically removed?

My guess is he had already

My guess is he had already paid to vend. They would HAVE to refund his money and I don't know how much that would be. And "revisionists", much like other activists, know the law well enough he wouldn't leave without a refund quietly.

I'll give them the benefit of the doubt this was the quietest way of managing it--though my desire would also be to not have him there AT ALL.

Hmm. Usually even for vendors there's something about not selling material potentially offensive to participants--did he leave his books home?

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Because Eric Williams is NOT a "piece of shit"

He's questioning the NUMBERS of deaths in the holocaust. He is NOT denying it. We are questioning what happened on 9/11, not denying it. Don't buy into the BS, Williams is fine, screw loose change is despicable.


Not talking about Eric Williams dumb-ass.

Obviously talking about the nut bag from SLC that was just there to harass and distract.

Show "Virtually anonymous?" by JamesB

"Was" he, indeed? Well,

"Was" he, indeed? Well, whatever he "was" he's a VENDOR now. That means his authority begins and ends at his BOOTH that he paid for. A capitolist like you would understand.

So, Patrick planning to breeze by again today? Remind him to behave...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show "Behave" by JamesB

Defensive much?

I didn't say Patrick wasn't behaving--I was just reminding him to continue behaving--you know, after Mr. Lemons tried to stir things up? Patrick might have gotten some ideas...

Still trying to bait me to see if you can catch me in the lobby on the computer? ;-P

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show "Huh?" by JamesB

I didn't say I was worried

I didn't say I was worried about it--this cloak and dagger shite is a lark! ;-P

Such a disappointment for a girl. Guess I'll just have to see if Pat's still skulking about.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Ho, ho, ho!

*sing-song* "Someone needs to manage their site!"

Paul Revere said...

Shawn: I agree with you lad. But perhaps it would be good to email the convention organizers? What will they say?

However, your hot temperment, well inspired to be sure, perhaps over looks some of the historical simularities to the construction of the Holocaust myth and the construction of the 911 myth. Both are rooted in the machinations of a media elite.

This is NOT to saw murder was not done against many during the great war, only that it has been exagerrated, as 911"Truthers" exagerrate the culpability of our great government.

Truth be told, America has NEVER done wrong, no matter how many would slander her or our great President Bush who is doing everything in his power to protect us from the true terrorists.

24 February, 2007 12:29 <<<

Now let's see a bit of that anti-Holocaust denier action, James! Ready, steady, GO!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show "Huh?" by JamesB

So, you think it's okay to

So, you think it's okay to tolerate people at your blog who deny the Holocaust happened without challenging them or throwing them out? And since these people's post in no way reflcet your views--much as Williams in no way reflects the views of most 911activists--we shouldn't judge your blog by the people you tolerate--even if it's a Holocaust denier?

Hasn't the bulk of the SLC recent "news" been primarily critisizm about the 911con and how tolerating William's presence is an endorsment of his positions? So, from that, I can conclude your tolerance of Paul Revere and his calling the Holocaust a myth on your blog is YOUR and PAT endorsement of that view.

Sorry, James, no double standards for YOU. And I know for a fact, from watching the Nico, mini-Nico drama over there, you CAN and DO delete posts you think cross a line. You'd think after all of your yammering, Holocaust denial on your own comment's thread would be one of those lines.

You'd think, but you'd be wrong.

How's them apples?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Poor analogy

NOTE: this is a post by JamesB that got out of sequence--I'm helping him. Feel free to respond to him here:

>>We tolerate 9/11 deniers on our blog, are you proposing that we start deleting their comments and banning them because we disagree with them and find them offensive?

This is a completely different analogy. We aren't criticizing the 9/11 conspiracy movement because of a few random comments. Hell, if we did that we could make 20 posts a day just off of 9/11 blogger and the Loose Change forum alone, we would never get anything else done. This was about someone who was helping organize a major conference for your movement, not some anonymous person.<<<


Sorry, James--doesn't cut

Sorry, James--doesn't cut it.

(go ahead, rate the comment above just as you would James'--or go to his original post on the next page where he put it, hoping no one would notice.)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Jenny, don't fall for it.

Jenny, don't fall for it. He's baiting you. Williams is not a denier. If he is, then we're all deniers too, which is ridiculous.

Don't sweat it--I've got an

Don't sweat it--I've got an angle... ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

i like how you handled that

i like how you handled that Holocaust denier, Col. Jenny Sparks. You pressed hard enough so that his comments were taken down. Very good. I think we should apply the same standards to ourselves as we apply to others, don't you? After all isn't that the Golden Rule?

Here's what I think 911blogger should do. We shouldn't tolerate Holocaust denial here, we should instead take down the posts and comments that advocate such a sick position. Those who perpetually push such a position should be banned.

After all, as Col Jenny has stated, if we don't do this then we are tacitly supporting the Holocaust deniers and their position.

