Arizona Accountability Conference Synopsis

Uh..why isn't the new BBC WTC7 Story up on the front page?

Uh..why isn't the new BBC WTC7 Story up on the front page of 911blogger?



P.S. It should be on the home page IMO

It really does deserve front page treatment.

Unbelievable, totally destroys the official story effortlessly. The only hope for the BBC is full disclosure and a counter program to run against the Guy Smith piece of yellow trash in favor of the majority view. The livelink video is the only surviving link I know of at this time.

On the subject of the Tulsa vid, I really enjoyed it, good editing and variety. Hope to meet so many of these people, wish I could have gone.

dz, somebigguy, et al, why are you SITTING on the foreknowledge

of the BBC regarding the implosion of WTC-7??? Why isn't this front page news here on 9/11 Blogger???

It's likely that the major news wires were fed (pre-)scripted press releases from the U.S. Government that day. This was done so the corporate media would be sure to "say the right things", according to the pre-planned scenario that day.

Someone(s) at BBC obviously fucked-up, because they were already reporting that WTC-7 had collapsed, while it still stands in the background!!! This is a huge mistake we have caught them in!!!! Don't try to bury this!!!!

What happened to the BBC WTC7 video?? Why weren't we ON this one

Pretty fucked up I say. Now "they've" taken the video DOWN from both Google Video and Youtube. I sure hope some people were able to make copies of the original 1GB file from the BBC's coverage that day.

I understand that you might be able to get it here.

Biggest story to hit the 9/11 truth movement yet IMO.

Why 911blogger didn't jump all over it I do not know..

Explosive BBC WTC7 Story

They first annouced the "collapse" of Building 7 a full HALF HOUR BEFORE IT TOOK PLACE.

You can still see the video here

and here

We've got to grab the original video for this!

It's been taken down off Google Video and another Youtube URL. It's an INFO WAR!

I think we've got this one, safe and secure.

You know "they" are scared when they constantly "pull" all

copies of a video down from Google & YouTube throughout the day!

(Perhaps the reason that dz & his crew haven't made this front page news yet is because they are carefully studying the video & formatting a node for it.)

You're damn right about that.

But I've been checking back and again at 911blogger for this story, and, well, nothing...

Here it is hosted at Stage Six in a high end DivX format




....great vignettes from the conference...

TulsaTruth...representing....way cool....

El grande 9/11?

"These people are going to detonate a nuclear device inside the United States ... and we're going to have no one to blame but ourselves." -- Michael Scheuer, former head of the C.I.A.'s bin Laden unit, to MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, February 19, 2007

The BBC story is still not on front page?

That's probably the most important smoking gun since the movement started! Someone get the shit on the front page please. We need to spread the truth. The victory is close.

"in the end deceivers deceive only themselves"
- Mahatma Gandhi

I TRIED to Blog a story on it..

Never created a Blog entry before, so it might have needed a little editing, but I sent something in for review, but for GOD SAKE where is the story???

I don't get it..

The best story to hit for a long time if not the best ever, and 911blogger is asleep at the wheel..?

bigger than Jesus

tomb, Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith put together, no? Someone on a thread below says there is comparable CNN coverage too? Not to bury the Arizona conference. Maria Heller's keynote address was brilliant. Thanks for bringing it home. I didn't go.

Almost as big as Jesus yes.

To keep coming back to 911blogger and to see NOTHING about it sure feels wierd..

One would hope

this would be bigger than a story about an empty ossuary of a mythological sun god dug up 30 years ago.
Christians are going to "believe" in their little invisible friend no matter what evidence comes out proving it is all a hoax/myth so its really pointless drivel.

To me this BBC story is interesting but not conclusive in anyway, it certainly opens the door for more questions that need answering.
What I find far more damning are the eye witness testimonies from people in the basement of the WTC saying bombs went off BEFORE any plane hit, along with testimonies from many others that all say the same thing outside the building.

I mean lets face it as far as evidence goes we have WAY more than enough to hang these Treasonous War Criminals, I have never seen a crime that has more solid evidence than the crime of 9/11.

We don't need more evidence, what we need is to RAM IT DOWN THEIR PHUCKING THROATS AND MAKE THEM CHOKE ON IT, and if that takes a full blown Revolution then so be it.
The Media needs to be taken back by force if necessary.

All this BS is on the edge of spinning out of control, soon as these Neofascist pigs set up another false flag attack and blame it on Iran so they can start a Nuclear war with them then WE HAVE LOST.

