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Early Monday morning, after reading the initial blog post ( I located a list of what raw news files were available via (posted below) and downloaded as much as possible because it was obvious that this was too good to continue. As the story broke the content was removed. Timestamps indicate the data had been available for a few weeks if not longer.

Every one of these files is "in the wild" and I bet that a few people were able to get all of them. Below I have posted what I was able to download. Please help fill in the missing files or missing links. If you can help, contact me via and we will arrange a data transfer. The goal is to make this entire archive available via bittorrent. I'll host the trackers on the moon if necessary.

Here is the list of 31 files that I managed to download completely:

The following are missing or incomplete: 6.4M incomplete 1.1M incomplete 8.6M incomplete 886K incomplete 8.6M incomplete 4.3M incomplete 8.1M incomplete 8.4M incomplete 8.9M incomplete 1.7M incomplete 5.3M incomplete 813K incomplete 9.1M incomplete 7.9M incomplete 5.9M incomplete 7.1M incomplete 6.9M incomplete 3.7M incomplete 4.8M incomplete 2.6M incomplete 8.8M incomplete 5.8M incomplete 4.7M incomplete 8.2M incomplete 2.9M incomplete 8.7M incomplete 9.0M incomplete 5.1M incomplete 9.2M incomplete 7.3M incomplete 8.5M incomplete 10M incomplete 7.6M incomplete 6.2M incomplete 6.0M incomplete 9.6M incomplete 7.3M incomplete 7.9M incomplete 3.1M incomplete 6.4M incomplete 7.0M incomplete 5.4M incomplete 5.7M incomplete 5.8M incomplete 8.3M incomplete 7.7M incomplete 8.7M incomplete 2.9M incomplete 7.4M incomplete 3.3M incomplete 7.5M incomplete 8.1M incomplete 5.1M incomplete 6.7M incomplete 508K incomplete 5.5M incomplete 9.3M incomplete 9.1M incomplete 7.3M incomplete 3.9M incomplete 5.8M incomplete 1.8M incomplete 5.8M incomplete 6.0M incomplete 1.3M incomplete 3.8M incomplete 4.2M incomplete 6.1M incomplete 604M incomplete 607M incomplete 2.7M incomplete 9.1M incomplete 1.7M incomplete 4.3M incomplete 6.9M incomplete 3.2M incomplete 7.3M incomplete 9.6M incomplete 8.2M incomplete 2.1M incomplete 6.6M incomplete 6.7M incomplete 741K incomplete 7.2M incomplete 1.2M incomplete 5.2M incomplete 4.2M incomplete 3.2M incomplete 5.3M incomplete 2.3M incomplete 4.5M incomplete 422M incomplete 5.8M incomplete 2.5M incomplete 4.1M incomplete 7.1M incomplete 6.4M incomplete 5.8M incomplete 6.7M incomplete 4.1M incomplete 8.1M incomplete 5.0M incomplete 4.0M incomplete 3.7M incomplete 4.9M incomplete 9.1M incomplete 7.9M incomplete 8.2M incomplete 8.5M incomplete 3.5M incomplete 5.8M incomplete 6.7M incomplete 5.3M incomplete 6.6M incomplete 2.3M incomplete 9.3M incomplete 7.4M incomplete 2.4M incomplete 3.7M incomplete 755K incomplete 4.6M incomplete 7.3M incomplete 5.7M incomplete 3.0M incomplete 1.3M incomplete 6.1M incomplete 3.7M incomplete 6.6M incomplete 3.6M incomplete 6.7M incomplete 6.9M incomplete 5.5M incomplete 8.1M incomplete 4.2M incomplete 3.6M incomplete 6.3M incomplete 6.9M incomplete 26M incomplete 402M incomplete 6.1M incomplete 5.1M incomplete 4.6M incomplete 7.3M incomplete 8.5M incomplete 4.9M incomplete 11M incomplete 6.7M incomplete 5.5M incomplete 5.1M incomplete 2.9M incomplete 4.0M incomplete 8.6M incomplete 6.2M incomplete 4.1M incomplete 6.7M incomplete 1.8M incomplete 6.1M incomplete 3.1M incomplete 7.0M incomplete 6.7M incomplete 7.6M incomplete 3.6M incomplete 1.8M incomplete 2.8M incomplete 4.8M incomplete 5.7M incomplete 1.3M incomplete 5.8M incomplete 2.7M incomplete 7.3M incomplete 5.0M incomplete 987M incomplete 288M incomplete 518M incomplete 565M incomplete 551M incomplete 436M incomplete 248M incomplete 134M incomplete 393M incomplete 350M incomplete 240M incomplete 89M incomplete 85M incomplete 258M incomplete 246M incomplete 68M incomplete 58M incomplete 116M incomplete 122M incomplete 101M incomplete 85M incomplete 69M incomplete 31M incomplete 52M incomplete 30M incomplete 47M incomplete 16M incomplete 8.2M incomplete 6.7M incomplete 4.6M incomplete 8.7M incomplete 9.0M incomplete 8.9M incomplete 19M incomplete 8.9M incomplete 138M incomplete 91M incomplete 32M incomplete 9.5M incomplete 5.1M incomplete 27M incomplete 6.2M incomplete 7.1M incomplete 7.2M incomplete 6.1M incomplete 6.1M incomplete 9.4M incomplete 11M incomplete 6.1M incomplete 8.2M incomplete 4.4M incomplete 9.8M incomplete 8.0M incomplete 506M incomplete 2.3M incomplete 6.2M incomplete 4.3M incomplete 3.2M incomplete 5.2M incomplete 7.1M incomplete 9.5M incomplete

Perl code to extract all url's from html:

I have attached a text file (in windows format) of the raw list to this (my first) post.

