12 News: What if everything we thought we knew about 9-11 was wrong?

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azcentral.com, 23.02.07

Hundreds of people from across the country descend on a Chandler resort to challenge popular beliefs about 9-11.

What many people consider to be the most devastating attack ever on Americans is also the government's greatest lie, according to many attending the 9/11 Accountability Conference.

One person told us she feels like they get nothing but lies and propaganda from the government when it comes to seeking answers about the attack.

The 9/11 Truth Movement began on the internet.
Followers cite alternative research that suggests the hijackers on the planes had help, and it wasn't from Osama Bin Laden. They question everything about the attacks.

Truth Movement supporters say they doubt much of what the government tells them about U.S. intelligence, the twin towers collapse and the investigations. Some people we talked to say the government has such highly sophisticated technology, that it would be impossible for the planes to go off course without anyone knowing.

Others say, the twin towers could not have collapsed the way they did without some kind of controlled demolition.

And many fear the government is using the war on terror to further an agenda to take away American's freedoms.

The 9-11 Truth followers are calling for a new independent investigation. They believe- high ranking U.S. government officials are covering up the truth, and may have in some way orchestrated the attacks.

As to why so many people chose to believe the government? Some say, it’s easier to go along with the majority than follow unpopular beliefs.

The conference runs through Sunday at the San Marcos Resort.

(I wasn't able to grab the video segment.. maybe someone else could give it a try and put it on youtube)

Love it.....

The letter I've been sending lately is titled, What if.....?

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Read their FAQ

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Human error. (Before you give up, read the section titled "Missing Entries in the SSDI.")

amandareconwith, why isn't my friend

who died while we were in High School, in the SSDI?

Get out of here with this nonsense.

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It is a first in the MSM.

To me this looks like balanced reporting.

I think we should post comments to this. It is easy to do. We will have to register first. But please, I say, write well and be ordinary in all respects.

Help people to start forming questions of their own. Best not to supply answers, for the most part. Short comments work better than long ones. Bring up your favorite glaring evidence.

Way to go !

I know that if we can just hang on long enough our astounding growth will prevail. The media will find it fashionable and there will be even MORE no stopping us.

So in a nutshell, what can you expect from an administration that began from TWO stolen elections !!??
let's see.
Lies about 9/11, stolen, confiscated and destroyed evidence.
Lies about Osama.
Lies about Iraq, Sadam, WMD's.
Fascist power plays like the bogus manipulated and perjured investigations, Patriot Act, Homeland inSecurity, illegal wiretapping, torture, violation of Geneva Conventions, our Constitution and the public trust, signing statements and blatant obnoxiousness.
Exhorbident costs on borrowed money.
Stolen/missing mountains of money.
Thousands and thousands dead.

And they think WE"RE wierd for questioning the 9/11 Ommission Report ! HAH !

9/11=PNAC Plot
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Unless i'm missing something,...

...I didn't catch the pejorative use of the phrases "conspiracy theories" or "conspiracy theorists" in the video or the article.

Was this a failure on the part of the MSM's "intelligence apparatus"?

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

First Dose?

From the screen shot of the female correspondent at the conference, she looks like from her face that she might be dealing with one of her first doses of 9/11 Truth.

That was quite amazing

really, to see this on a NBC News affiliate.
An actual non bias, decent representation of a 9/11 truth Conference complete with videos of the towers collapsing.

This right here has gotten my hopes up more than any other single event in the last year or so.
I firmly believe that the media is our only option, if we can not control our Media then we will NEVER win.

FAUX news must be destroyed and all the rest need to be put on notice, stop lying, stop spreading BS propaganda, start telling the damn truth, tell the freaking news, present FACTS.
We MUST take back our Media.

The US Media has 100% control, if they would just simply TELL THE TRUTH, based on the facts they already know to be true then the entire Bush crime family & PNAC Cabal of Neofascist war criminals would all be marched out of Washington DC in chains within 48 hours.
They have total control to change history & save this country from total ruin just by simply Telling the truth and they flatly refuse to do it.

Operation Mockingbird ,I believe is alive......

....and thriving as far as what is controlling the media's complete lack of focus up to this point. i think I believe the media is really controlled and will always be, I hope I'm wrong. What do you think? Have you read about this CIA/media take over starting in 1948? I think there's something to it. This is huge , I just hope it breaks free.

Outstanding local courage. Very uplifting.

Two minutes, sixteen seconds of excellent coverage.  Kudos to the producers of that local news program.  Hopefully they will run additional segments over the weekend and through next week. We can also hope they actually mention some of the evidence as well - so far they have only interviewed people who have offered what deniers will perceive as their opinion.

Wouldn't it be nice if they showed the collapse of Building 7? 

What is the best link for WT7 collapse clips?  I'd like to send them another letter requesting they air them. 

Hey - ya never know.

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Ken, did you notice that we can post comments here? Please do if you haven't already.

Yes, but unfortunately I posted before I thought of...

the WT7 angle so I'd like to post again with a good link.

Thanks very much.


That was, like, mostly accurate.

Except I thought the Truth movement started with the survivors(w/Jersy Girls) pushing for an investigation.

