Carpenter Marlene Cruz Proves Pre-planted Explosives in WTC Basement

On 9/12/2001, Peter Jennings interviews Marlene Cruz, a carpenter injured in one of the pre-collapse explosions in the WTC sub-basement level B long before the planes hit the towers. The first casualty of 9/11 admitted at Bellevue Hospital, Cruz is a living witness who proves that pre-planted explosives were used to weaken the foundations.

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Top Down Demolition with Basement Explosions FIRST

In the case of the WTC twin towers, there were strategic basement explosions first--followed by a carefully timed top-down demolition sequence; to facilitate a perfect symmetrical collapse of the towers into nice manageable piles--ready to be carted away.

When a controlled demolition implosion is being carried out on a tall building, there are often strategic pre-explosions to weaken and fracture the basement sub-structure to effectively create a cavity into which the building will fall. This was essential for the WTC twin towers because of the 110 stories worth of debris that came crashing down. The resulting demolition pile was so minimal because the volume of the contents of the upper floors was effectively thrown into the basement below.

There were several basement explosions preceding the top-down demolition sequence, and there are dozens of living witnesses to testify to that.

"we had that big explosion, from much much lower.."

Posted on YouTube June 23, 2006:
A new video has popped up on the net showing Stephen Evans of the BBC commenting on an explosion on 9/11 and features new footage of the north tower's collapse. The video recently surfaced via 'physicist' on the message board.


Doing my best in the relentless pursuit of the truth. God help us all.

Google Removed the Video

Here it is on YouTube:

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This is another one worthy of front page. Certainly moreso than those anti-war stories. DZ what's going on with the 911blogger Mods?

I miss Peter Jennings.

Tell me your kidding

Did you notice how he deftly steered the dialogue away from explosions when he could , how he was more interested/miffed in the bellevue plug than the fact that the "official story" which he is trying to report ,of the 3 collapses was at complete odds with the truth?
His cynical sneer and smile near the end may be seen as some ironic " can you beleive what they get me to report?" inside joke, but I suspect this man never questioned 911 thereafter , perhaps someone could correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm not saying Peter Jennings was a truther...

Just saying I miss him... that's all. There are plenty of people that I like and admire whom are scared to death of the truth regarding 9/11.

If I let 9/11 truth become my barometer for who I like, my only friends would be on Surely you're not wishing that fate on me?


POOR MSM , " they made us report it !"

I think you'd be surprised how many freethinking people are sympathetic to 911 truth ;) Its not a marginal fringe confined to 911blogger commentors. As for Jennings , whose job( some would say solemn duty) it is , I only have one word;

She also proves...

by being trapped in the freight elevator, that the "jet fuel cascading down the elevators" garbage is just that, garbage. As the freight elevators are the only lifts that travel the length of the buildings.

Good point


Can you elaborate?

How does this prove that the jet fuel theory is bogus?

I agree the jet fuel theory is ridiculous. I'm just wondering if you could explain exactly why being trapped in the elevator proves it?

I'm sure the debunkers will say all this proves is that the jet fuel traveled over a thousand feet and exploded on contact with the freight elevator... ;-)

"How does this prove that the jet fuel theory is bogus?"

The "official story" says jet fuel traveled down the elevators with enough explosive force to blast open elevator doors & decimate the ground floor lobby. Which, unless it was a freight elevator, is impossible in itself. I could only imagine, using mongoloid (Debunker, Shill, FEMA/NIST) logic over the explosive force of kerosene, what would happened to someone in the direct path of this explosive, corrosive force.

It proves that there were explosions in the basement

It proves that there were explosions deep beneath the towers.

  • The "jet fuel traveled down the elevators..." explanation is total crap.
  • Most of the jet fuel burned up on impact.
  • It could not have traveled down the elevators shaft and exploded in the basement.
  • These explosions happened in advance of the planes striking the towers.

Besides, wasn't that jet fuel busy melting all the steel? WinkHow could there be enough for a massive fireball, the basement explosions and melt all the friggin steel in the entire damn building?

Ya know what I'd say to those people? A fool can ask more questions than a wise man can answer.


Glad to see this one bumped up to the front. No disrespect to the Mods intended.

I agree It's an amazing testimony

It's these fresh video finds that are invigorating the truth movement and causing the shills to shi* their collective pants. Try as they might to flush the entire system,whole archives have been saved to Many individual hardrives around the world. Expect to see many more incriminating videos unearthed from the memory hole.
A leak from sympathetic people at the BBC might be in order right about now to maintain Longterm credibilty.

This is true...

But we still need to get it going somewhere. We need the investigation, so that someone will start evaluating these overwhelmingly obvious leads.

Getting this one into the MSM would be a start. This, and the BBC foreknowledge.

Choice Jennings quotes

"As you lie there , and we're very glad you're alive ,obviously..."
and my favourite; "Theres a little bit of confusion over the football schedule..."

"confusion over the football schedule"

I'm very glad you appreciated that :) When I was playing the entire clip, I was thinking of where to make the end cut -- and that line by Jennings seemed too good to lob off.

I'm at a computer

without a sound card at the moment, so can't listen.

Are you sure Cruz experienced the sub-basement explosions BEFORE any plane crash?

In this interview, Cruz says

In this interview, Cruz says she was passed out for about 40 minutes after the explosion, after which she was discovered and taken to Bellevue Hospital. Additionally, the ambulance and hospital admission records will reflect the exact times she was attended to, (which we don't have at this point).

Her testimony also corroborates that of William Rodriguez, the WTC janitor who witnessed the basement blasts, and saw others who were injured as well. Even if she was injured after the planes hit (which, I believe, isn't the case), how could a plane impacting the building 100 floors above create a huge explosive blast in the sub basement? Not possible.


"how could a plane impacting the building 100 floors above create a huge explosive blast in the sub basement? Not possible."

...There are still a lot of sheeps who believe it no matter what. Go figure!

They would believe water flows uphill

if it would protect their precious illusions.

Interview her

Why dont one of you people in NY try to get a hold of her and interview her

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Great Find!

This find would be the biggest story of the week, except for another video clip that recently surfaced.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Jennings not listening

I find it interesting that Jennings did not respond to Marlene's several references to the "explosion". His own comments, the day before about the buildings "looking like what you see when a building is being demolished with explosives" should have made him question her further. But he didn't. At this point he must have been told what not to say, or ask.

got your tinfoil hats on?

Wow, this really proves one thing. People that believe in 9/11 conspiracies are wacko. The tinfoil hat brigade is out in full force here, I see.

Here's a study that was actually peer reviewed. The only study that has been. Alex Jones is a wingnut extraordinaire.