New Article on bin Laden Confession Video by Bryan Sacks

Writer Claims bin Laden Confession Video Offers Evidence of Criminal Conspiracy To Go to War on Part of US and Britain, And Possible Foreknowledge of the 9/11 Attacks

Monday, February 26 2007

Most people will remember the infamous "bin Laden confession video" which was reportedly 'obtained' by US forces in Afghanistan after the fall of Jalalabad in November, 2001. The video, which has been offered as proof by the Bush administration that Osama bin Laden ordered the September 11, 2001 attacks, was broadcast in media outlets beginning in December 2001.

But now, a researcher claims that several kinds of evidence related to the video show that the US military's story of its origin is false.

Drawing on information gleaned directly from translations of the audio, public statements by Tony Blair and mainstream news articles, researcher Maher Osseiran has offered a compelling account of the origin of the video. His shocking conclusion is that the video was not 'obtained' by US forces in Jalalabad; rather it was very likely the product of a US-sponsored 'sting operation', possibly conducted with the assistance of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, in late September, 2001...


Bin Laden Video Tape

Credible sources have stated that the so-called "translation" from Arabic to English of this tape is completely absurd. This so-called "confession" tape has been completely discredited regardless of how Department of Defense may have come to possess it. Refer to the Sadam Hussein statements at his execution as translated by neutral Arabic speakers and compare it to the absurd Fox News version. It's just more psy-op, never stops.


I went and re-read the transcript and it does seem pretty wierd. There are no references to the war in Afghanistan and what they are talking about happened late on the day of 9/11 or in the few days after that, suggesting that the conversation is in mid-late September. He also talks about some events in Saudi - Sulayman al-Alwan (radical cleric, associate of Alomari) resigning from his position as director or something, so pinning that down would be progress.

The Sheikh (Khaled al-Harbi - possibly some sort of relative of Moqed's then) was apparently on the run for years afterwards though, and only gave himself up in 2004 (he was eventually released btw). This indicates to me that he wasn't working for anybody, so maybe somebody came with him and made the video, if it is a "sting". It's hardly beyond the GID to plant somebody with al-Harbi.

Still, I don't think the guy is the real Osama - maybe one of his doubles?

Real Osama?

Paahllease.. The fatty Osama tape is a pathetic forgery on the same lines as the juvenile Niger yellow Cake forgeries.
It is pure propaganda.

Sadly its not even well done propaganda, its childish, something that 10 year old could have done.
This shows just how ignorant the general American public is and how complicit the MSM is.

Follow the Links

Kevin makes the best observations,.

He seems to have read Bryan's article closely.
There is a lot of material that needs to be read.
The work took close to a year and was distilled in 3 articles.

"Osama's Confession, Osama's Reprieve"
"Is it high treason or just a simple case of dereliction of duty?"
"Bush, Blair, and the Terrorism Shell Game"

Googling the full titles wll show where they are on the net.

There is also need to read Ed Haas's great work on The Muckraker Report regarding authentication.

Al-Harbi was on the run, he was hiding in Manila and there is a memo linked within the second article from Thomas Henry to VP Cheney about Al-Harbi meeting with CIA and FBI agents and receiving payment.

That is why I say follow the links.

Ed is currently doing work on the video to deal with the issue of Fatty Osama; the myth that killed the truth. His work should finish in about a week and can be read on the Muckraker.

In peace