Wow again.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


take the time to send them an e mail to thank them.
This is what a professional news station should do!.

Now this was fair and balanced reporting!

The times are still changing.

Very nice!

two thumbs up


Jon Christopher Dalton

Alot of you are congratulating this effort. I'm sorry but the fact that our own government was involved in 911 engrages me so much that i could not be kind in my message on their website. This is what I had to say.

What do I think about this article? It's about TIME! That's what I think. While everyone on here seems to be congratulating you, I on the other hand think that YOU and EVERYONE in YOUR industry should be absolutly ASHAMED of themselves. I'm NOT going to give you a pat on the back and say good job. I'd rather SCOLD you for not going after this story. You really think the OSCARS are more important than 911? You think ANNA NICOLE SMITH is more important than 911? You think that Britany Spears is more important than 911. It's because of YOU and your ENTIRE industry that this country is SOOOOOO apathetic towards worldly affairs and so gullable too. The MAJORITY of the citizens of this country now "pledge alegiance to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN IDOL! one CORPORATION for which it stands!!! Start doing your job! This is FRONT PAGE NEWS until this is finally resolved. Congratulate you? GIVE ME A BREAK!(jon1110, February 25, 2007 04:04PM)

It is a start, right?

Jon, we all share your sentiments. But consider: news outlets need to make money. They do this getting people to read/watch/listen to what they put out. They are therefore highly alert to what people want to read or see or listen to.

It is true, the MSM has failed us miserably so far, and that means everyone in the whole world, not just this country.

But it is people that buy the product, and so far most people have not wanted to buy our 9-11 truth product. The superb psy-ops talents of this government have something to do with that.

That is why we here applaud even small steps in that direction, toward 911 truth. I'm sure you do too.

It does look like this trickle of truth may start running out faster, maybe into a torrent soon. Let's do all we can to get that going.






(Sorry for the repeat posting. don't know what is happening. So I am now editing these seveal repeat entries with .... marks to save space. Maybe dz knows what is going on? system problems apparently.)

anger management

Yeah, you're right, on one level... but tactically unsmart. This news story is like a timid turtle, finally poking his head out of his shell a bit, for a look around... we want to make him feel welcome, not YELL AT HIM AND CUSS HIM OUT!!! (D'oh!)

That said... life is sloppy, and you can't please everyone all the time. If they get a whole bunch of thank-yous and your snipe, I think it's ultimately, as they say, "all good".

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

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“We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth”
~ George W. Bush

An Article Dealing with the 9/11 "Hijackers"

Infowars.net recently published the below article by me. I thought people here would want to read it.

"9/11 'Hijackers' Trained on U.S. Military Bases," James Redford, Infowars.net, February 24, 2007 http://infowars.net/articles/february2007/250207Hijackers.htm

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," June 1, 2006 http://praxeology.net/anarchist-jesus.pdf


Frank Rich: Experts Warn Al Qaeda "To Detonate Nuclear Device" In US, But Bush Punts on Threat


Quite fair

the report is that people are questioning popular beliefs and government stories, not spinning "conspiracy theories."

I agree with Jon

Christopher, but at the same time today I have the most optimism I've had in years that the truth is going mainstream. For the first time, news reporters spoke without the usual sneering, accusatory vocal inflections "ha ha you bunch of wackos, why don't you let go of it".

Because we didn't go away! Now they have to slowly let the "Truth" slip into mainstream consciousnes. NBC! Wow, I can't believe this.

I can't wait to see how they try to cover their asses, like where were they just 2 years ago. BBC executives must be sh#@ing their pants, NBC affiliate comes out with this just a week after their hit piece!

Great job, all of you who have put so much effort into this project! America owes you.Your tenacity will pay off, I think.

Brundibar: How The Nazis Conned The World

I watched 60 Minutes tonight and they ran a segment called:

Brundibar: How The Nazis Conned The World


In the story, one of the men in the Nazi camp, Paul Sandfort, made this very profound statement:
Sandfort acknowledges the Nazis did convince the world. "But they only convinced the world because the world wanted to be convinced. It's easier."

This is how the truth of 9/11 is being hidden. bush/cheney, etc learned from the masters...Hitler and the Nazi's on how to hide the truth.

They knew the vast majority in this country "can't handle the truth". Or simply don't want to know the truth, because it's easier.

Because once they know the truth, then they'll have to do something.

And most people don't want to do something.

But we must!!

Side effect

To bolster biggoted feelings towards the Muslim community.

remember the cartoon incident and the outrage in Europe?

was this sparked by an "Operation Gladio" style task force? Could the controversial Imams be answering to more than one master?

This event was not engineered to support the 9/11 fable but to feed the fires of hatred which in turn aided the support for the 9/11 story.

Fear can be fed in many ways.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss


Thanks for the link. I posted and scanned one page: 100% positive Truther comments! Great work! Think we've found a crack in the dike? When does it burst, (I'd better find a good bookie).

President Pelosi before the end of the year?


Yeah, this one worked out well. We get so few like that, it is satisfying to have one work out, and yes, it does seem to be getting a little better over time.

For later readers, lalo is referring to this link.