This is Cutting Torch Slag?

The interiors of some of the jumbled support columns that littered Ground Zero contained molten metal (slag), as shown by this FEMA photo No. 4210. The slag is newer than the solidified surface of the cuts made in the column members at manufacture, evidenced by its darker, bluer color. The older cuts are oxidized to a light brown.

In places, this slag was apparently forced out of the joints between the column sections. Since the direction of the flow of the slag is from the center to the periphery in various directions, it appears that the slag is not the result of cutting efforts during the cleanup, but rather that the molten metal flowed while the columns were upright. FEMA photo 5709 also shows slag.

Since no official investigation questioned the origin of this slag, its determination remains an action item for independent efforts.

Thermite Charges Placed Inside Vertical Columns?

Before Steven Jones demonstrated the attachment for cutting vertical beams, I was entertaining a theory that as we were dealing with vertical columns rather than beams, thermite/thermate charges could have been inserted inside the columns to cut or weaken them at strategic junctions.

It was soundly derided by the critics on the uk911 board (so what's new?) but I envisage the results might look something like the photo you've posted.

excellent theory

I had said the same exact thing some time ago
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formulating an actual wiring diagram of the hypothetical demolition seems like important work and a critical aspect of 9/11 yet to be developed.
The closest I've found is this:

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While wiring may be the typical set-up for a demolition I feel like there was advanced technology used.

remote detonators would be a very simple device. It would be more expensive than wiring a typical demolition but in this case it would nave been very beneficial.

The remote detonators could all be on the same frequency for initiation.... then each floor or subsequent detonation would be regulated via a programmed timer. The detonator after recieving the go signal would be set to go at the appropriate moment via a timing program in the device.

This would allow the people setting the charges a very efficient application.

Apply the explosive. Attach the detonator. Set the timer. Next! Detonator would in essence be a beeper with an added timer mechanisim. Easy. One second... Two seconds.... three seconds...four
Ignorance is NOT Bliss