Reasons to Doubt the Official Story about 9/11

There's another excellent summary of facts about 9/11 from Andrew Mills at OpEd. I see from the comments some of you have already discovered it! Here's a taste (the article is too long to replicate here in its entirety, but I recommend it):

The Administration Ignored the Threats

Despite the Administration's rhetoric that they had "no warnings" leading up to 9/11, it has become abundantly clear that key Administration officials were made aware of a vast array of al Qaeda threats and warnings that existed in years prior, and more importantly, in the weeks leading up to September 11, 2001. Here not only the Administration, but also the 9/11 Commission, failed to connect the dots.

1. Results of an investigation by a commission headed by Gary Hart and Warren Rudman appeared in its third and final report on 2/15/2001. "The commission believes that the security of the American homeland from the threats of the new century should be the primary national security mission of the U.S. government." But instead, the new Bush administration chose to focus on out-dated conventional defense concerns-missile defense and a review of the military's force structure.

2. A Senior Executive Intelligence Brief (SEIB) entitled, "Bin Laden Planning High-Profile Attacks." was sent to top White House officials on June 30, 2001. It stated that bin Laden operatives expected near-term attacks to have dramatic consequences of catastrophic proportions. The brief said that despite evidence of delays possibly caused by heightened US security, al Qaeda's planning for the attacks was continuing. (SEIBs usually are released one day after President Daily Briefings are given to President Bush and contain similar content, so it is probable Bush was given this warning.)

3. George Tenet called an urgent special meeting with Condoleezza Rice on July 10, 2001 to discuss the al Qaeda threat.

4. Officials in the Administration were concerned about the threat of a possible assassination of President Bush at the G-8 Summit by al Qaeda in July of 2001. One of the scenarios of concern was the use of aircraft to dive bomb the summit building.

5. FBI headquarters totally ignored urgent warnings by FBI field offices regarding Middle Eastern men attending flight schools in different parts of the country. On July 10, 2001, Phoenix FBI agent Kenneth Williams sent a memo stating this concern to FBI headquarters. In August 2001, Colleen Rowley, an FBI Minneapolis field agent, wrote emails to headquarters warning of Middle Eastern men taking flying lessons. One such email mentioned that a civilian flight instructor had warned her that a Boeing 747 loaded with fuel could be used as a weapon. There was no response from FBI headquarters.

FBI Agent Harry Samit made 70 unsuccessful attempts to get a FISA Warrant to examine Moussaoui's belongings-papers, computer, etc. The excuse given was the 'Reno Wall,' even though this did not apply in the case of an alien....

Yea they knew, just shows you how good their intel is

Having looked at this question from many angles, I've concluded several things. I could be wrong my hypothesis is that;
the PNAC orchestrated the plot,
they handpicked the scapegoats and paid them off in advance and as they set up their arab stooges (those guys that were/are in various mitiary/U.S. intel branches, and who later turned up alive )
including ol' Osama and family ( the ones allowed to leave after the rest of the airports were shut down )
the word got out, and came back to them.
So, in brief; they had all these guys secretly planning to do this and the rest of the international intelligence community found out about this plot and informed the administration of it;
THAT is why they were being told, and why they ignored it.
Just goes to show you how (in) secure their secret plans are, and how good the rest of the spies are.

9/11=PNAC PLot

one thing i don't understand about the living hijackers

is why they would participate in a plot as stooges and then answer the phone when the BBC calls and say, "hey, I'm still alive." Doesn't make sense.

That is, you suggest that the guys who turned up alive were the same people who were trained on US military bases and had something to do with 9/11. Why wouldn't they disappear and change their names?

Either the FBI picked those names out of a hat, or there are cases of mistaken identity here. And if the FBI pinned the hijackings on innocent people, to cover something else, why choose innocent people who have trained on US military bases (and thereby return attention to US intelligence)?

