So, where are those 9/11 whistleblowers?

70-page essay by that title is available as PDF, advertised here:

The description text and contents (below!) pretty much give away the argument to anyone who knows the issues and can use logic to reconstruct what he's saying, based on the issues raised. Nevertheless, you may decide that you'd like to read what looks like a well-organized treatment and give the guy a deserved $9.50.

I think it looks very interesting.


Where Are the 9/11 Whistleblowers?
Answering a Common Objection to Theories That the September 11 Attacks Were an Inside Job

A 9-11 Research PDF Essay
by Gregg Roberts, Associate Editor (of )

Note: Since there have actually been many whistleblowers -- just no one who credibly claims to be one of the perpetrators -- the present title is something of a misnomer. (...)


In many personal discussions I have had about 9/11, I am often interrupted long before I can describe much of the evidence that it was an inside job, with the objection that such a large conspiracy could not have been covered up. "Hundreds, if not thousands, of people would have to have been involved. Someone would have talked"


The essay I'm offering below provides a self-contained, easily printed review of the evidence for official complicity in 9/11:
- The immediate identification of Osama bin Laden as the "mastermind" and the almost immediate identification of all 19 alleged hijackers
- Scant public evidence supporting the official account
- Official statements that lack fundamental credibility, such as that a suicide attack by airliner had never been considered
- The unprecedented, unexplained collapses of three steel-framed skyscrapers, allegedly due to fire, while exhibiting all the typical features of controlled demolition, or features that argue for it even more strongly

After the review, I discuss issues that bear on the likelihood of a 9/11 whistleblower coming forward, and of his or her case being widely covered in the mainstream media, including:
- The history of "false-flag attacks" and other government operations that were kept secret by hundreds of people for decades
- The likely number of insiders in a position to blow the whistle and their relevant personal characteristics
- How the government and media have treated whistleblowers who have revealed weaknesses in the handling of national security threats, without claiming any inside knowledge of how 9/11 was carried out (or even challenging the official story)
- The motivations and concerns of whistleblowers
- Attitudes and other filtering mechanisms evident in the major media

I conclude that the probability of an insider coming forward and widespread coverage being afforded such a person are quite low because of the explosive nature of the issue, the risk/opportunity balance to would-be whistleblowers, and the filtering mechanisms that operate in both the corporate and Left media.

My Purpose in Writing This Essay

The Prima Facie Case That 9/11 Was an Inside Job
Reopening An "Open-and-Shut" Case
"Missed Warnings"
They Were So Dumb, They Outsmarted Us
What Does It Take to Reduce Heavy Steel Skyscrapers to Toothpicks and Dust?

Who Had the Means?
Government and Media Treatment of the Issues
Left Gatekeepers

Where Are the 9/11 Whistleblowers?
Conspiracies Happen All the Time
Upstanding Members of Society
Physics Trumps Armchair Psychology

Who Is in Actually a Position to Blow the 9/11 Whistle?
If You Say It, They Will Come
Media Self-Censorship, and Ridicule of 9/11 Skeptics
The Mother of All Whistleblowers Weighs In

What Motivates Whistleblowers?
Historical Precedent: (Temporarily) Successful, Massive Cover-Ups
What Response from Authorities Could 9/11 Whistleblowers Expect?
- The Case of Sibel Edmonds
- The Case of Coleen Rowley
- The Case of Kevin Ryan
"Trust Us, We'll Protect You"
Surely, Reforms Are on the Way
Ruthless People


Afterword: What Can We Do?
"First, Do No Harm"
Join with Others