The original list was from:

This archive is very damaging to the perps. Lets not let them keep it hidden. I have 600 blank DVD's sitting next to me.

-Justin Keogh
Tucson, AZ

archive_org_list.txt30.6 KB


...and quick thinking. Thanks.

The one thing the perps didn't count on was the Internet... plus broadband connections on a mass scale. The only thing they can do is hire trolls who sit in front of their computers all day tracking the blogs (the ones they can't control), injecting all sorts of inane comments calling us idiots. Probably get paid by the number of posts.

This is nothing short of the second American Revolution. The tyrants will be overthrown!

I'll ship a self addressed set of blank DVD's if necessary.

So far I have not had any luck locating these.

Please email me at if you have any of the incomplete or missing files!

A resourceful truther in

A resourceful truther in Tampa has a pretty extensive file list. He is giving me a copy tomorrow...and I will have it available via torrent. I will also burn DVD's for anyone that wants them.

I haven't verified the completeness of the files yet...but was approached independently about helping spread the archive.

I will compare the files to what you already have...and foforward you what you do not already have.

EDITED: He does not have entire list as I stated mistake.

That's good. Please post a

That's good.

Please post a reply here and let us know when you get the copies and have checked them.

Yo. Here is the list from

Yo. Here is the list from the 2 current torrent collections. The second one is mine. It turns out that I included an extra one on accident. Was long night.

Anyways, I found about 20 on your list that isn't in the 2 current torrent sets. They're listed below with their full address. You might wanna double check your entries. I double checked the ones from the 2 sets since I first added yours. Tedious.

I 9/11 MPEG-2's (Now removed)
II 9/11 MPEG-2's (Now Removed) II - 7GB of Missing Files

Secured files:

CBS9 Washington D.C. 9/11: Set
cbs200109110831-0912/V08546-03.mpg I (0851-0912)
cbs200109110912-0954/V08546-07.mpg I
cbs200109110954-1036/V08546-11.mpg I
cbs200109111036-1117/V08546-15.mpg I
cbs200109111117-1159/V08546-19.mpg I

cbs200109111404-1446/V08553-03.mpg II

cbs200109111609-1651/V08553-15.mpg I
cbs200109111651-1733/V08553-19.mpg I

cbs200109111814-1856/V08553-27.mpg I

CBS9 Washington D.C. 9/12:

NBC4 Washington D.C. 9/11:
nbc200109110831-0912/V08546-02.mpg I (0851-0912)
nbc200109110912-0954/V08546-06.mpg I
nbc200109110954-1036/V08546-10.mpg I
nbc200109111036-1117/V08546-14.mpg I
nbc200109111159-1241/V08546-22.mpg I
nbc200109111241-1322/V08546-26.mpg I
nbc200109111323-1404/V08546-30.mpg I

nbc200109111651-1733/V08553-18.mpg I

nbc200109111814-1856/V08553-26.mpg I

NBC4 Washington D.C. 9/12:
nbc200109122209-2251/V08554-10.mpg II
nbc200109122333-0014/V08554-18.mpg II

BBC 9/11:
bbc200109110916-0957/V08515-04.mpg I
bbc200109110957-1039/V08515-08.mpg I
bbc200109111039-1121/V08515-12.mpg I
bbc200109111121-1202/V08515-16.mpg I
bbc200109111202-1244/V08515-20.mpg I

bbc200109111408-1449/V08515-32.mpg II

bbc200109111654-1736/V08591-16.mpg II

BBC 9/13:

bbc200109131609-1651/V08571-32.mpg II

ABC7 Washington D.C. 9/11:
abc200109110831-0912/V08546-05.mpg I (0831-0912)
abc200109110912-0954/V08546-09.mpg I
abc200109110954-1036/V08546-13.mpg I
abc200109111036-1118/V08546-17.mpg I

abc200109111528-1609/V08553-13.mpg I
abc200109111609-1651/V08553-17.mpg I
abc200109111733-1814/V08553-25.mpg I

abc200109112020-2101/V08576-09.mpg I

ABC7 Washington D.C. 9/12:

abc200109122333-0014/V08554-21.mpg I

ABC7 Washington D.C. 9/13:
abc200109130056-0138/V08554-29.mpg I

abc200109132147-2229/V08603-21.mpg I

CNN 9/11:
cnn200109110929-1011/V08527-08.mpg I
cnn200109111011-1053/V08527-12.mpg I
cnn200109111053-1134/V08527-16.mpg I
cnn200109111134-1216/V08527-20.mpg I
cnn200109111216-1258/V08527-24.mpg I

CNN 9/12:

CNN 9/13:

FOX5 Washington D.C. 9/11:
fox5200109110831-0912/V08546-04.mpg I (0852-0912)
fox5200109110912-0954/V08546-08.mpg I
fox5200109110954-1036/V08546-12.mpg I
fox5200109111036-1117/V08546-16.mpg I
fox5200109111117-1159/V08546-20.mpg I

fox5200109111651-1733/V08553-20.mpg I

FOX5 Washington D.C. 9/11:

FOX5 Washington D.C. 9/11:

Total: 50 in sets I+II

Get your set up following the standard of the 2 and then e can use the new list as a springboard to rally everyone else to start adding their files that are missing from the collective.


I am now seeding Ignorance's file as well...

....and will continue as long as need be.

I will also be uploading 16 hours of real-time CNN coverage from 9/11. (the stream that was on Pipeline on 9/11/06)


I will have a torrent up as well asap.