101 Ways to Market 9/11 Truth to the Masses

AZ 911Accountability Conf. Outreach Session - compilation of ideas


Follow guidelines at 911TruthSquads.org when questioning candidates or people of stature.

Tag everything - 9?11 stickers, graffiti, deception dollars in grocery store bananas or: with waitress tips, hang on bulletin boards, leave in toilet stalls, put in shirt pockets in department store clothing; in general fold em up so they look like lost money, or place face up for full affect. Always, Always, have 9/11 goodies on you (cargo pants work great!) Deception dollars are at deceptiondollar.com.

Be artsy - I.E. Boston Tea Party, or T.V. Head (Hey, T.V. Head, I know you're listening, give us the scoop on this one)

See the "Activism" heading at 911Blogger.com for many ideas and tools

Have your favorite websites put onto a self inking rubber stamp - tag everything - sadly, we've even heard some people stamp dollar bills

Wear buttons (one favorite is "Ask me about 9/11")

Bed sheet signs - they are large, and can be coupled together for even larger signs "Wash. D.C. Scoundrels Revealed: See: (your favorite website)

Chalk on sidewalks - ahh, culture jamming

Smaller can be better - 9?11 = brief & eye catching. Catchy phrases- 5 - 6 words I.E. "Washington Politics Unmasked at: (your favorite website)”, “Washington Insiders Revealed at:”

We can't get mainstream media on board, but we can get the lower echelon media employees on board - same goes for Congressional staff/interns (come in the back door as necessary- take path of least resistance)

Visit Cosmos and Luke at TruthAction.org for notices of monthly action campaigns (always occurring on the 11th of each month - also post your events there

Visit 3c.911Truth.org and 911TruthGroups.org for monthly action campaigns

Seek out and utilize existing resources when available - (don"t reinvent the wheel) however, this is a call out to all artists of all mediums for their gift to flourish in forms revealing 9/11 Truth - ; embrace the art community

Purchase a media list - better yet, if you have one, please share it

Make little creative boxes to house a variety of DVDs, make a sign for the box "AFree 3 day 9?11 Documentary Rental" - give boxes to coffee shops, bookstores, head shops, mom&pops. An auto repair office box says {" One free conspiracy theory with each auto repair" Check out the 911DVDProject for inexpensive DVDs and more ideas

Download videos of WTC7's collapse onto your computer and show them to all - you just never know who might be receptive. A laptop's portability aids wonderfully. Videos available from video.google.com, youtube.com, 911podcasts.com. Download "Pentagon Strike" for ditto affect

P.S. Many spider webs can bring down an elephant

If you host a website, post this page. Maybe call it A101 ideas to Market 9/11"

Make DVD donations to Public Libraries

Make friends with the person who does your reprographics and provides office supplies (discounts are nice)

Requests: Can someone get a list of millionaires and post it so we can market them? Can someone put together a False Flag DVD (or) see waronwar. org - Can someone assist with subtitling DVDs, Can someone get a mailing list for Hollywood Celebs?

Put up a Kiosk at High School sporting events: Literature lands on dinning room table for Mom and Dad to see - double whammy

Have a pillow fight

Write letters to the Editor

Put ads in under the help wanted section of newspapers: AWanted - People who want the truth about 9/11 - contact: (your favorite website and/or email)

Continually ask yourself, how can I be doing this better, - how can I be more efficient - and - send your ideas to clearup911@yahoo so I can send out marketing updates - email me with subject line "updates" if you want to receive updates

Try and get past the gates of wikipedia - persistence required. Alternative site that is in its infancy stage is youpedia.net

Lobby leftist/progressive/religious publications to cover us (Mother Jones, America Prospect, Harpers, Namaste, etc.)

Tap into the Zine community (example: check out “The Red Pill” at Colorado.indymedia.org)

Go to college/university websites, send emails to professors in Political Science, Science Depts., etc. Subject line could be A100+ eminent academics support 911 Truth, see PatriotsQuestion911. com

P.S. I'll never set foot in a high rise again, after all, building 7's sprinklers couldn''t put out minor fires, and it fell down like artistry

The truth can make you feel small and powerless - be empowered - an insider told me, hey, were just waiting for critical mass

Artists: Add comedy to express message - short vignettes

Ask others for ideas on how to spread the 9/11 message

Buy PSAs from Alternative Media

Utilize public access TV

Send certified mail to representatives - then make follow up call - best to send to local State & Federal Offices as DVDs can be ruined if sent to D.C.

Get a copy of the comic book "Addicted to War"

Lobby the following to make 9/11 Truth more prominent to the public: AK Press, Meetup.com, craiglists.org, Howard Stern, etc

Do group street corner gatherings - same day, same time, regularly - add art for effect

Tailor your message to the audience - sometimes less is more. Limit message as necessary - three strong points is a maximum

Words and symbols change people's perception (Miss, Mrs.- Ms.) (She/He - Se) (say nine eleven, not nine one one - the emergency number) (write 9/11 or 9-11, not 911)

Give presentations to, and network with other groups. Some to consider are:
Senior Centers. Seniors have spare time and often are influential in their community.
Churches. Most churches have men's and women's groups which meet regularly.
Veterans or active military: VFW Posts, military recruiters, National Guard headquarters.
Business affiliations: Professional or trade
To members of Moveon.org, Democratic, Republican, Green Party, University/Campus clubs, Peace and Justice Groups, Code Pink, Southern Poverty Law Center
NAACP, Hispanic community (the immigration issue produced a massive turnout = organization)
Alternative Radio, editorial/news staff of local publishers or radio stations
Minorities/Gay community: you might surmise they are already up to learning more about the absurdities of humankind
Network with: Global peace week: Guy Fawks day - Vets Day
July 4th Annual Rainbow Gathering
Impeachment movement
Burning Man gathering
New York first responders (See DVD "Dust & Deceit")
New York Custodians Union (they helped clean up the mess)
Sojourners.org, Physicians for Social Responsibility

Have at home group and/or public documentary viewings

Purchase billboard display advertising - perhaps along Interstate/Freeways
The sign might say: America, for 9/11 Truth, visit: (your favorite website) or, "WTC7- The 9/11 Smoking Gun, see WTC7.net". Remember, you have no more than 8 seconds to get your message across

Purchase 9/11 videos and books for handouts or mail them to influential people. 9/11 DVDs can be found at 911Truth.org, 911DVDproject.com, 911sharethetruth.com. DVDs can be downloaded at question911.com

Encourage your congress people to speak out and their names will enter the annals of history

To utilize encryption in emails, see Hushmail.com
When talking 9/11, point out the obvious absurdities (planes flew around in D.C. for two hours and hit the most well guarded building in the world) (Gov''t has lied about everything else, why not this!) (Bin Laden is not wanted for 9/11 by the FBI) (People were arrested for picking up Space Shuttle remains, how did people get away with picking up scraps at the Pentagon) (First Responders were hailed as heroes by our government, but in reality, they were sadly disposable- (How would CSI have handled the crime scenes) (Reference Bldg. 7 to a building in your town, and ask your neighbor to imagine its collapse without the general public knowing about it- if you only have nine-story building, then ask the person to imagine one 6 times taller) The amalgam of the official story is, well, lets say it, absurd
Put a "TV is Poison" bumper sticker on

Thanks to the wonderful 2007 Feb 23rd Arizona 9/11 Accountability Conference attendees for providing the above inspirations. Please forward this info to all concerned.

P.S. Follow Enrique's advice - Wake up each morning, do a little stretch, three slow deep breaths, feel the comfort, and say "Ahh, Today is a perfect day", and if you forget to say it, then say it as soon as you remember

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