No One suggested these guys were 'smart'

Since they were all out of the country, the 'perpe-traitors' could've figured that that was good enough, and most likely never thought that these fall guys would ever be found or identified, and the others may have decided to just ignore any threat of U.S. penalty 'for giving it up'.
The ones who did respond may have just had their names stuck in the hat without being 'in on it'.
The ones who did change their names, including the ex military and high tech experts who supposedly died in those jets, ARE underground. ( possibly literally, in a secret military bunker working on their next plot )
There's a page in my links somewhere with all of their faces in photograph, looking like military i.d. shots curiously enough.
Under their faces are their current status and past status in the military and their status as living or not.
I haven't memorized that info, but since the theme of the Plot was radical arabs, any of them who fit the profile and were/are on the military payroll could /would have been included under whatever auspices.
Since so many of them turned up alive, they were obviously not on those jets, and some of them may have not even been involved.
It's very likely though that all of the guys who 'died' who had/have military backgrounds are involved under the terms of military committment, which includes penalty of death if they commit treason. Treason would be exposing the Plot.
Any of the ones who are still alive are also under that code.
There's a good chance that the ones who turned up alive may not necessarily have been involved.
Some may have been, some not.


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Why bury it?

It makes perfect sense in light of all the other evidence. We all want the truth no matter where the evidence takes us.

Illinois Terrorism Task Force

If you would like to contact Homeland Security or the
Illinois Terrorism Task Force with any questions or
concerns about any of their programs or responsibilities,
please call 217-558-1334 or email at:

Recently I was checking the Social Security Death
Index against a list of 9/11 victims. Judith Camilla
Larocque perished as a passenger on American Airlines
Flight 11 at age 50. However, Judith is not listed in
the Social Security Death Index. Published reports
indicate she was survived by two daughters, Danielle
Lemack of Chicago and Carie Lemack, 26, of Cambridge,
Mass.; and a sister, Diane Marshall.

When I did a check on Danielle Lemack one data set
reported her age as 57 another as 58. This would make
her either 51 or 52 years old when her mother died at
age 50! How can a daughter be older than her mother?



Danielle B. Lemack

Danielle B. Lemack concentrates her practice in the
trade identity field, including trademark, copyright,
unfair competition, advertising, and trade secret law.
She is experienced in the areas of trademark, trade
dress, unfair competition and domain name litigation
including federal litigation, opposition and
cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial
and Appeal Board and domain name infringement actions
under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy. She
regularly counsel clients about U.S. and foreign
trademark clearance and prosecution matters, copyright
issues, advertising clearance and Internet privacy
concerns. Ms. Lemack has worked with clients in a
broad range of fields, including automotive,
technology, travel, Internet, bio-chemical,
pharmaceutical, beverage and toy companies.

Ms. Lemack is an Adjunct Professor of Law at
Northwestern University School of Law, teaching
Trademarks and Unfair Competition. She spoke on a
panel about the practice of intellectual property law
at Northwestern University School of Law's
Intellectual Property Week 2004. At the 2004 Summer
IPL Conference Ms. Lemack gave a presentation on
pop-up ads and keyword advertising.

Ms. Lemack is a member of the Intellectual Property
Law and Litigation sections of the American Bar
Association, the American Intellectual Property Law
Association, the Intellectual Property Law Association
of Chicago, the Illinois Bar Association and the
Chicago Bar Association. Ms. Lemack has served as the
chair of the subcommittee on False Advertising of the
American Intellectual Property Law Association. In
addition, she is a Director and officer of Families of
September 11th Inc.

Judy Larocque founded and led a small company in
Framingham, Mass., called Market Perspectives, and she
had a golden retriever named Naboo. They were pillars
in her life, said her daughters, Carie and Danielle
Lemack. More than that: the dog and the company were
her children, too. That realization brought
responsibilities. Carie Lemack went to the company's
offices to tell employees that Ms. Larocque's plane,
American Airlines Flight 11 out of Boston, had
crashed. Danielle Lemack, a lawyer in Chicago, met
with board members. Naboo needed to be walked, and
loved, and perhaps consoled, too. "The company was her
creation," Carie Lemack said. "I would say it was her
third baby, but that would be Naboo, so it was her
fourth." Ms. Larocque, 50, had been seeking a new
balance of work and life recently, and did so with the
intensity she brought to everything. She walked 60
miles for a breast cancer fund-raiser in May, and had
rediscovered a passion of her youth: yoga.
Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES
on October 13, 2001.

