BBC News 24 (UK domestic channel) ALSO reports WTC7 collapse early

I found a very short video clip (which I have saved) of the domestic BBC news channel from 9/11, with the voice-over factually reporting another 'collapse', identifying it as the Salomon Brothers building, with an on-screen clock time of 21.54 (this is British
Summer Time, an hour ahead of GMT, five hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time, i.e. 4:54 pm EDT)

I made a screen shot, but don't know how to insert it in this post. You can download the 10 MB AVI file here (as of this writing) if you want:

got it up to google vid

thanks nobodyparticular if you were the guy on who found it :-)


These people that run the show dont care how many smoking guns we have. they are actally are laughing there ass at us saying "what are you going do about stupid we got the power you dont have shit"

Arrogance comes before one's downfall

Though, with all that shit they left out in the open, maybe their plan is to instate a New World Odor.

No, I take no credit for

No, I take no credit for finding this, I also saw it on the nineleven board, kudos to whoever it is who did uncover this, i wanted to make sure folks here knew about it too.

Original source:

Thanks for uploading it to google!