Actually, it's what THEY

Actually, it's what THEY stated--I was holding them to THEIR OWN standards.

And we have this thing called comment moderation over here--remember? They don't have an equivalent--yet.

Oh, and thanks for the back-up during a REAL problem. :(

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Williams is a Holocaust

Williams is a Holocaust denier. Let's not kid ourselves. And the best way to cope with Holocaust deniers that attach themselves to the 9/11 truth movement is to expose them as such and not tolerate them or their lies.

Have you read his book? Do

Have you read his book? Do you know anything about Eric Williams other than what people have said about him? Show me some proof that he has denied the holocaust. I can tell you there is nothing in his own book saying this.

Don't buy into the propaganda, Williams is not a holocaust denier.

I would quote from his book

I would quote from his book "The Puzzle of Auschwitz," but he's removed it from his site and it's no longer on Amazon.

If he puts out a public apology and retracts his previous statements then I suppose I might believe that he's reformed, but let's not pretend Williams was NOT a Holocaust denier. He wrote a book that definitely denied that there was a final solution, that there were extermination camps, and that there were exterminations.

It's a bad idea to try to protect this guy from his own published views. The best way to debunk the debunkers is to own up to mistakes. Giving Williams a speakers slot was a mistake.

Get some fresh air and go to

Get some fresh air and go to the library--if they have Ann Coulter's Godless, they've got to have Williams.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Actually our public library

Actually our public library doesn't have his self published book. What a surprise. They do, however, have these useful items. You might want to check one of them out.

Author Lipstadt, Deborah E.
Title Denying the Holocaust : the growing assault on truth and memory / Deborah E. Lipstadt.
Publication info. New York : Free Press ; Toronto : Maxwell Macmillan Canada, c1993.

Assassins of memory : essays on the denial of the Holocaust / Pierre Vidal-Naquet ; translated and w Vidal-Naquet, Pierre, 1930-
New York : Columbia University Press, c1992.xxv, 205 p. ; 24 cm.
940.5318 V649a

Remembrance and denial : the case of the Armenian genocide / edited by Richard G. Hovannisian.
Detroit : Wayne State University Press, c1998.328 p. : ill, maps ; 23 cm.
956.62 R386 1998

First Mr.Over-statement, now Mr. Assumption

Actually I own the first one, and yes I read it. It does not automatically follow that we will see exactly eye to eye on everything else.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Eric Who?

It doesn't matter how involved he was.

He's a very, very minor player in the Truth movement.

Posting what was posted at the main page in prominent red letters is like McDonalds posting under the golden arches "To the best of our knowledge, our employees won't sp*t on your food."

Why bring it up when no one is asking?

If it were to have been brought up, ya deal with it, then move on.

But don't advertise to the world that there is a major controversy when there really wasn't one in the first place.

Yet now there is.

I'm not sure if I should post this

but here is that asshole "Pat" writing about the conference on SLC. Feel free to visit and leave some words.

Already on it. Impeachment.

Already on it.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Not that anyone else can't

Not that anyone else can't join in... ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


A: Genocide happens throughout history, this is a fact

B: It happened to jews and anyone else they rounded up in nazi gemany

C: It was used (post event) as an emotional tool to manipulate groups of people to achieve objectives.

D: It doesnt' belong at the 9/11 conference, see C.

We know this... your point, right now, is?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

I love you, Meria.

Thank you Jon, for posting the link to her audio.

And thank you again, all those who've made it there, to help report to the WORLD... what is going on here in America.


I second that!

an idea for the AZ crowd - sunday morning, perhaps...

head over to one of the mlb spring training sites. there are several within a really short driving distance, including the cubs, giants, and angels. there's sure to be scores of fans and plenty of media at each site. not to take anything away from the presentations, but a lot of it is preaching to the choir. take advantage of your numbers any way you can. good luck.

Go A's!

Go A's!


in 2007. this makes me want some more of those 9/11 trading cards Real Truther was working on.

Show "Poor Analogy" by JamesB

But once the organizers make

But once the organizers make him back out--couldn't have been that key of a person if they could force him out, twit--you lot STILL were at it: he's still there, he's still going, blah-blah-blah.

You will not live this down. I'll make certain of it--as a favor to everyone everywhere. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO STOP HOLOCAUST DENIAL ON YOUR FORUM AND YOU REFUSE TO USE IT.

Maybe you'll think twice about shrieking "the 911truthers are just like Holocaust deniers" in future.


Any reason you put this HERE instead of up where we were in the thread? Hang about--let me help you...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

jamesb = owned

jamesb = owned

We're Happy to Let Holocaust/9-11 Deniers Post In Our Comments

Anything that makes your side look foolish. There is a specific disclaimer about comments in the top post.