Everyone needs to get that through their heads, these bastards are going to attack Iran and we are all just going to stand around and watch with our thumbs up our ass.
The MSM is clearly complicit in the crime and the cover up, obviously all of Congress knows and they are complicit and so far We the People are JUST AS GUILTY because about 75-100 MILLION of us know what happened on 9/11, know we are being lied to, know the Anthrax was done by the Bush administration, know we are being robbed to the tune of 9 TRILLION $, Know these treasonous pieces of shit stole not one but 2 elections, this is all without any doubt yet the American Public does nothing.

Sure we can get 200-400,000 patriotic citizens ( I /applaud those of us that show) in the streets after many months of planning to carry a sign and smile & laugh, have a few speeches to make each other feel better.
The days of small peaceful protest making a difference like they did in the 60s is long gone, you see back then we still had a functioning News Media, today we have nothing but a propaganda arm of a Reich Wing Neofascist dictatorship telling the simple minded what to think & do from the Ministry of Truth.

We are never going to get more than 70% of the American public to see the truth about 9/11, at least 30+% of this country are delusional psychotics that have already made up their mind that they are going to follow their Deity George Dubya Christ over whatever cliff the decider leads them, these people are hopeless, insane, delusional and totally unreachable.

We already have at absolute minimum 40% and personally I think closer to 50% of the American public knowing that this administration is a pack of criminals, that last 20% of citizens that might be reachable is almost moot at this point.
What we need is for that 40-50% 100-150 Million to TAKE ACTION.
If 10s of Millions don't take to the streets within the next year and absolutely DEMAND justice, DEMAND regime change here, If we don't completely freeze large Metropolitan cities like Washington DC, NYC, LA, San Fran, etc. bring the whole city to a grinding halt and STAY THERE then nothing is ever going to become of these criminals, they are going to walk away Scott free and nothing is going to change.

9/11 will sit on a shelf and be forgotten like the USS Maine, USS Liberty, Lusitania, Reichstag, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, Operation Ajax, Gladio, and on & on.
Personally I'm embarrassed and ashamed to call myself an American citizen anymore.

I hope...

There will be another Abraham Lincoln, another great political figure to step up to the plate with intellectual honesty to call it as it is and stand for truth and justice. The time and place is right for a hero to do the right and principled thing for the people and lead them, but it requires so much courage... I hope and pray not one but many politicians speak the truth about 9/11 in every country. If I were a betting man, I'd say history will remember Ron Paul as a modern day Lincoln, he has the right stuff. But no matter what happens, I think it's important to remain peaceful. Provocateurs will want you to fight or do illegal things so that they can jail you or worse.

They wont be

jailing 70-100 MILLION angry Americans.

It is THEY whom would be jailed or worse.

And Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich or anyone else that will raise their voice and tell the truth will never get anywhere until 10s of MILLIONS of Americans are in the streets mad as hell saying they have his back.

Just ask Cynthia McKinney.

Way to go Tulsa. My hometown

Way to go Tulsa. My hometown setting an example of how every city should be. You guys make a T-town brotha proud.

btw, how did this posting get hijacked by the "OMG, BBC F'D up bigtime!" posts? OK, we get it. YOU think that this is the biggest smoking gun this side of the twin towers. Take a chill pill and let the video sink in a bit...

I don't understand why the BBC story

isn't on the news front page either. 9-11 blogger is big enough for both conference coverage and the BBC anomaly. Maybe some are just verifying before it can be posted, but it seems incredible that it would be disinformation.

Any comment from the BBC or other media? How do they address this discrepancy? The building is clearly in the background as she announces it has already collapsed. It seems like something directly out of 1984 - an error by the Ministry of Truth, and now the Google and YouTube videos have to be pulled in order for the official lie to be true.

Get on it, blog mods ... I have respect for this blog!

AND thanks of course for all the great conference coverage, it has been cross-posted and distributed around as well.

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times:

I'll add an addendum

I see there is a link just above this story but it's not really all that "catchy," at least to the extent that it should be.

If there are doubts about the credibility of this video, then what are they? Does the BBC deny this is legitimate footage? Will they claim a discrepancy in the time reported? How do they resolve this issue of the building being in the background?

Is there any chance this could be manipulated, and if so, how so?

Many questions. This should be a big story nonetheless, and the media should be called on it.

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times: