Putting the WTC7 in context

Now, with three confirmations about early (means before it actually happened) reports on the collapse of WTC7, we can assume that there was indeed an early press release, stating that Building 7 has collapsed due to fires and damage from the fallen debris of the Twin Towers.

The CNN guy was confused, as he could see the building still standing in the skyline, which made him switch to “Is collapsing” as he reads the news.
The BBC reporter, who did not necessarily knew the Manhattan skyline in detail, gave us the original report: “indeed it has collapsed.”

The people behind this press release should be taken unter close scrutinity, they are most likely the real perps of that day. We can only speculate, if it was the OEM or a similar organisation or group of persons.

I mean, this early reporting was not necessarily an “error” in the script Matrix.

Remember that WTC7 slided into oblivion after that day, from 01-09-12 on?

Just think you are in the media and you discovered, that you had been duped. All the officials speak of Bin Laden and the attack, and with the state of shock, mind boggling trouble and fear…
It’s easy to assume that the media masters decided to cover this up, instead of acknowledging this hot trace and follow up. How would you had decided?

We already knew that 911 was a Psy-OP, a black OP. So this will fit perfect in context.
The media, beeing duped, would make everything they can to bury the case.
They were owned with this little trick.
Just think about that we needed nearly 6 years to worked that out.
And the ongoing attempts to bury the videos, this alone raise suspicion.

Now, let’s put that altogether:

We have: “There are bombs in the building, start clearing out”.
We have reports about countdowns.
We have ear-witnesses reports about bombs in this building.

We have a demolition expert, who said that it was controlled demolition
It looks like a controlled demolition. (neraly
The landowner admitted that they made the decision to pull it and watch it collapse.
The official report about what had happened is still missing.

There were warnings of the Twin Towers collapse ahead of time also.

If it looks like shit, if it smells like shit, if it taste like shit…

U know what I’m trying to say.

I remember that the media

conspired not to show the images of that horrible day afterwards, maybe by a plea of the White House.

Can anyone confirm this?

It would be further proof for this hypothesis...

They certainly stopped showing WTC7 Collapsing...

I cannot recall ever seeing it fall before watching it on a 9/11 documentary... Wonder why ?

Even Steven Jones on MSNBC could not get them to show WTC7 collapsing, because it's so obviously a CD.

The planes and towers collapsing were repeated for many, many days after 9/11, part of the brain washing exercise, I feel, stir the nest.

Nice post Sitting-Bull, best wishes


that we are talking about a 47 storey building.

"Ooops we reported it collapsed by mistake" doesn't appear to be a plausible explanation.

Although I am open to the argument it COULD have been a mistake [although a remote possibility], there are very suspicious things going on here. The BBC's explanation is so laughable that there must be something fishy going on.

There is enough evidence to PROVE that this was done before the building collapsed. I say: we should promote this as heavily as possible. Building 7 is the GOLD STANDARD for 9/11 smoking guns.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Me too

we can proof it from all sides know...