The only problem, Brainless,

The only problem, Brainless, is that a) he's a Holocaust denier WHO'S A DEBUNKER LIKE YOU, and b) you lot have shrieked so much, for so long about how Truthers tolerate Holocaust denial--well there's really no dignified way out for you sods, now is there?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Other Than to Admit You're Right and Remove the Comments

Thanks for pointing those out to us.

Must say--I didn't see that one coming!

Yes, you're right--I just left a nice post there for you lot.

Mind, I had to drag you and JamesB kicking and screaming to see the hypocracy. Still, I was gracious--at your blog:

Unfortunately, your otherwise cunning plan to shut me up about this is hampered by your own history--you do remember rabbiting on and on, AFTER Williams was removed as an authority at the 911Confrence?

Don't worry, I'll be witty and fair; instead of going on and on about how you tolerate and justify Holocaust denial on your site, I'll just go on and on about how I had to MAKE YOU walk your own talk.

Just this once, I'll even call you Brainster--thank you, Brainster.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Now Jenny's paranoia IS working over time...

In addition to shutting me up about this, another motive is a simple set-up: "see how we got rid of our Holocaust denier--why don't you do it at 911Blogger?".

And if that's the case, I will nicely remind you(Jenny still has warm and fuzzy feelings over this--don't worry everyone--it can't last) we have something called comment moderation, as you know. If someone's posts are objectionable, and we the registered drag it below a -3, it gets hidden from view.

So, say Concrete Man--the ONLY registered user at 911Blogger who is a Holocaust denier---comes by, posts his rubbish, you will notice, usually within the hour, that it is hidden from view.

And that's why we don't NEED to manually remove such posts--it's obvious from it's hidden status that we DO NOT APPROVE. Perhaps you should look into getting a similar comment's moderation system--imagine the fun voting Jenny down to invisibility!

BTW: anyone else find it odd Concrete Man hasn't posted recently? Considering?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Here's me archiving this historical moment

Screw Loose Change gets rid of Holocaust denying 911Debunker~ With LOTS of Jenny's help.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

was the bait...

tasty? hey, sister, leave those kids alone.

Oh, God...he thinks he's clever...

Your site makes my eyes hurt...

So you're saying that SLC having a Holocaust denier who was also a 911Debunker was a deliberate trap?

Guess I did take the bait in that case. Oh well. Live and learn.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Andrew, we're not talking about denial.

It's a myth that Williams denies the holocaust.

The truth is he QUESTIONS the numbers of jews killed. The holocaust museum says 1 million. the 6 million number was MADE UP.

Why can we not question the holocaust?
I agree it has nothing to do with 9/11, but let's not hang Williams because he is questioning accuracy of events, exactly what we are doing with 911 truth.

Not that it matters

But Sander Hicks is not Jewish. He's Catholic.


This is Jon on casseia's computer.

Oh, like they're going to

Oh, like they're going to fall for THAT one! ;-P


We'll have Meria's keynote up for the world to see soon enough.

Say hi to PDS for me, would you, sport?

Good job, Jon..Well stated!

Calling a piece of shit a piece of shit, just calling them as you see them.Lemens is definatly one of those. I have a question about part of that one sentence;some angry, good looking, intelligent gentleman .
Angry? Yes!; intelligent? Yes; Good looking? hmmmm.
I'm proud of ya Jon, you did good. I can't wait to see it.

Subpoena power -- legal rubber gripping the road

What progress has been made in relation to LEGAL RUBBER GRIPPING THE ROAD, like petitioning for a investigative commission WITH SUBPOENA POWERS?

I believe this was the sole reason for the conference.

What suggestions were made, what proposed actions?


You mentioned Dan Wallace's parents-I keep asking out of curiousity what he died from. Any answers?

It was an allergic reaction...

To legal prescriptions.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

The Holocaust Happened

The number of casualties is questionable. There is no dobt that way too many people died.

Perhaps we could focus on the prevention of the next one.... how bout that?
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Right on target JJJames..thats the point

that these people overlook. Of course if you find that someone has been "rumored" to be a Holocaust denier, then ask them, I say. Get it from the horses mouth, if possible, or someone who is in position to ask them directly.Holocaust denial apparently is a tactic to disrupt and associated intentionaly by others to minimize our credibility.Those who miss that point (I'm talkin about the narrow minded people who do not search for answers below the surface) by not being skeptical turn off and then turn on us.I'll make a declaration for those people who believe Holocaust denial is part of this movement:

Do not worry over the charge of treason to your masters, but be concerned about the treason that involves yourselves. Be true to yourself and you cannot be a traitor to any good cause on earth.

Eugene Debs

Blistering speech by Maria

Everyone should hear this! I just emailed the link to a bunch of peeps, and you all should too. Make it spread like wildfire!

Maria Heller speech

I just listened to her speech.

I totally agree with her.