Judith Larocque, Led Research Firm
By Globe Staff, 9/22/2001

Judith Frankel Larocque of Framingham, founder and CEO
of a market research company, was killed Sept. 11 in
the crash of American Airlines Flight 11 in New York
City. She was 50. Ms. Larocque graduated from Boston
University with a degree in psychology. After working
for technology companies including Digital Equipment
Corp., MassComp, and BBN, she founded and became CEO
of Market Perspectives Inc., a real-time market
research company for high-tech companies. She lived
most of her life near Lake Cochituate, and recently
rediscovered the lake with her golden retriever,
Naboo. She leaves two daughters, Danielle and Carie
Lemack. Services will be Private.

Editorial Obituary published in THE BOSTON GLOBE on
September 22, 2001.

Voice of the White House

Voice of the White House February 23, 2008
TBR – February 23, 2007

“In 2002, a special high level telephone and computer tapping sub-agency was set up by order of Rumsfeld at the suggestion of Cheney. Their job? To spy on important people; diplomats, Democratic senators and congressmen, potential enemies of the administration and people neither Cheney nor Bush personally liked.

Like Topsy, this growed to the point where the group was spying on people the senior military at the Pentagon didn’t like or trust. One of their top targets has been Israeli diplomats, their intelligence agents operating here, quite openly, and at the CIA especially and so-called Israeli action groups like AIPAC.

When Cheney got wind of that, he screamed like a scalded cat and the group was ordered to immediately cease and desist spying…but only on the Israelis. Much of this material, reams and reams of it, have been Xeroxed and have been circulating around Washington for about two years. Although much of this material relates directly to the American political and diplomatic endeavors, the American media will never touch any of it. Bush himself is fanatically pro-Isreal as was John Ashcroft and woe to anyone who issued one word of criticism of that problematical state.

We know, for a dead certainty, that Mossad agents had penetrated the Arab groups in Florida who were planning the 9/11 outrage and here we have a funny story. Funny is really not the word, actually. They helped the Arabs with their plans but eventually, it was decided in Tel Aviv that if the U.S. was not notified and somehow it leaked out about their knowledge of a huge and devastating attack, there could be a huge uproar in America and the blind support of Israel could be interdicted by public opinion. The rub it this:

Their Ambassador warned (and this is on tape and has been transcribed) George Bush, Dick Cheney and John Ashcroft personally about the pending attacks in DC and Manhattan. Cheney saw this as a perfect opportunity to advance both his and Israel’s policies in the MidEast.

Nothing was done and we know what happened. Now, according to some of the intercepts, the Israelis are laughing out loud because if the Bush people ever dare to attack them or refuse them their slightest wish, it will come out that they indeed knew of this plot, to the last detail but naturally they informed the top leadership of America in plenty of time to take action. After all, they knew the targets, the probably dates and, even more important, the then whereabouts of the terrorists.


these guys with the signs kick so much ass:

9/11 Questions Follow Obama Campaign Trail to Austin
Austin, Texas - Presidential Hopeful Barack Obama was surrounded by the "Investigate 9/11" Question during an otherwise energetic-- and, for a "grassroots" campaign, curiously well-coordinated-- campaign rally in Austin, Texas.

right in his face:


Rich: 'Surge' debate is same kind of 'sideshow' as Britney's scalp; Bush ignoring urgent warning about Qaeda 'comeback'

Army chief of staff shares views on finding bin Laden (not important):

Code named by US military planners as TIRANNT, "Theater Iran Near Term" has identified several thousand targets inside Iran as part of a "Shock and Awe" Blitzkrieg, which is now in the final planning stages

American armada prepares to take on Iran:

Scott Ritter - "We're on the edge of the abyss...."
Wars against Iraq and Iran are part of a larger US strategy that would eventually include conflict with Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, Ritter says.

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