What 911 means

We so casually talk about the 911 conspiracy. Are we really aware of what this horror means?
This is the last in a long series of attempts at undermining the republic. More accurately, it's the
military/intelligence community showing itself in all its ultimate power. When this happens both parties
step back, as they did in the JFK assassination, and the people who are really running the show make
sure they're taken seriously again. Even the Left won't touch this. THEY'RE AFRAID OF DYING!
We need to get educated. Read the Smedley Darlington Butler story as told by Jules Archer in his book
THE PLOT TO SEIZE THE WHITE HOUSE. After 60 or so years of entrenchment, the
bankers/wall-streeters/military intelligence people know they CAN"T BE STOPPED. We've been dumbed down
so bad, people actually tolerate nitwits like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly, morons who would have been
laughed off the air when I was a kid.
Want to change things, get some indictments, see some executions of the traitors who are now in office?
It's going to take 50 million people getting out into the streets. Fully 1/3 of the Spanish population went into
the streets to stop Aznar. Can we do that?

Nah, I think its just some

Nah, I think its just some military desparados ... who are convinced they get away with it, because they can blackmail everyone.

USA has an interesting society though... amazingly also in england the KELLY murder and L77 can go unpunished for a long time.

I am certain these false flag atrocities will ALL be found out. I am not so sure we will find out before the perps have died of old age though.