Show "I'm about to quit" by Tiguhs OndaBayou

Bayou Tiger, did you not read the posts?

Read carefully, because you are left with the perception that disuptors want you to leave with. Namely the ATTEMPT to associate Holocaust denial with this site. Loose change has errors in it, to be sure, but this is what they thought was the truth at the time. They revised what was wrong after deeper investigating and corrected it. It became Loose Change 2. What I find interesting is there hasn't been a Screw Loose Change 2. When you discover something wrong, you change it. Soon there will be Loose change 3: Final edition. Investigations require peeling away layers to get to the core of truth. 9/11 has MANY layers and distractions meant to confuse and mislead. And if anyone who's job it is to do this finds a truther who does not have totally accurate information, it will get attacked tremendously. Thats what happened with Loose Change. But anyhow, read the posts from beginning to end, and you will see how Col. Jen exposed those from screw loose change who leave Holocaust deniers comments so they can attribute it to be perceived as part of the 9/11 movement. This is a deception that is used against the REAL truth movement.
What soon follows is this site gets visited by the usual "attack dogs" to stir things up with the motive being to turn people off. It's such a bullshit tactic that is effective. Look how it has affected you.
Read the exchange posts between Col. Sparks and James B. The real truther in this exchange is Col. Sparks. She's rock solid in truth and wise, very wise to these tactics that Screw Loose Change tries to snow people with.
Or you can decide to not return to this site, thats a choice that I or any truther will not force you to make. All I can say is, if you want to know what happened on 9/11....check out this site...because WE want to know what happened on 9/11.

The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and all to lose--especially their lives. -Eugene Debs

just venting

I'm always drawn back to this site.

And I know screwloosechange and other sites like it are extremely deceptive, serving the sole purpose of discrediting their perceived enemy. However, even when Loose Change 3rd edition comes out I likely won't support it. The focus on physical evidence turns me off. You see, I'm borne out of the Ruppert camp that tends to focus on everything BUT physical evidence. WTC-7 is my one exception, for obvious reasons.

I didn't even read screwloosechange concerning the Arizona conference. I looked up this Eric Williams fella myself and found him to fit the profile of a holocaust revisionist. I really don't want this movement to be associated w/ the likes of him, or the fake-moon landing conspiracy theorists.

It seems like the Truth Movement is pigeon-holing the debate on the belief that the controlled demo twin towers theory. And I think that is a fatal mistake. At least the pentagon issue seems to be subsiding (another distraction), but I'm sure the Loose Changers will bring it back to the limelight once their film hits the theaters.

I was born out of the

I was born out of the Ruppert camp too, and I stand by him--but that doesn't mean others don't have a valid conribution too. We use means, motive and opportunity to nail the bastards, but we examine the physical evidence for our OWN understanding.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Well, I suppose you have to

Well, I suppose you have to do what you feel is right. But before you go, check this out first:

There's an inspiring bit at the end you might want to fast forward to.

Other than that, good luck whatever you decide.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Putting my movie together now...

FYI... it's long... 2 hours and 15 minutes, but it includes the entire press conference give or take a few minutes, and a rather long interview with a "surprise guest."

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

These people are geting desperate

"Holocaust denial! is one of there last non-violent weapon to fight the movement. This tactic is so cheap and lame that they must be really really desperate. You know these people know polls and numbers we don't, they KNOW what the people think. All these think tank and propaganda tanks are not just for show after all.

For them to use such a lame and easy to spot filth they must be truly desperate. Don't let them devide the movement, it's there usually game! There is no such thing as "holocause denial", no one denies that. All some people do is question the given numbers and other parts of the "officiell story". It's the same with 911, no one denies it. We should stay together and don't let them seperate us. Don't play there game. Ones they succesfully outlawed free speach and holocause revisionism, "911 denial" may be next!

Just look at there tactic in the Midle East, first they seperated the resistance, than they took out the movements one after another. Sometimes let them fight each other like dogs. That's the dirty game they usually play.


"No more internal power struggle; We come together to overcome the little trouble. Soon we'll find out who is the real revolutionary,
- Bob Marlay, lyrics "Zimbabwe"

Together we shall overcome

"in the end deceivers deceive only themselves"
- Mahatma Gandhi

The Press Conference . . .


Are you posting the press conference?
If not, do you know where it's available?



Available here.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

Legal Rubber gripping the road

greetings to all participants...

what concrete steps were taken for Legal Rubber gripping the road?

Wonderful to know that Jon

Wonderful to know that Jon (In Australia they call them sepos) had many meals with Jack Blood and others.

Re: Legal Rubber

"Special Order". I don't quite understand it, but apparently we can ask someone like Dennis Kucinich to introduce a "Special Order" on the floor of the House, which can be about requesting a new investigation, and he has to do it.

Will this Special Order produce a commission with SUBPOENA POWERS?

What is Plan B??